Pop It Like It’s Hot (Or Cold) with Pop & Bottle’s Innovative Coffee

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Given that it’s been around for over 5000 years, I’m always a little surprised when there are novel innovations in the coffee space. Lately, however, it feels like several brands are focusing on making coffee rituals easier and tastier for the true coffee connoisseur. When I learned about Pop & Bottle, a brand that promises to do both while infusing its coffee with ingredients to make me healthier, I had to try it for myself. Too good to be true? Read on to find out…

A New Way to Latte

Pop & Bottle is all about finding new ways for people to have a more purposeful and nourishing coffee ritual. Through unique coffee offerings infused with ingredients like Ashwagandha and Maca, Pop & Bottle has truly changed the coffee game. In addition to making your body stronger, the brand is also committed to a better tomorrow for our planet, advocating for and creating totally dairy-free and plant-based products.

My starting morning lineup.

The founding story of Pop & Bottle is sure to make you smile. Founders (and friends) Jash and Blair both moved to the West Coast at the same time and saw a need for an off-the-shelf coffee that was chock full of good ingredients and rid of the bad. With that shared vision, they created the brand that is now famously known for its canned lattes. Additionally, the brand now offers coffee concentrate – and it’s become one of my new favorite ways to brew!

Keeping Me Concentrated

Admittedly, I wasn’t sure what to think about Pop & Bottle’s Super Concentrate ($12.98 in stores) at first. I wondered if it would taste like the instant coffee I make when I camp, since it is also prepared by just adding hot water. My fears were swiftly put to rest after my first cup. Preparing the coffee is incredibly easy; Pop & Bottle specifies on the label just how much concentrate to mix in, and violá!

The glass bottles arrived safe and sound!

The flavor is shockingly good; it tastes like a full pot of coffee with fresh grounds. I had the opportunity to try all 3 flavors – Classic, Vanilla, and Mocha. Both the Vanilla and Mocha offer just enough flavor to be noticeable, but not overpowering. Besides the ease of making a single cup, my favorite part of the concentrate is the caffeine level. I’ve been loving a quick cup around 2 or 3 in the afternoon as an easy pick-me-up, and the amount of caffeine (90 mg/tablespoon) is just right for this. For those looking to get creative, the Super Concentrate can be used to make fancy at-home drinks, such as a Maple Pumpkin Oat Milk Latte with just a few ingredients you already have at home.

Luscious Lattes at Home

If I’m stopping at a coffee shop, my go-to order is a latte. There’s just something about the foam and the flavor that hits just right. However, I work from home, and my hubby and I try to keep our eating out to a minimum, so coffee shops are admittedly few and far between for me. The thought of being able to have my own latte at home has always enticed me, but I’m not willing to get fancy enough to spend a whole lot of time on the process and equipment.

I poured the Classic over ice to sip even longer and slower this afternoon.

Naturally, when I learned about Pop & Bottle’s Cold Brew Oat Milk Latte ($2.92/can and up) in a can, I was geeked to try out having my favorite drink at home. Similar to the concentrate, I was a bit skeptical, because my favorite part of the lattes I usually get is the foam and the perfect temperature it is served at.

Again, I was pleasantly surprised! The lattes, despite being in a can, somehow come with a very smooth profile that emulates the froth I anticipate in a coffee shop latte. If you prefer a hot latte, you can also microwave the drink – outside of the can of course. For the flavor fanatics out there, Pop & Bottle makes five different flavors including Classic, Vanilla, Mocha, Matcha, and Carmel.

I tried Vanilla, Classic, and Mocha – all of which have an excellent and balanced flavor. In addition to their convenience, these lattes come in at just 100 calories per can and starting at $2.92 per can, both of which put my coffee shop lattes to shame. If all of this isn’t enough, the lattes include ingredients to improve your health, including ashwagandha and maca to reduce stress, as well as collagen to improve skin elasticity. Talk about having your cake and eating it, too.

Coffee Here, There, Anywhere

For a brand to make my morning coffee ritual simple, yet delicious, is a gamechanger. Throw in clean ingredients and trendy add-ons, and you’ve got an industry disrupting product. After trying both the concentrate and the oat milk lattes, it’s going to be awfully hard to walk into a coffee shop knowing a healthy, cheaper alternative is waiting for me just inside my fridge…

5 More Reasons to Love Pop & Bottle:

  1. P&B is women-founded and women-led. Both founders are moms who had a big dream in 2015!
  2. The brand offers a rewards program! Earn points for referrals and purchases and save money over time.
  3. All of P&B’s shipping materials are made with intentionally eco-conscious and sustainable materials.
  4. If you need support with an order or just have a question, the brand is easy to get in touch with, offering customer support via Instagram DMs.
  5. Pop and Bottle offers a great sampler pack for the lattes, so you can figure out which flavor(s) are your faves.

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