DTC Turned Retail: Our Favorite Brands Available At Target

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The feeling of running into Target for paper towels and leaving with everything but paper towels is one that’s all too familiar to me. Roaming the aisles of perfectly placed products with beautiful packaging is an art that Target has perfected, making it all too easy to literally “add to cart.” But, whether or not you realize it, many of the products we’ve featured here on the pages of TQE are now popping up in your friendly neighborhood Target stores. Read on to discover which of our favorite DTC brands are now available at Target! Disclaimer: we take zero responsibility for your credit card bill next month. 

Skin & Beauty

Starface: I had never heard of Starface the first time I was drawn to the brand’s bright yellow packaging. However, after a recent breakout, I wanted to try some pimple patches and Starface’s Hydo Stars were too cute to pass up. For under $15, I got 32 star-shaped patches that help reduce inflammation and shrink pimples overnight. They come in a cute, metal case complete with an application mirror; I never thought I’d look forward to acne spot treatment, but having a “starface” makes breakouts a little bit fun. Starface has thousands of 5-star reviews singing its praises -- so subscribe and enjoy 10% off refills online after you purchase a pack!

Three Ships Beauty: Three Ships is a women-owned brand from Canada that’s recently entered Target retail stores around the US. Its line of skincare is affordable, natural, and effective. I’ve been using a full lineup of their products for months, including the Refresh Cleanser ($22), Calm Toner ($17), and Dew Drops ($32). If you want to give them a try before ordering your full routine, the Target skincare section is a great place to start. 

Versed: After seeing multiple viral videos of Cleansing Balms on TikTok, I grabbed a sample size from Versed to give it a test. I can confirm that this $7 balm helped to dissolve the day from my face with ease--including my waterproof mascara. The brand also has acne-calming cleansers, oils, and more.

I also tried Cocokind’s Daily SPF 32 ($25) that left my skin sheer and protected, a Pixi Cosmetics eyeshadow pallet (you may recognize this brand if you’ve ever had an ipsy subscription), and this $18 Rainbow tinted PH blam from Winky Lux. If you try any of these, let it be the tinted PH balm. It’s cute, compact, and gives the perfect tinted lip if you’re looking for a natural lip look.

Winkylux’s pH-balm packaging mimics the product itself--it’s just as fun to look at as it is to apply.

Personal Wellness

Hydrant: In the busy hustle and bustle of life, remembering to drink enough water each day can fall low on the priority list. That’s why I love Hydrant, a hydrating mix of electrolytes and sugar that helps you hydrate faster and for longer. If you haven’t tried Hydrant, you can snag our editor-approved flavors ($13 ea) on your next Target run.

Run Gum: As a self-proclaimed Orangetheory addict with a “hustle mentality,” I am almost always in need of a quick energy boost. Enter Run Gum ($2), the fast-absorbing energy gum formulated with athletes in mind. This gum is tasty, easy to chew, and allows you to get energy five times faster without the jitters and crash. Simply put, this gum helped me quit pre-workout mixes and enjoy my days without needing multiple caffeine drinks.

Rae Wellness: Rae dominates the beauty wellness section at Target. Its lineup of products is set apart by beautiful branding. The brand offers a line of Vegan Collagen ($15), Pre + Probiotics ($15), supplements to help Focus ($15), DeStress ($15), and more. While you can get started at Target, Rae offers 20% off of every order when you sign up to receive your supplements in a subscription online. 

Rae’s branding draws immediate attention to its products, standing out amongst the competition.

Other similar brands include Vital Proteins, 8Greens, Olly, and Love Wellness. Most of the brands focus on natural supplements that support a healthy body and mind. I am a big fan of the Vital Protein’s “Get Up and Glow” ($30) Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid supplement and the Bye Bye Bloat ($25) from Love Wellness.


Casper: My partner and I have been sleeping on our Casper mattress for a little over a year and absolutely love it. It’s the perfect amount of soft and support for a good night’s rest. If you’re not ready to commit to a full mattress, you can start by grabbing a Casper pillow ($65+) from Target. 

Grove Co: While I am a big fan of the refillable products that Blueland offers, Grove Co. has similar waste-reducing options that you can pick up during your next Target haul. If you’re looking to change up your cleaning routine and minimize your carbon footprint, you can try this refillable, hydrating hand soap ($5).

Reel: This guilt-free TP is soft on your bum and the environment. Toilet paper made from bamboo ($15) makes it easy to “sit down for something you believe in” like helping the planet, one plastic and tree-free roll at a time. If you love their toilet paper, you can head to their website where they also have treeless paper towels.

Reel delivers a stand-out unboxing experience whether you pick up at Target or order online. 

Personal Care

Native: When it comes to natural deodorant, Target is home to many DTC products that we love but we’re most excited about a TQE favorite, Native ($13) . Apart from the many scents of the brand’s sulfate, aluminum, and paraben-free deodorant, you can also find shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, and more amongst Target’s personal care isles. 

quip: For years, I’ve been a fan quip’s electric toothbrush (you can even find my review here). I love the convenience of having a new brush head, toothpaste, and battery delivered to my door every three months. This not only reduces waste, but it helps me to have generally better oral hygiene. You can now find the quip toothbrush at Target along with the refillable dental floss ($10+) and I decided to snag the mouthwash starter kit ($15+). I love the concentrated formula, how the dispenser looks on my counter, and I’ve already added mouthwash refills to my quip subscription online (starting at $2.50/month). 

Flamingo: If you’re looking for a nice, convenient razor that has all of the pink and none of the tax, Flamingo is a great option. While Flamingo razors ($9)  are the stars of the show, the brand also offers wax strips ($19), shaving gel ($5), and more. The reflective packaging makes it extremely hard to miss, making it super easy to “add to cart” while shopping.

Flamingo's bright, reflective packaging dominates the razor aisle--the iridescent foiling is irresistible.

Goodwipes: I was first introduced to Goodwipes in 2017 at a fitness event. They were handing out samples of their eco-friendly body and “Down There Wipes” following a group sweat sesh and my life was forever changed. The brand’s wipes make it convenient to stay fresh no matter what the day brings and while you can grab them at Target, you’ll find even more options online. I personally love being subscribed to the Goodwipes newsletter to receive the brand’s many deals. Goodwipes also sends fun, encouraging content in their emails to break up the advertisements. It’s super re-fresh-ing!

Honeypot: Women’s reproductive organs are delicate when it comes to needing a balanced pH. It’s recommended to use unscented, safe feminine products no matter what time of the month it is. Honeypot offers natural, plant-based products like a sensitive feminine wash ($10), panty spray ($8), balancing bath bombs ($14), and organic tampons ($9) to help stay on top of feminine hygiene. 

Flex: While I’ve never worked up the courage to try a menstrual cup, Flex is a TQE editor-approved brand that offers cups ($3) & discs ($11) to help replace traditional feminine paper products. If you’re ready to make the switch to tampon-less periods, you can grab some flex products on your next trip to Target to help decide if their products are right for you.

TPH by Taraji: I am not totally familiar with all that goes into caring for a woman’s natural curls, so I cannot speak to how effective these products are. But, TPH by Taraji is a female-founded brand with products for women with naturally curly hair. If you have natural, curly hair and are interested in trying a line of hydrating products, you can find TPH amongst the other natural hair products. The brand’s products, like the Master Cleanse scalp wash ($15), feature brightly colored packaging that makes it hard to miss. 

Some other DTC personal care products that focus on a female audience include hers, Monday Haircare, and Megababe Beauty.

Dollar Shave Club: Like Flamingo, Dollar Shave Club is an affordable, subscription-based razor company that primarily focuses on male-identifying audiences. My parents have been subscribed to their blade deliveries for years and have mentioned that they love the close, smooth shave they are able to get without worry about razor burn or bumps. While I’ve never tried, you can pick up a DSC Razor kit in the Men’s Personal Care section or subscribe to recurring deliveries on their website based on your needs.. 

Beardbrand: This brand first made its big debut on SharkTank, but my partner has been using their products for years. Beardbrand offers beard oils, balms, cleansers, brushes, and more to help with beard maintenance. If you’re new to beard care, the brand offers a Lumber Yard starter kit at Target ($15) to get familiarized with its products before ordering full-size options online. 

hims: Men’s skin, hair, and mental health can often be neglected but hims offers an affordable way to get personalized treatment without the doctor visits. To get started with hims, you can pick up hair thickening shampoo ($19), conditioner ($22), skincare, and more at Target or visit their site to take a quiz for personalized recommendations based on your needs.

Sips and Snacks

Alani Nu: Alani Nu offers a line of vitamins, workout supplements, snacks, and more with the goal of helping customers reach the finish line--no matter what they’re trying to achieve. My roommate introduced me to the brand’s line of energy drinks ($2)  last year and they’ve easily become one of my favorites. With flavors like Tropsicle, Mimosa, and Hawaiin Shaved Ice, every flavor makes getting energized tasty and fun. Alani Nu doesn’t have thousands of five-star reviews for just anything!

Smart Sweets: Smart Sweets is a female-founded brand on a mission to help all of us kick sugar. Most of the brand’s low-sugar snacks are recreated versions of our childhood favorites, making them perfect for anyone that practices Keto, needs to watch their sugar intake, or generally wants a healthier alternative to treats like Sour Patch Kids ($2.80), Peach Rings, or Swedish Fish. I grab a few every time I run to Target but you can also build your own box ($46) online.

The Smart Sweets nostalgic packaging makes it impossible to pick just one.

Sour Strips: If you’re not too worried about sugar, you can also find Sour Strips ($4) on the candy aisle. This candy has extra fun packaging and a flavor for everyone. If you become a fan of this product, I recommend following the brand on Instagram for fun cartoons and limited-edition drops.


Barkbox: Most of us have heard of the Barkbox subscription, but I only recently realized that some of the brand’s products are available at target. While my pup has enough toys at the moment, I really loved Barkbox’s Bark Roast Coffee Cup Dog toy. The brand offers many different toys with a variety of textiles and stimulants to fit your dog’s playtime needs.  

This Bark Brew toy by Barkbox is perfect for a coffee photoshoot with your four-legged bff.

Bocce’s Bakery: It would be hard to miss the stunning Bocce’s Bakery packaging on the end cap of the dog section at my local Target. This brand has created a line of fun, natural dog treats that look like something even I would want to try. My pup has not tried any of these products but I am now interested in testing out Bedtime Tea ($5.50) and Daily Support ($9) treats.

Jinx: My four-legged BFF eats an all-natural air-dried food. However, If I were to mix up her meals for dry kibble, Jinx ($45) would be my go-to. This vet (and TQE editor)-approved kibble was formulated to help dogs enjoy an all-natural diet while getting the nutrients they require. This kibble is shelf-stable and loved by dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Pretty Litter: I don’t have a cat (nor am I a cat person), but every pet deserves the best. PrettyLitter ($22+) is an odor-trapping silica litter that changes color with pH to help cat parents detect any abnormalities or health issues as they arise. This health-monitoring litter has the potential of saving cat owners from expensive vet bills -- and their pet’s life. Pick up a bag of PrettyLitter from your local target to see why Pretty Litter has over 10,000 five-star reviews.

Hitting The Target

While we love the ever-changing convenience of shopping DTC brands online, coming across new products and seeing existing favorites at Target is always exciting. For many brands, selling products in big-box retail is an indicator of success, and we love that Target empowers entrepreneurs to get their products in-store. Shopping our fave online-first brands at Target helps brands both earn and keep shelf space and give them exposure to grow both digitally and in-person. Next time you see an unfamiliar brand popup at Target, this is your sign to give it a try. Chances are it’s just an introduction to a family of products waiting for you online.

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