Your Astrological Holiday Forecast For 2021: Gifts To Please Each Sign Of The Zodiac

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If you’ve been following along with our monthly horoscope gift guides, you (hopefully) trust my expertise when it comes to gifting according to the counsel of the cosmos. I believe astrology is best used not in a predictive manner, but to better understand ourselves and others. And, when gifting, is that not exactly what we need? 

If you’ve ever wanted to get inside of someone’s mind in order to decide what to give them for the holiday season, read on! This is just the first installment, with part two coming soon. Be it for your sibling, coworker, or lover, this guide has exactly what you (and they) need for a joyful gifting season. Because the only thing better than reading someone’s mind is reading their horoscope...


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Known as the hotheads of the zodiac, the Aries in your life can always use more tools for winding down and relaxing. Placate an Aries’ temper, and you’ll earn their steadfast loyalty (a worthy prize). Gift them The Flight from Feals ($20), or their new CBD mints ($50) -- chill them out, and you might also reap some secondary benefits (as their loved one who has to deal with aforementioned hotheaded-ness). PYM’s Mood Chews ($34.99) -- developed by Zak Williams, son of the late comedy god Robin Williams -- are the perfect small but impactful treat to help nurture a daily sense of calm (and an editor-favorite here at TQE).

Aside from calming their fire, you may also want to stoke it -- it is, after all, one of Aries’ trademark qualities! Pick out a sleek set from Beyond Yoga, so that they can look hot and excel in their next yoga or pilates class (Aries love a challenge, and are likely too competitive about their athletic performance and outfit in any group fitness setting). Spice up their kitchen with Fly By Jing’s Tis The Season(ing) Box ($120), complete with everything they’ll need to bring fiery Sichuan flavors -- and a signature Aries heat -- into their home cooking.


Source Image: Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy and JFK Jr. 1997

The resident hedonist of the Zodiac, Taureans love nothing more than indulgent, comforting, and luxurious gifts. Send them Ghia’s new Le Works ($78) limited edition set, complete with a bottle of the brand’s signature non-alcoholic apéritif, mini panettone from Sicilian bakery Settepani, and the new Ghianduja -- a custom hazelnut spread made better with olive oil instead of palm oil.  And yes, it’ll arrive in a tin box with a special sticker set. Take it one step further with a variety pack ($54) from Honey Mamas. With flavors like Tahini Tangerine and Ginger Cardamom, it’s the perfect pick for the nuanced tastes of Taureans who crave something more interesting, deluxe, and nutrient-rich than your average bar of chocolate.

Taurus is also well-known for its green thumb (or at least for a special connection to and love for the earth). Bring the garden directly to their door with a plant or two from Bloomscape or The Sill, and nurture their cottage-core fantasies with a mushroom grow kit from Smallhold ($34). 


Source Image: Jugend Magazine, Art Nouveau Issue No.40, October 1897

While this sign often gets a bad rap for its “two faced,” mercurial disposition, Geminis are actually far more nuanced. Known for their strong opinions, bold personalities, and charismatic duality, Geminis often have incredibly busy lives -- with social and professional obligations overflowing. Gift them a beautiful calendar or notebook from Papier (bonus points for customization) to help them get a handle on their schedule and multi-hyphenate lifestyle. And because they’re always on-the-go, a chic lunch kit from INKA ($245) makes the perfect accessory.

For the fashion-minded Gemini who appreciates a polished outfit they don’t have to overthink, gift a hot denim set (from $198) or pair of overalls ($325) from Lykke Wullf, a small LA-based brand that combines California cool with a minimalist sensibility your Gemini will adore. 

Geminis are also notoriously curious and optimization-oriented. Help them get experimental with the assistance of adaptogens and herbs: gift some Brain or Power Dust ($38) from Moon Juice, or send them a potent herbal tincture from 69herbs ($22), a New York-based apothecary that crafts each blend by hand with 100% organic plants, sourced sustainably and regionally.


Source Image: Georgia O’Keeffe - Pink Moon over Water 1923

Cancers are known for being the caregivers of the zodiac. The Cancers in your life are likely always taking care of the ones they love, and are often the primary gift-givers themselves. Cancers will love gifts that enable them to either nest or nourish -- or both. Send them the cozy Holiday Bundle from Vitruvi ($150) to make their home feel (and look) like a spa 24/7. Gift one of D.S. & Durga’s beautiful limited-edition candles to get them in the holiday spirit: with scents like Portable Xmas Tree and Prime Chanukah ($65), these aromas are about as festive (and hygge) as it gets.

The Cancer you know is probably already a pro in the kitchen -- and loves cooking for her family and friends. Make her life one million times easier with Our Place’s Perfect Pot (for nourishing, wintry meals) ($165) and elevate each dish with the Essential Capsule from Brightland ($112). After all that cooking, this Cancer could use a little hand-care restoration. Pamper her with the Bare Hands Gift Set ($50), ideal for the Cancer who often prefers a minimalist beauty routine (but deserves some extra TLC).


Source Image: Italy, Late 20th century; Studio Giorgio Taroni 

Leos, always the stars of every party, deserve gifts that emphasize their shine. If it feels over the’re moving in the right direction. And you can’t go wrong with some literal sparkle. Shop earscape sets from Studs (from $26), be they elegant or playful, for some stylized and star-quality earrings that won’t break the bank. If you really love your Leo, splurge on this 18K Gold Zodiac Necklace ($1540) -- made with beautiful white diamonds -- from DTC luxury jewelry brand Noémie.

To amp up their glam (yes, you’ve guessed it by now, Leos love to play with all things beauty and makeup), pick out one of LoveSeen’s fabulous holiday bundles, launching November 18. Starting at $55 (and ranging up to $298), Jenna Lyons’ faux eyelash brand LoveSeen has partnered with some of our favorites -- like Boy Smells, Mejuri, and even Goop -- to launch a series of beautifully wrapped gifts guaranteed to thrill the Leo in your life. 

And the only thing Leos love more than a great party look are iconic photos to remember it by. Gift them a disposable camera from Manual Photo ($25) for all of their holiday celebration documentation. Each camera comes with a prepaid return mailer and digital delivery of your film photos in a matter of days -- talk about a gift that keeps on giving! 


Source Image: unknown, fabric

Virgos are known for knowing exactly what they like, how they like it. They’re precise, particular, and will cherish gifts that they’ll use and appreciate on the regular. Gift them the Clevr Starter Kit ($59.20 with the code OPRAH) to elevate their morning ritual, infusing brain and mood-boosting adaptogens with cozy, creamy flavors that simply taste amazing (and will make your Virgo feel calm and focused amidst their busy schedule).

Misen makes the ideal products for the Virgo in your life with high standards for the quality of their kitchen tools. Gift the Essentials Knife Set ($150) to elevate their home chef game and dicing precision -- a match made in heaven for a Virgo’s perfectionist predilections. Pair this with a cookbook that brings out their inner host (and satisfies their attention to detail). Julia Sherman’s new Arty Parties ($40) is a natural pick for the eye of the holiday hosting storm.

The perfect Virgo holiday gift is all about striking a balance -- think: pragmatic luxury. Send them F. Miller’s Necessity Kit ($129), which delivers on efficacy and indulgence in equal parts. Bestow your Virgo with these skincare essentials and they’ll adore you forever, formulated for visible results in one streamlined, beautiful, and sustainable package.

And no, I didn’t forget the other six signs. I’ll be back with a second installment soon enough -- so the Libra, Scorpio, Sag, Cap, Aquarius, and Pisces you love can all get perfectly gifted, too. See something you liked for yourself? Don’t forget, you’ve got a Sun, Moon, and Rising sign, so it might be necessary to pick a few gifts-to-self from your major three...

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