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Everyone has to pick out a new sofa at some point. When it came time to pick out a new sectional for my new living space, I knew I would be overwhelmed with options. Especially for an important furniture piece that needed to fit into my space and meet the needs of both my family and guests.

I love home decor trends and switching up my style often. But that also makes investing in key pieces of furniture difficult. 

That’s why I’m so glad that the brand LINSY HOME came on my radar with a solution: their RUBIK III Modular Sofa, which is designed to give the customer flexibility when it comes to shaping the moments that happen in their living room. The brand focuses on producing timeless pieces that fit into countless possibilities as you choose when to add additional sections to grow your seating options.

Introducing: The RUBIK III Modular Sofa

If you’re someone who can’t decide on the type of couch shape and size you need or are worried about having to get a bigger sofa in the future, you’ll be relieved to know that the RUBIK III model was designed to ease those challenges. 

The brand is passionate about creating pieces that last as long as possible and are built with eco-friendly materials to help reduce environmental impact. Instead of replacing your sofa with a bigger one every few years, you can keep the one you love and just add additional sections. To make this possible, the sectional is designed with highly strain-resistant fabrics, high-density foam, and solid wood that will last for years.

The RUBIK III Collection features a variety of seaters, including sections designed to sit between 3 and 8 people. The sectionals can easily be modified to create U-shaped, L-shaped, or straight sectionals by adjusting the seating segments, armrests, and ottomans.

When considering how the RUBIK III Modular Sofa would fit into my living space, I had to consider a few things. How many guests or family members would be using the sofa? What color matches my decor style? Will the sofa last for years or need replacing before the season ends? Luckily, LINSY HOME made it easy to pick and choose which RUBIK III Modular Sofa works best for me. I chose to go with the 6 seater since it was spacious enough to sit a whole dinner party without looking too large for my living room. I also chose the 4 ottoman option since this offers additional seating, even more storage space, and helps create extra sleeping space for overnight guests.

We like

  • Available in three popular but neutral colors
  • Every seat and ottoman contains a hidden storage unit
  • Sofa can be adapted to different sizes and arrangements
  • The fabric is durable and very easy to wipe clean
  • Easy to move while remaining sturdy

We don't like

  • Boxes are delivered by mail but can be difficult to lift and move without a buddy.
  • The removable covers are not easy to remove as you’d think

Putting it All Together

LINSY HOME’S focus on flexibility and ease extends into their home delivery process. The experience was a completely different process than I’m used to when it comes to furniture shopping. Especially since other sofas I had ordered in the past consisted of hours of browsing showrooms, rounds of back and forth with salespeople, and negotiating truck delivery times.

LINSY HOME truly gives you hours of your life back when it comes to ordering and getting your new piece of furniture delivered. One afternoon, I looked out my window to find the modular sectional had arrived in 12 different boxes and was neatly stacked on my front porch, exactly where my usual Amazon packages would be.

With the help of my partner, I was able to bring the boxes in and start unboxing them to get the first look at my new sectional. Although the stack of 12 boxes containing my new 6-seater with 4 ottomans looked intimidating, it wasn’t difficult to remove the items once I began unboxing.


Starting with the main seating sections, I found that the sections had been partially pre-built, which helped save me even more time. In each section, you'll find blue hardware that connects to the next section, holding the sections firmly to each other. At this point, you can also start setting your sectional in a variety of layouts, including U-shaped and L-shaped.

Functional and Stylish 

Although I’ve always been open to modular sectionals and knew that many on the market provided the flexibility I was looking for, they always seemed very boxy and out of style. Luckily, the RUBIK III sectionals feature a trendy silhouette and three stylish colors.

A lot of thought went into the RUBIK III’s product design, and this certainly extends to their fabric and materials. As the model is designed to be expanded as time goes on, it is crafted with sturdy and long-lasting materials including Almond Cream, Moonlit Mist, and Dark Matter. 

A great place to hide your most-used items. Credit: LINSY HOME

If you prefer to keep your home clutter-free, you’ll benefit from one of the RUBIK III’s best features: the hidden storage units. Each ottoman and seating section contains a storage unit that can be used to store throw blankets, board games, pet toys, and more. Best of all, the storage units are pretty deep and will be useful for storing commonly used items that you want to still keep within arm’s reach. 

If you’re interested in further customizing your sectional, LINSY HOME offers various accessories and items like their versatile console (currently available only through pre-orders) and individual armrest and ottoman options.

You can further customize your sofa with accessories. Credit: Home

When designing the RUBIK III model, LINSY HOME took into account that your living space will adapt as your life changes and grows. As your dogs get bigger and children grow taller, you’ll need extra space to host all those movie marathons and parties.

But for today, you can rest easy knowing you made a choice that works for you.

Shop the RUBIK III Modular Sofa here.

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