The Get Out A Frame Tent: Enjoying the Great Outdoors Just Got Easier

Credit: Get Out

Over the past few years, we’ve had to reconsider how to embrace leisure time. Camping and hiking have emerged as extremely popular activities as folks have taken the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether that means planning and training for a multi-day backpack excursion or simply enjoying a casual walk in the park, there has been a significant push to reconnect with nature. This trend toward outdoorsiness has been well documented in fashion with the rise of gorpcore and a broader shift toward adventure gear and outdoor activities

One of the more recent brands to have championed this push to bring folks into the great outdoors is The Get Out. Founded in 2021, The Get Out offers a range of extremely well-designed gear to help you enjoy the outdoors. From tents and coolers to a Bluetooth speaker/camp light combo, The Get Out is really a one-stop-shop for everything a camping newbie would need to enjoy a weekend in the woods.

You don’t need to go far to enjoy the Great Outdoors / Photo courtesy of The Get Out

In fact, the brand’s entire ethos is marrying eye-catching design with quality performance to offer a contrast to the more rugged aesthetic so often seen in camping gear. Scroll through the brand’s Instagram page and you’ll find pops of color and an air of genuine fun that is usually lost on the outdoorsy crew. The message is clear: anyone can enjoy the great outdoors.

I chatted with Kelsey Sheofsky, founder and CEO of The Get Out, about how the brand has worked to make camping a more accessible experience for folks, and how newcomers can prep for their first camping experience.

Exploring the Great Outdoors with The Get Out

Get out there with The Get Out’s camping gear / Photo courtesy of The Get Out

Compare The Get Out’s line of A-Frame Tents ($450) to any that you’d find at a traditional outdoors retail brand and you’ll notice some key similarities. The Get Out embraces bold colors and ease of use specifically to attract folks who might not feel as comfortable with the definition of outdoorsiness associated with traditional camping gear.

“Putting outdoor enjoyment into this box of ‘rugged technical’ – the idea that you need to be a little bit of an expert to enjoy the outside – is what we're trying to get away from,” shares Sheofsky.

“We want to be a little bit of a gateway drug to actual adventuring,” Sheofsky explains. “So, you know, go car camping, go to a KOA, do it easy, do it where it's not a heavy lift. And then the next time maybe you're gonna be a little bit more adventurous and go for a longer time. Maybe that leads you to backpacking, who knows.” 

Testing the A-Frame Tent from The Get Out

Our car-camping gear, including the A-Frame Tent in its stylish pink bag. | Photo courtesy of John A. Paradiso

I decided to give The Get Out’s flagship A-Frame Tent a test drive myself and see how it could handle the muggy humidity of North Carolina’s forest. 

I’d consider myself a medium level camper. My wife and I enjoy backpacking trips, and we have some solid experience as campers. In order to test out the A-Frame Tent, we planned a brief overnight car-camping trip in Goose Creek State Park.

Pre-setting up the A-Frame / Photo Courtesy of John A. Paradiso

Setting up the A-Frame was a cinch. Even if we didn’t have camping experience, the A-Frame comes with a handy step-by-step booklet for an easy set-up. We opted not to use the rainfly to let a breeze through but it would’ve been extremely simple to add on to the base tent.

Another nice detail: the tent rods clip in nicely to secure the whole tent / Photo courtesy of John A. Paradiso

In addition to looking extremely charming with its retro design, the A-Frame has brilliant tiny details that really impressed us. Glow-in-the-dark zippers meant that a midnight pee break didn’t have us fumbling in the dark. There’s a handy clip on the ceiling of the tent for keys, a lantern, a portable speaker or anything you’d want to hang. The external door flaps roll up with a tie, so we could let some fresh air in through the mesh. 

One downside is that the entire set is a bit heavy, so this wouldn’t be an ideal sleeping solution for backpackers. That said, it packs nicely and is perfect for overnights in the backyard or car-camping trips. 

The Final Product / Photo courtesy of John A. Paradiso

Overall we really enjoyed using the A-Frame, which felt extremely roomy for the two of us and could probably fit up to four sleepers if you squeezed everyone in. The Get Out A-Frame Tent will definitely be our go-to option for any upcoming car-camping adventures.

How to Enjoy Your First Time Camping

The Get Out has positioned itself as the all-inclusive camping store for beginners. As mentioned, the A-Frame Tent is perfect for first time campers, especially if your site is drive-in. Moreover, The Get Out sells coolers, towels, enamelware, and more to fully furnish your campsite and make the most of your outdoor experience. 

Camping newbies might still wonder what would be essential for their first camping trip. We asked Sheofsky what gear she would recommend for newbies and how to get the most out of your first adventure in the Great Outdoors.

Our minimal, messy set-up inside the tent / Photo courtesy of John A. Paradiso

“Choosing your location is key, and there's also nothing wrong with camping for the first time in your own backyard,” shares Sheofsky. “Or, find a campground that's close to home, that isn't a hard lift, where you can maybe do a drive by and see what the amenities are to prepare.”

Shoefsky also suggests that folks consider camping in groups, especially with a friend or family member who has a little bit more experience. Ask them for advice on what gear might be essential or pick a campsite that isn’t too remote so you can easily swing by a grocery store for any missing gear.

“I think that's the thing – this whole concept of, ‘I'm gonna go out in the wilderness and then I'm gonna be stuck out there and have nothing,’” She says. “No! Do it easy, do it somewhere close for the first time and get your feet wet. And then the next time can be somewhere that's a little bit more remote.”

The A-Frame Tent and Rain Fly from The Get Out / Photo courtesy of John A. Paradiso

In terms of camping gear, you can be as thorough or as simple as you like. There’s nothing wrong with just using your own pillow or bedding – no need to get the highest tech camping gear right away.

For Shoefsky, the biggest thing to remember to pack is some cookware: “A couple of pots and pans, and then olive oil, salt and pepper, plastic bags, foil, dish soap, a sponge. And then my biggest, most important thing is lighting. I would say lighting is the thing that most people don't think enough about.”

Get out! / Photo courtesy of John A. Paradiso

Above all, embrace the experience and enjoy the great outdoors, whether that be in your backyard or a National Park.

5 More Reasons to Love The Get Out

  1. In addition to the supremely stylish A-Frame Tent, The Get Out stocks a variety of camping gear including the larger Bell Tent plus camping utensils, an emaleware set, and more. 
  2. The Get Out has plans to add to its line of retro-designed gear with items like a sleeping bag, camping chair, and more. Stay tuned on social media or through the brand’s newsletter.
  3. If you don’t like your new gear, The Get Out offers free and full returns on any products within 60 days. 
  4. Thanks to The Get Out’s keen design eye, you can customize your A-Frame tent with any color combination of its available base tents and rain flies.
  5. If you’re looking to score a discount on some gently used gear, The Get Out has an annual end of season sale with discounted prices on samples and returned items. Keep an eye out through The Get Out’s newsletter and social channels.

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