Your Astrological Holiday Forecast: Gifts To Please Each Sign Of The Zodiac, Part II

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It’s here: part two of our astrological holiday forecast. If you missed the first installment - for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo -- check it out here. And for the other half of the zodiac, read on...


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As a Libra myself, I’m the preeminent expert on gifting this notoriously people-pleasing sign (who will pretend to like whatever you get them). Flowers are the universal fail-proof gift for any Libra in your life, be it a dozen roses for a lover or an artful bouquet for your dearest friend. Browse some of my favorite digital flower repositories, many of which work with local florists to deliver delight directly to your door, like Urban Stems, Bouqs, Farmgirl Flowers, and Floom

A natural pairing with flowers? Some natural wine. The Libra you know is most likely to show up to any function with flowers and wine in each hand; return the favor by gifting them a variety pack from Usual Wines ($96), or sign them up for a club or subscription from a local wine bar. Continuing with the natural vibes, send them OSEA’s Bestsellers Discovery Set ($40) -- as a Libra who extolls the virtues of this brand regularly, I can confirm that your skincare-obsessed Libra will adore this gift. 

Libras are known to be the reigning social butterflies of the zodiac. Bestow them with Crown Affair’s beautiful limited-edition Holiday Set ($98), which has everything they’ll need for a quick touch-up in between the many soirées and holiday parties on their calendar this season. For the more intellectual and style-minded Libra you love, you can’t go wrong with a subscription to Stack ($17), a magazine club based in London that curates and delivers a different independent magazine to subscribers each month. 


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Known for their trademark enigma and intense passion, Scorpios have particular (and dedicated) tastes, with a predilection for all things mysterious, occult, and even seductive. Gift them a unique aromatherapy oil from Anousha ($20), which merges essential oils with crystal rollers -- I’d suggest the Grounding, Prosperity, or Venus blends for a Scorpio.

You can never go wrong with gifting a Scorpio some fun, flirty lingerie -- depending on your relationship to the Scorpio in question, of course. Use your best judgment. CUUP’s new Metallics Edit (from $18) was practically engineered for Scorpio gifting, and anything from Pepper (especially the lacy or mesh-detailed bras, from $50) will make your Scorpio feel like a million bucks. You’ll also earn points for an olfactory gift that delivers seductive, spiced, and complex scents. Gift them a beautiful candle from AMASS that will mesh with (and warm up) any sleek interior, like the seasonal Four Thieves scent ($48) or the warm, woody Smolder Set. Upgrade their beauty routine with a fragrance from Dossier (from $29), all of which are inspired by designer scents at far lower prices. Keep their personal preferences in mind, and consider that Scorpios are partial to musky but seductive scents. 


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For the sign that governs travel and spontaneity, you’ll want to orient your gifting around items that nurture their adventurous spirit. After over a year spent at home, the Sag you love is probably itching to pack their bags and explore. Gift them the Momentum Backpack ($275) from Troubadour Goods for their day-to-day excursions, or splurge on the Weekender ($495) for spur-of-the-moment getaways.

A Sagittarius values thoughtful, quality gifts that simplify their life (while still elevating their closet). Pick out something they can throw on and forget about -- while still looking effortlessly chic -- like a tennis dress from Gil Rodriguez ($115) or Girlfriend Collective ($88). Your Sag will feel polished and prepared for an adventure, whether they’re on a tennis date or just a walk around the neighborhood. In the non-athleisure space, you’ll still want to hone in on practical and comfortable (but still luxurious) staples they’ll wear again and again. Pick out a pair of timeless, sustainable, and ideally straight-leg jeans from RE/DONE (from $265), or anything from Italic’s premium quality cashmere collection (from $25) -- this Sagittarius might just invite you on their next adventure.


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The Capricorn you know has their shit together: they’re ambitious, probably a perfectionist, loves a planner and a tight schedule, and likely has “world domination” written somewhere in their 5-year plan. They’re often all work and no play, so they’ll truly appreciate gifts that make life a little easier (and more fun). Gift them a meal kit or delivery service like Sakara, Daily Harvest, or Splendid Spoon, and they’ll think of you fondly as they remember to nourish themselves along their path to professional and personal greatness. 

In the same vein, treats that remind them to indulge while also packing a nutritious punch -- like vitamin-infused chocolates from Sourse ($34), or adaptogen-boosted cookie dough from Deux ($56 for the Holiday Gift Pack) -- make an ideal stocking stuffer.

Capricorns are always looking to learn, and will truly adore any gift that expands their knowledge, like a Book of the Month subscription (from $49) or Masterclass subscription (from $15). And they’re not just all business; Capricorns host incredible dinner parties, where the only thing more memorable than intellectual conversations are beautifully-set tables. Gift them a unique ceramic dinner setting from Haand ($135) or Year & Day (from $50), and reap the benefits at their next soirée. 


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One of my favorite signs of the zodiac (don’t tell the others), Aquarians are dreamers and fantastically creative, lovers of all things whimsical and artistic -- which makes them very fun to gift. Brighten their coffee table with a vibrant, vintage-inspired puzzle from Le Puzz (from $28), and infuse their morning ritual with a little mycelial magic by way of Rainbo’s 11:11 medicinal mushroom tincture ($49). Any true Aquarian loves a fanciful pancake breakfast: elevate that shit with Rainbo’s Forest Juice, a Canadian maple syrup super-charged with Reishi, Chaga, and Turkey Tail mushrooms ($31).

Aquarians are also known for spearheading humanitarian endeavors -- they’ll adore a gift that gives back, like Aesop’s Seasonal Gift Kits. Titled “Anatomy of Generosity,” the collection was inspired by nurturing personas (with names like “The Forager” and “The Advocate”), and each set aligns with one of five causes supported by the Aesop Foundation (from $45). 

Never one to shy away from the experimental, your Aquarius will love mixing a mind-mellowing cocktail with AMASS’s AFTERDREAM, a cannabis-infused non-alcoholic spirit made with bright and herbaceous California botanicals ($59.50). For their unforgettable gatherings and solo listening sessions, splurge on a pair of Oda speakers ($399) (if you can get off the waitlist). Aquarians govern technology, innovation, and community, and Oda sits at the intersection of all three. I’m not an Aquarius but these are at the top of my wishlist, for the record.


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Last but certainly never least, the most intuitive and empathic water sign: Pisces. This sign is not just symbolized by the fish, but also benefits from rituals related to water (like long baths, showers, or walks by the ocean). Gift them the tub kit no. 1 ($32) from maude to elevate their bathing ritual, and add on a shower mist set ($16) from OSEA and Parachute’s latest collaboration to transform their bathroom into a spa. 

Pisces also governs the feet: give the gift of self-care and simple luxury with a pair of slippers. For the Pisces with a penchant for style, gift a pair of embroidered velvet mules from Chinoiserie No. 19 ($138). If they’re more the GORP-core type, you can’t go wrong with a classic Birkenstock mule -- extra points for a shearling-lined selection (from $145). Lastly, upgrade their quality of sleep (Pisces rules dreams and the subconscious) with a cooling sheet set from Molecule ($119) or luxurious Eucalyptus bedding from Sijo (from $35). 

That concludes our complete horoscope holiday gift guide for 2021. Don’t be shy, browse around in each sign’s category -- you might just become the best gift giver of the season.

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