Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Gifts You Need to Score Big With Dad

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Each year, it feels as though finding the perfect dad gift gets a little tougher – but we have a sneaky suspicion that this is your year. Mostly because Team TQE is full of experts in the shopping-for-dads field. 

If you’re ready to mix things up and gift him something other than a “World’s Best Dad” mug (we’ve been there, too), take a peek below. You might just earn yourself this year’s favorite-child award.

If Cooking Is His Thing

A gift he’ll talk (and talk and talk) about.
Credit: @sparkgrills

My dad always told me to marry a guy who cooked. I listened. So, if the men in your life are anything like the ones in mine, a gift for the kitchen is a safe bet. 

If your dad is into grilling, this Spark Grill (from $899) is sure to make his jaw drop. In addition to its obvious retro-chic appeal, this grill is a must-have for its quality, precision, and versatility. Did I mention it also connects to a bluetooth app?

Or, if he’s already smitten with his setup, toss him a Butcher Box subscription. These curated boxes offer everything from free-range organic chicken to wild-caught seafood, humanely raised pork and grass-fed beef. 

You can’t have a delicious piece of meat without seasoning. That’s why Dad needs Evermill, a modern, sustainable spice rack that’s not only practical but easy on the eyes. Or, if he’s a beginner, All Day’s Spice Force bundle ($18) is the perfect starting place – created by Lena Kwak, the former Head of R&D at French Laundry, the brand’s flavors are certified delicious.

This gift won’t last long…

Dress things up with Truff’s Best Seller Pack ($74.99) – another TQE favorite. Read all about the brand’s insanely delicious umami flavors in our full review.

If Dad likes something less intense than hot sauce, turn to Brightland, cult-favorite and WOC-founded California olive oil brand. Snag this Summer BBQ Capsule ($85) – complete with an extra virgin olive oil, raw Balsamic vinegar, Burlap & Barrel-collab spice blend, and titanium-coated stainless steel bronze grill tongs – before it sells out. 

We’re willing to bet those dads who aren’t grill masters are into pizza. (Who doesn’t love pizza?) Craft your own – and share memories with the whole fam – with Ooni’s portable pizza ovens (from $279).

If The Bar Is More His Specialty

From the Tiki master himself

Looking to add some summer sips to your Father’s Day soirée? If he’s a Mai Tai guy, Trader Vic’s newly launched classics-in-a-can (from $34.99) are a must-grab. On the topic of impressive bevs in a can, Juneshine’s hard kombuchas (from $33) – in flavors like Coco Rico and Mango Daydream – are the ultimate summer sip. 

If you’re looking to go the wine route, we’re suckers for Nomadica’s playful branding and Usual Wines’s smart design. 

And if Dad is taking a break from the booze, we have plenty of non-alc reccos to share, too. Read more about some of our favorites – like AMASS, Ghia, and Curious Elixirshere.

Cold brew on tap...it's a real thing now!

If he wakes up thinking about that morning cup of joe, gift him a subscription of Jot’s Ultra Coffee ($19.50). It’s the purest and most concentrated form of liquid coffee in the world, with none of the work or clean-up. If he’s a cold brew kinda guy, we can’t recommend Wandering Bear’s Cold Brew On Tap ($59.98 with subscription) enough. 

But, if he prefers brewing his own beans, go with Trade. The brand partners with roasters across the country to deliver the freshest beans (customized to your taste, of course) to your doorstep at lightning speed.

For The Dad With The Ever-Classic Dad Wardrobe

Snag a pair of socks with benefits from Comrad
Credit: @comradsocks

We’ve all seen that stereotypical dad look. The khaki cargo shorts, stretched-out t-shirt, white socks that hit the calf, and dark-colored sneakers. Help Dad wave goodbye to those wide, boxy, styleless tees with True Classic

Pair the tees with Olivers’ best-selling All Over Shorts ($75) and Cuts' light-weight hooded, pullover shirt ($61), and Dad will look like a million bucks when out on a cool, summer night. 

If we are really going to revamp Dad’s wardrobe, talking socks and shoes is a must. Comrad offers stylish and colorful Compression Socks (from $18) that will keep dad both supported and spiffy. 

In the shoe department, Atoms sneakers ($129) are the most comfortable, simple staple that dad will get complimented on time and time again. If he’s looking for a shoe that he can dress up or down (and look chic in either way), check out Sabah’s collection of wear-everyday-worthy shoes ($195).

If He Could Use A Little Self Care

A little self care goes a long way

Manscaped, the products that make grooming cool, is a go-to in our household… my husband, father and father-in-law all got it for Father’s Day last year! Harry’s also offers quality shaves at a fair price for the dad who prefers a manual shave. 

Don’t feel comfortable buying something as personal as a Weed Whacker? Black Wolf and Disco can give Dad that same pampered feel without the grooming. Both skincare companies were created specifically for men – because men deserve to show their skin love…even if it takes a little extra push.

For The Sports (Golf)-Loving Dad

Because who doesn’t need personalized golf balls? 
Credit: @vicegolf

Give my father or husband four hours and a golf club and their days are made. It’s why a golf gift is always a good idea. Help Dad keep track of his golf ball on the course with Vice Golf’s personalized balls for a one-of-a-kind gift. 

Or update his golf wardrobe with Stitch Golf. The premium apparel and gear is used by many professional golfers and is sure to make Dad feel confident enough to get that birdie. I’d suggest going with the Traveler Backpack ($268) – it’s something not everyone will buy themselves but is always loved by those who want to travel and explore new courses. 

I realize not all dads are golfers. For those who look for other kinds of exercise, Body Gym is a perfect purchase for the dad who needs to work out on the go. The all-in-one portable gym is sure to have him pumping iron in no time.

For The Dad Who Enjoys A Chill Every Now And Then

Chill out, dad
Credit: @dad.grass

Sometimes Dad needs a little rest and relaxation. Union Electric (premium fairly priced cannabis flower), Dad Grass (pre-rolled CBD joints) and Feals CBD all make great gifts for dad to chill and enjoy himself. 

Because not every dad is into CBD and cannabis, I’ve chosen a few more favorites that achieve a similar vibe. The On Molecule pillow is just what dad needs to sleep like a pro (pro-athletes like Michael Phelps and Russel Wilson swear by this!). Pair it with a Snif XL candle (might I suggest the brand’s best-selling Sweet Ash scent?) and gift Dad hours (and hours and hours) or R&R.

If He's The Traveling Type

This one has 'dad' written all over it...
Credit: @ridgewallet

What better way for Dad to keep kids top of mind when out of town than using a new Away suitcase (from $275) gifted from the kids. (If Dad doesn’t travel for work he’ll definitely want this for the next family vacation.)

A slim wallet is also key for travel, and Ridge Wallet makes one of the best. Dad can keep the wallet in his pocket but doesn’t need to worry about bulk or discomfort. It also makes for easy access to his license when going through the airport security line.

Add some Tivoli Audio earbuds ($119) and he's ready to enjoy that podcast he’s had queued up for weeks. Or if earbuds aren’t his thing, check out the radios that rock in both design and audio sound. 

We’ve Got Dad Covered 

Whether you’re shopping for your biological father, the father of your kids or a father-like figure, we hope you’ve found something he’ll love. Let us know how things go…we always love hearing from you @thequalityedit! 

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