Launch Digest: Halfday’s First Limited-Edition Drop Is A Guaran-tea-d Holiday Favorite

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Growing up in the South, iced tea was a big effing deal. I practically grew up on the stuff; then, I moved to LA, underwent my LA-ification, and faced the terrifying realization that I had essentially been drinking sugar water for years. I swore off of iced tea for a while, finding other (often sparkling) replacements, and cleaned up my drinking routine. Then, I found Halfday.

Like many of TQE’s favorite DTC brands, Halfday has turned a harrowing realization into a better-for-you business. The brand was created by Mike Lombardo and Kayvon Jahanbaksh, who was hospitalized for 3 months with Ulcerative Colitis (and lost over 80 lbs in the process). Seeking better health in good taste, the pair founded Halfday to marry a nostalgic favorite (iced tea) with modern health trends (prebiotics, plant fiber, and a whole lot less sugar). 

Halfday’s OG flavors, Lemon Black Tea, Green Tea with Honey and Ginseng, and Peach Green Tea
Credit: @uglyhugh

Halfday originally launched with three flavors (Lemon Black Tea, Green Tea with Honey and Ginseng, and Peach Green Tea), which have earned a loyal fan base, placement on Thrive Market, and shelf space in over 200 locations. Ahead of the holiday season, Halfday recently dropped its first limited edition Cranberry Black Tea offering, made with jerusalem artichoke inulin, cranberry juice concentrate, agave inulin, apple juice concentrate, black tea extract, cranberry flavor, and stevia leaf extract. Each can contains 35 calories and only 3g of sugar.  

Halfday has 80-90% less sugar than the brands you grew up on
Credit: @drinkhalfday

I’ve tried a lot of drinks as a TQE editor (one of my favorite activities is counting how many of Erewhon’s canned drink brands I’ve tried -- so LA, I know) with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Pretty much every new drink launched these days offers some form of health benefit, but not every one tastes great. That’s where Halfday stands out. This stuff tastes eerily similar to Arizona, Snapple, and Crystal Light, yet it’s made with 80-90% less sugar. I’ve enjoyed cracking open a cold can during my afternoon slump, though I have to constantly remind myself I am not, in fact, making a poor choice (it’s that convincing!). Several friends have stopped by for a taste, and each has resoundingly agreed: this stuff is good

Want to taste the goodness for yourself? Order a 12 pack for $35.99 ($2.99/can) on Halfday’s site. The brand offers a Variety Pack of its OGs, and if you’re even the slightest bit curious about Cranberry Black Tea, snatch it while you can! This run is limited, and it’s a guaran-tea-d fan favorite at your next holiday gathering. 

What are you waiting for? Now's the time to take a Halfday (and try the Cranberry Black Tea for yourself).

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