With A Little Help From Mon Ami, Emily: An Emily In Paris Fashion Guide

As somebody who studied abroad in Paris for two months, let's just say Emily in Paris gave me all the feels. Season 1 consisted of ten 30-minute episodes, providing the perfect quarantine binge. The sexy, dramatic, fashion-filled dramedy pretty much played out my dream life...BRB while I get a masters in communication and move to Paris.

Needless to say, Emily in Paris was FILLED with some iconic fashion looks; and like our popular style guides for The Sopranos, Normal People, and Sex and The City we’ve published on these pages previously, I figured the world could benefit from our take on Emily and her fashionable cast of characters. Oh, and spoiler alert! This review dives deep and may reveal more than you are ready for! Je suis très désolé!

THIS Is How You Make An Entrance

First thing’s first, let's talk Camille.. Sweet, sweet Cami… she deserves nothing but rainbows and butterflies. I don’t know who decided to give her the short end of the stick, aka getting robbed of her hot chef BF and new American friend in Emily… but at least she has incredible fashion taste. The little plaid dress she rocks in Episode 5 is one we absolutely need to get our hands on. Not only did I find the EXACT dress that Camille (poor thing) wore in the show, but it is on sale! Originally $385, and is now marked down $77 from the timeless, classic, one of a kind See By Chloe. Catch me on the next flight to Paris in this little number. Add to cart and thank me later.

Merci Beaucoup, Julien.

If one character’s fashion sense was particularly underrated, i'm pretty sure it would be Julien. I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about his character specifically: Did he have Emily’s back or was he one of Sylvie evil minions that just wanted a promotion? His Blue Plaid Number from ASOS stood out the most and just proves that French style trumps American style any day of the week.

The Hot French Chef Next Door

Putting aside that he cheated on his stunning, loyal girlfriend more than once, Gabriel is...perfect. From his accent, ability to cook, life aspirations to own a restaurant, and his style, Gabriel is your classic french heartthrob. One of his looks that stood out was his army green bomber-- and I found the perfect dupe at Everlane. Not only is this piece classic and cool, Everlane’s products are made to last. Each piece is sourced from sustainable materials from factories all around the world. Gabriel: I applaud you for sporting a company that places an emphasis on sustainability, and you look damn good in it, too.

The Devil Works Hard…But Sylvie Works Harder

Although Sylvie was a total... let me think of the right word… nightmare, the way she acted towards Emily had me reflecting on my time in Paris. It’s undeniable that Sylvie could have been kinder and more supportive of Emily, especially considering Emily absolutely crushed it at work. But was it smart of Emily to assert her dominance in the workplace? Probs not.

Sylvie played the stereotypical role of the powerful female boss with impeccable fashion sense (Hello, Miranda Priestly). Her sexy black square neck moment reminded me of a dress that I have tried on multiple times at Realisation Par… and let's just say I have already added it to my cart. Realisation is the woman-owned brand known for their stylish, unique fashion pieces that serve to celebrate femininity.  Oh, and, something to keep in mind about Realisation… All their styles are only sold online, aka not sold in stores. That being said, their “size guide” and “product details” ensure that each piece fits like a glove. J’taime, Realisation!

Sylvie could ease up a bit on Emily & crew, without losing any of her formidable sense of style.

Off The Shoulder FTW

Mindy!! I love her. I mean how could you not? She single handedly saved Emily when nobody else would befriend her. Mindy’s style was tres “out there”. I loved some fits more than others, but I can say with confidence that when I close my eyes and picture myself on the streets of Paris double fisting a croissant and a hot oat milk latte (Parisians don’t drink cold coffee), I can totally see myself wearing Mindy’s blue-off the shoulder top. Superdown had my back when searching for the perfect dupe. Simple, chic, and easy to style. What more could we ask for?

Emily’s Accessories: Major Key

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Emily MF Cooper. It made me long for Paris while watching Emily confidently strut down the streets in her iconic pink coat holding a bouquet of flowers. What I wouldn't do to be transported to Winter 2019 strolling along the Seine. Leave it to Topshop to have an impeccable dupe of this hot pink coat. The look is effortlessly chic, and will brighten your Fall vibe as we close out an impossible dark 2020.

P.S. You really thought I would write an entire fashion guide on Emily In Paris and not include the famous camera phone case?? Think again. If you are looking for cute, stylish, customizable phone cases that protect your phone no matter what, Casetify is where it is at. Casetify literally BEGS you to drop your phone to prove how protective the case is. And better yet.. Casetify has the PERFECT dupe for Emily’s famous phone case.

So there you have it. Special shout out to Netflix for delivering a show that whisked me back to the city of lights with such a fun and sexy series.  I’m certainly counting my lucky stars that one day, long after the dumpster fire that is 2020 is far behind us, I’ll find myself in Paris working for a killer marketing firm rocking my own sartorial looks in Le Marais. With that, I hope this style guide brings you joy during these crazy times. Au Revoir & Bon Journee!

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