Embrace the Beauty of Your Natural Lashes with Latisse

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When I was little, people used to compliment me on my eyelashes – their thickness, their length, how dark they were. As an Indian girl, I was blessed with good hair (unfortunately, all over my body). The type of hair people would pay big bucks for. I donated my hair to Locks of Love year after year but as I got older, the hair on my head began to thin out. And unfortunately, my eyelashes changed as well. Although they were still darker and longer than most, I eventually stopped receiving compliments.

What’s always bothered me most about my eyelashes was the lack of natural curl they have. They might be long, but if they don’t curl upward, what’s the point? So like everyone else, I’ve spent many hours in front of the mirror, coating my eyelashes in mascara, then curling them to make them pop. But as we all know, this is an exhausting, repetitive process – worse, they only stay curled for a couple of hours anyway. So when I was approved to try out the Latisse (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.03% eyelash serum, I felt like I finally found a solution.

If you want longer, bolder eyelashes, this is the product for you. It’s the only FDA-approved treatment for eyelash growth prescribed online by U.S. licensed professionals and delivered right to your front door. If this is the right fit for you, get ready to unleash your lashes’ full potential with Latisse in less than 16 weeks time.

Naomi's lashes snapshot as she kicks off the treatment

Say Goodbye to Mascara

For a lot of people, having short or light eyelashes can really affect their self-confidence, which is why the dermatologist-backed Latisse is here to help you feel more confident and reclaim your natural beauty. Now you can throw away your mascara and wake up feeling like you’re ready for the day. You know that morning look really hits different because when you feel more alive, you look more alive. That’s why a lash serum as successful as Latisse is so beneficial to your everyday mood.

Another reason to choose Latisse over other lash serums is Ro’s direct-to-patient healthcare model that provides high-quality services via an accessible, impactful, and trusted care plan that people actually enjoy using. When it comes to trying new-to-me, prescription-strength serums, leaning into Ro’s healthcare track record was comforting and important for me to build trust in something I hadn’t tried before.

Photo: Ro

My DIY Lash Lift

I started off with the very convenient online visit and consultation provided by Ro. You can even do it on your phone if you like, and once you’ve been approved for prescription, Latisse is delivered to your door within 2 days. I felt supported in this process as a Ro-affiliated healthcare professional immediately got in touch with me, guiding me through the process and offering up their help in case I had any questions or concerns. The online visit made me feel particularly cared for, as it was made clear that the serum would only be prescribed if a health care provider determined the medication to be appropriate for my needs and desired goals. Through Ro, you’ll also get free and unlimited follow-ups with your affiliated provider to discuss your treatment, side effects, or any other questions you might have.

Once the prescription was approved and the product was in my mailbox, I began the easy-to-use process:

  1. Before starting, you should make sure that your face is clean of all makeup, that your contact lenses are removed, and that any before-bedtime facial products have already been applied. Then, you simply begin by removing an applicator from its tray and holding the sterile applicator horizontally as you apply one drop of the Latisse serum to the applicator.
My applicator getting its nightly drop of Latisse
Photo: Naomi Joshi
  1. Then, you may immediately draw the applicator carefully along the skin, more specifically the upper eyelid margin at the base of the eyelashes (where the eyelashes meet the skin). You’ve done it correctly if this area feels lightly moist without any runoff. To my surprise, it didn’t string or feel heavy in any way. It was very easy to apply and hasn’t irritated my skin at all.
Applying the serum was a breeze
Photo: Naomi Joshi
  1. To finish off, you blot any excess solution beyond the eyelid with a tissue and dispose of the applicator after one use. You repeat this same process for the opposite eyelid using a new sterile applicator and do this every night for 16 weeks! The appearance enhancing result will leave your eyelashes longer, thicker and darker (an average of 25% longer, 106% fuller, 18% darker according to Latisse’s 16-week clinical trials). For those of us who hate using mascara, we will be free of this burden, and for those who apply fake eyelashes, you won’t have to go through the trouble any longer.

With Latisse, I feel like I’m able to prioritize self-care through the confidence boost I am so looking forward to, helping me strive towards once again feeling confident in my own skin.

5 more reasons to trust & try Latisse:

  1. Latisse is the first and only FDA-approved prescription treatment to grow eyelashes.
  2. Latisse is clinically proven to make eyelashes longer, thicker, and darker.
  3. In Latisse (bimatoprost) clinical trials, at the end of 16 weeks, eyelashes were an average of: 25% longer, 106% fuller, 18% darker.
  4. While it may take 16 weeks (4 months) to see the full effects of Latisse, most patients report an increase in eyelash length at 4 weeks. Increased darkness and fullness are typically seen at week 8. Continuing with the treatment past week 8 usually results in longer, fuller, thicker, and darker eyelashes.
  5. Free visit + free shipping: You’ll meet with a US-licensed healthcare professional for free, and if prescribed the treatment arrives with 2-day free shipping.

Grow your eyelashes and never look back with Latisse.

Important Safety Information: Latisse (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) is an FDA-approved prescription treatment to grow eyelashes for people with inadequate lashes. If you use prescription products for eye pressure problems, or have had eye problems/surgery, consult your doctor before using. Latisse may cause eyelid skin darkening which may be reversible. For more, see full Important Safety Information at https://ro.co/safety-info/latisse/.

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