Everhem Window Treatments Review: These Custom Curtains Are The Home Decor Showstopper You Deserve

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For whatever reason, more than any other piece of home decor, I've always had the hardest time buying curtains. Maybe it's the in-store packaging, which never gives a sense of what they look like hung at full length; maybe it's the photographic trickery online brands use to hide the fact that their materials are stiff and waxy. All I know is, more often than not, I've ended up with curtains that just don't suit the room: too loud, too long, full of boxy pleats I never saw coming.

Finding Everhem felt like stumbling on an oasis in the desert, an answer to all my window treatment woes of years past. Specializing in Roman shades, woven wood shades, and timeless, elegant drapery and hardware, Everhem eschews the one-size-fits-all approach (which, as I've bemoaned above, most definitely does not fit all) in favor of total customization. 

Everything from color to fabric to the amount of light you let in is totally yours to determine, ensuring a finished product that's tailor-made for your space. Even better, by working directly with you via its DTC website, Everhem cuts down on overhead and passes those savings onto you. These are custom window treatments at a price that was previously unheard of – because now you don't have to hire your own personal designer, you can shop at a company founded by one.

Putting the human touch back in e-commerce
Credit: Everhem


As an LA-based interior designer with nearly a decade of experience, Haley Weidenbaum saw firsthand just how many buyers struggled to find the right drapery. Though she was able to guide her clients through the process, she saw an opportunity to provide that same help on a much larger scale. By starting an online business that asks the right questions and curates the right products, Weidenbaum – along with her husband and co-founder Adam – has stylishly filled that middle ground between unattainable luxury brands and disappointing big-box retailers.

She's also made a strong case for window coverings in general, pointing out the economic savings they incur by blocking heat and reducing A/C usage, as well as preventing sun damage on furniture and flooring. By also using only natural materials like linens and cottons, she ensures that her products will stand the test of time, holding up for a decade or longer (as opposed to options that might seem cheaper in the short term).

And despite her entrepreneurial success story, Weidenbaum remains an interior designer at heart, which means both the treatments themselves and the customer service experience have the same thoughtful approach. Aside from their blog section full of questions and tutorials, the Everhem team is also available for phone calls, FaceTime consults, custom renderings. At every step of the way, they feel like real partners in the process. 

 That's a difference I felt from the very first click.

A peek behind the curtain at my design process


As fantastic as Everhem’s Roman shades and woven woods are, when it came to my window in our primary bedroom, good old fashioned drapery and hardware made the most sense to cover this large surface area. To start, I was given five different elements to customize: configuration (meaning just drapery, just hardware, or a combo of the two); fabric and color; pleat style; sheers; and lining.

The ‘before’: Our Primary bedroom window provides amazing natural light, but that also meant absurdly early wake-up calls!

Fabric and color was of course a blast to play around with, especially as the custom screen gave a detailed rendering of every option from stone-colored linen to sky-blue striped cotton. There's also a section specifically curated for nursery windows, as well as a sale section with colors that are just as gorgeous. 

What really caught my eye, though, was the fact that I could customize the pleats. The last curtains that I bought for my bedroom had pleats that ballooned at the bottom, making them an awkward fit for the space, but here at Everhem I was able to choose between Box, Tailored, or Pinch style. I also decided to add the Moon-colored sheer for additional coverage, as well as a blackout lining on the main drapery to allow for quality sleep.

No surprise: the hardware section is mix and match-able as well, with styles ranging from curved to right angle, and three different color finishes. After making my selections, I was guided to the measurements page, which came loaded with its very own cheat sheet as well as one-click buttons for booking virtual help and/or an in-person tasker to ensure accuracy. Talk about concierge service!

Huge props to this super-intuitive web design

Given our window width we opted for a double panel, with a center mounting hardware piece to manage the load of the double rods. We were lucky to have ample space on either side of our window area, something called ‘stack width’, which accounts for the additional space you leave to make sure the parted curtains don't crowd your window. All in our window treatment came in north of $5K, so there's no denying this is a big ticket purchase – but in the world of custom drapery, our window size would have come in likely twice that price point . 

Weidenbaum herself acknowledges that window treatments are expensive any way you cut it, especially for a high-quality product, but her products are vastly cheaper than anything else you'd be able to design yourself. Having experienced firsthand how frustrating and poorly made the inexpensive options are, this felt like money well spent.

The value and quality of the Everhem really shined through once it arrived and was installed by our local handyman. (If you’re in need of a recommendation, Everhem can source local installers in your area, or connect you with a Taskrabbit to aid in speedy and quality installation). 

The After: Simply blown away by how custom the drapery feels in the space, the elegance of the sheers compliments the black-out coverage of the main drapery. 

It’s hard to articulate the ‘wow’ factor we felt when the drapes were installed. The room suddenly felt much bigger, the floor-to-ceiling drapery helping to elongate the perceived height of our ceilings. The combination of the sheers with the blackouts screams luxurious resort living, and we’re thrilled with the addition to our space. I knew details like window treatments were an important part of the design process, but adding Everhem to our bedroom immediately warmed up the space in a huge way.


If custom drapery is what you're after, Everhem more than gets my vote – it gets my full-throated endorsement. And though it's still a substantial, considered purchase, going custom is no longer the sky-high luxury it used to be. With everyone's homes and windows coming in vastly different shapes and sizes, the standard dimensions you'll find in stores are almost always going to hang flat, fall at awkward lengths, or fail to properly enhance the decor you've lovingly filled your space with.

If it sounds like a leap, I know how you feel. But with all the resources, questionnaires, and gorgeously designed walk-throughs Everhem has to offer, it's clear you're in very safe hands. Take it from someone who can finally look at his curtains and breathe a sigh of relief.

We’re absolutely thrilled with our Everhem drapery and can’t recommend enough their innovative DTC take on custom window treatments. 


1. Because the brand’s aware that window treatments aren't something you can afford to update every few years, all of Everhem's styles are timeless, giving a sense of modernity without ever risking going out of style.

2. No more scouring YouTube: Everhem’s website has all the how-to videos you need on everything from measurement to installation.

3. If you're in the market for shades instead, rest assured that they're just as customizable, with tons of different color, style, and lining options.

4. Though Everhem’s materials are displayed online in vivid, up-close detail, you can also order up to five swatches for free before you make your final choice.

5. The reviews are in and they're raves: Everhem's drapery and hardware selections have an average rating of 5 stars out of 5. Color me impressed, if not surprised.

Elevate your home today by shopping at everhem.com!

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