The Hibernation Edit: 10 DTC Products Ideal For Staying Cozy This Winter

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Hibernation season is upon us, whether we like it or not.

It’s easy to wish away the colder months, but if you’re like me, maybe you’d rather find a way to appreciate the present (instead of wishing you were somewhere else). 

The key is to surround yourself with warmth so you can go into cozy season fully prepared for the long months ahead.

Here are 10 of my favorite winter hibernation finds.

Keeping your skin happy and hydrated doesn’t have to be hard. 
Credit: HeyDewy

1. Portable Humidifier  

When your heater is pumping out dry air all day, your skin needs extra hydration. There’s only so much drinking water can do.  That’s why I love HeyDewy’s wireless facial humidifier ($49.99). This portable hydration device can move with you from room to room throughout your day. Mine goes from my desk to my bedside table with me!

Can’t help but cuddle up in this cozy duvet cover. 
Credit: Coyuchi 

2. Bundled-Up Bedding 

Warm bedding and sheets are a MUST. I recently upgraded mine to Coyuchi’s Organic Duvet Cover ($68) paired with Riley’s flannel sheets ($159), and what a game-changer: I no longer dread slipping into cold sheets at night.  I honestly wish I’d made the switch sooner.  

No more frozen toes. Toasty all the way.  
Credit: Rothy’s 

3. Snuggly Slippers 

Are your feet always cold? Mine are. But! Rothy’s Merino Slippers ($155) keep your toes toasty while you’re staying in. These machine-washable, eco-friendly slippers are lined with soft sherpa—you’ll never want to take them off! I opted for the lilac purple color to brighten up days during the gray winter months.

The best way to start a cold morning: hot tea. 
Credit: @ohhtea_

4. Tea Time 

It’s so hard to start the day on a dark, cold morning, but teas are the perfect way to jumpstart your mind and body on those days when you’re coffeed out. Tea N Me’s My Morning Boost ($19) has the perfect blend of fresh and cozy flavors, with apple and lemongrass mixed with just enough cinnamon to feel some extra warmth.   

Irreverent Teas are another great option. I love the variety in the tea sampler ($33), which has black, green, and herbal teas in bright, fun packaging (great for gifting!)

Bearaby’s weighted blanket for your worries

5. Bear Hug Blankets 

There’s no such thing as too many blankets. You simply must have these all over the house so you’re always prepared to snuggle in wherever you plop down. Some options to consider:

Bearaby’s Cotton Napper ($249) is everything you need in a weighted blanket. It’s like a bear hug for your bed

Rumpl replaces the traditional scratchy wool blankets and brings us soft, comfy Merino Softwool Blankets ($199). My favorite is the Pacific throw. 

Unhide’s Marshmallow blanket ($195) has been dubbed the go-to snuggle buddy. It’s queen-sized, so you feel like you’re cuddling in a cloud. You’ll never want to put this thing down (trust me).  

Perfect for fireside chats or morning jogs. 
Credit: Tracksmith

6. Cozy Layers 

A sweater or overshirt feels so much more put together than an old sweatshirt or a fuzzy bathrobe. You get to feel relaxed but look like you’re trying at the same time. 

I love Free People’s Latte Cashmere Henley ($168). It has ribbed fabric and cute statement buttons—the perfect pullover sweater, whether you’re staying in or grabbing lunch with friends. 

Tracksmith’s New England overshirt is a classic heavyweight overshirt made from recycled wool. It’s based on the men’s fit, so you may want to go down a size. What I love is that it’s built for runners so you can stretch and move around too (even though it looks like a jacket to wear when you’re sitting by the fireside). 

Who says PJs have to be boring?
Credit: @summersalt

7. Luxurious Pajamas 

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping (maybe more during the winter, ya know?). Maybe it’s time to stop wearing that holey t-shirt from high school or those scratchy sweatpants with a missing drawstring to bed. 

Summersalt’s Cloud 9 silky PJ set is absolute perfection. We might not be having backyard parties anytime soon, but I can’t get enough of the garden party pattern. (Seriously...Love this set!)

At $125, these PJs might feel like a splurge. But it’s so worth it. With 14 patterns to choose from and pants with POCKETS, this PJ set is just dreamy.

Make leaving and coming home easier (even when you’d really just like to stay in.)
Credit: West Elm 

8. Easy-To-Access Coat Rack 

For when you DO have to go outside, this West Elm industrial wall shelf ($120) keeps everything you need to head outside in one convenient place. I like to leave my purse, coat, and dog leash hanging by the door so I don’t have to go searching my house when I’m in a hurry. 

I love how the wood brings in some warmth to the space, while the metal hooks give it a modern flare. The additional shelf lets you liven up your entryway with a chic print or funky vase.  

When it’s too cold to open your windows, flowers bring the fresh air you crave.
Credit: @pompflowers

9. Fresh Flowers

I’m telling you, fresh flowers are a major mood booster during cold winter months. Even if you’re not one to stop and smell the roses, the color alone will bring you to the present moment and make the colder months that much easier.  Pomp Flowers are incredible. As a family-owned company, each stem is hand-selected and curated to be a show-stopper in your home. (The bouquets are seriously huge!). 

When the skies are gray and the air is cold, the Winter Blush bouquet ($92) will do wonders. Or, if you’re not into pastels, the Fireside bouquet ($95) is bold yet wintery. 

Bring tropical warmth indoors.
Credit: @bloomscape

10. Live Houseplants

Even if it’s not green outside, you can bring some warmth inside with potted plants from The Sill and Bloomscape. (I go for the pet-safe, low-maintenance ones!) If you want to pretend you’re somewhere warmer, sprinkle some tropical-feeling plants throughout your living space. I love the Ponytail Palm ($79) at Bloomscape or the XL Bamboo Palm ($199). 

The Sill’s Hoya Heart plant ($32) would make a great addition to your desk or nearest bookshelf, too.

The bottom line here: There’s no need to mark an “X” on your calendar every winter day or to spend your days wishing you were somewhere warm. Swap the winter countdown for maximum cozy with these DTC finds. 

Other DTC Brands To Get You Through Hibernation Season: 

  • InBloom: Health is wealth, my friends. Especially in the winter months when colds get passed around like hors d'oeuvres. InBloom’s Immunity Defense powder has essential vitamins and herbs to help you boost your immune system.

  • Bombas: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worn fuzzy socks and had a close call on our wood floors. These Bombas Slipper Socks are cozy, cute, and have rubber grips on the bottom to help protect you from those slippery steps (for adults AND little ones!)
  • Pure Salt Shoppe: What’s better than bundling up with a book on your very own comfy reading chair? The August Accent Chair looks sophisticated and feels like a pillow. The best of both worlds.    
  • Sakara: Burrito bowls. Gingerbread protein waffles. Cozy winter sun salad. Yes, please. For those days you want to eat healthy but aren’t inspired to go out or cook, Sakara Life Subscription has you covered.
  • Equilibria: Nothing like a relaxing CBD soak to melt work stress away. Equilibria’s Mindful Mineral Soak is exactly what you need to recenter and find presence in your day. You can even make it a monthly self-care ritual with a subscription! 

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