Jinx Is The Fastest Growing DTC Kibble Brand For Healthy Dogs

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I’ve been doing a lot of research lately. Looking at best techniques and methods, recent scientific studies, etc. No, not for a school paper or project, but for something far more meaningful and important: a puppy. Ever since my brother got his Boston Terrier ten years ago, I’ve been yearning for the day when I was able to get my own boy.

That day has come, and I wanted to be prepared as best as possible. Naturally, this meant a lot of YouTube training videos, visits to PetCo, and a ton of time devoted to finding out what the best diet is. I’m no dog expert or champion bloodline breeder, but I certainly didn’t want my dog eating food made with a ton of processed fillers and chemicals. After looking at some of the usual suspects’ nutritional labels, I feel like I’d be giving my pet a one-way ticket to the animal hospital with some of the ingredients they list. Yuck!

Pets in a Pandemic

Over the past year or so, I’ve been keeping up with new brands in the space—2020 was a milestone year for pet ownership (Chewy reported 45% revenue growth in its most recent reported quarter)—and as I was deciding on what healthier food I wanted to incorporate into my dog’s diet when he gets older, I was overwhelmed with the number of options.

Credit: Chewy Studios

A few brands especially caught my attention: Ollie, The Farmer’s Dog, and Maev have drawn serious funding from top venture firms such as Forerunner Ventures and Shasta Ventures. They’re offering fresh food prepared in a real kitchen with human-grade meats and vegetables. I was very intrigued, but after learning more about the potential health risks with raw food and the cost per serving, I knew I wanted to stay away from fresh food. But, I was still looking to have those hearty, nutritional ingredients—just in a way I can afford. Thank goodness Jinx is here.

Natural kibble brand Jinx launched in January of last year and right before the pandemic caused nationwide lockdowns, I got to speak with co-founder and CEO Terri Rockovich to learn more about the brand. Now a year later, I caught up with Rockovich to hear about the business’s explosive growth, how dogs are loving the formulations, and how customers are seeing real results.

Nutritionist Formulated, Vet Approved

While feeding your dog fresh food made with whole, visible meats and vegetables may sound like the best choice for your furry friend, oftentimes they’ll just eat around certain ingredients (like vitamin-packed veggies) and end up not getting all the nutrients they need, not to mention the possibility of contamination which could cause serious illness requiring hospitalization.

This happened for Rockovich a few years ago when her dog would just eat around the vegetables. Later, he had reoccurring vomit and diarrhea and had to be taken to the vet to get rehydrated. With this in mind, she wanted to create a kibble that would both taste great for the dog as well as provide everything they need in a diet. When Rockovich started working with professional pet nutrition formulators, every single person she spoke with said they fed their dogs dry kibble: “You’ve got all of these experts that are feeding dry format foods, and I feel like they’re the ones that know the most, so we really took advice from them!”

When Rockovich started working with professional pet nutrition formulators, every single person she spoke with said they fed their dogs dry kibble: “You’ve got all of these experts that are feeding dry format foods, and I feel like they’re the ones that know the most, so we really took advice from them!”

Jinx is designed to address what Rockovich calls the eight most important dog health needs: strong muscles, renewed energy, healthy joints, strong bones and teeth, shiny coat and skin, immune system boost, heart and eye health, and digestive support. The #1 ingredient in each recipe is Organic Chicken or Fresh Salmon—combine that with the patented probiotics and 20+ superfoods added, and this food is going to help your dog live a healthier and happier life. What you won’t find are ingredients like wheat, corn syrup, MSG, and more ingredients counterproductive to a dog’s healthy growth.

Credit: Jinx

In independent feeding trials that the company conducted, 90% of dogs tested approved of the taste over other leading brands and 94% of stools were rated as ideal, which makes pickup easier for you and processing softer on your dog. Also, rest assured that professionals and consumers alike love Jinx. Veterinarian Dr. Loree Desai says “I recommend Jinx to my patients because it’s the first nutrient dense, limited ingredient diet putting our pet’s nutritional health first,” according to the Jinx website.

“My family has 5 rescue mixes. Every single pup absolutely loved this kibble - even my Chiweenie who is a total food snob.” -Emily, Jinx Dog Mom

All Shapes and Sizes

Currently, Jinx offers three different flavors of treats and three different formulations of kibble for adult dogs: Salmon, Brown Rice & Sweet Potato (customer favorite); Chicken, Sweet Potato & Egg (best seller); and Chicken, Brown Rice & Avocado (most palatable). They’re available at ThinkJinx.com, popular sites like Rover and Petco, and have sold out of treats multiple times across all websites.

Credit: Peta Dew

If you have a puppy, you’re in luck. In the coming months the brand will be expanding its line to accommodate all ages and sizes: “We’re really excited now to start getting into environments where people are shopping, especially as they return to a new version of normal, and expand the product line and our overall footprint,” Rockovich said.

In addition to being able to order online, Jinx recently launched a SMS “text-to-buy” platform that was developed specifically for the company. Now, if you need to delay an order or change a setting, you can just text Jinx directly and communicate with the brand.

Credit: Jinx

Only The Best For Man’s Best Friend

After pouring over article after article discussing what to look for in dog food, I think I’ve found the perfect kibble. Jinx’s dog-first, natural approach to creating nourishment for our canines makes me feel comfortable knowing that mine will be getting everything he needs in a diet. Now, I’m just waiting for the puppy kibble to come out so I can start giving my boy the premier food!

5 More Reasons To Love Jinx:

  1. Brought to you by pet lovers: Terri and her team made Jinx so that all dogs have access to better nutrition, and she promises to never put anything on a shelf that she doesn’t feed her own fur babies.
  2. Easy-to-manage subscription service delivered directly to your door: Just set up how often you want to receive food and join their loyalty program for special perks.
  3. Unique plant-based treats like Peanut Butter & Blueberry Biscuits for dogs with dietary sensitivities that you won’t find anywhere else.
  4. Invest in your dog’s health now, save money at the vet—dog parents report fewer vet visits and reduced allergy symptoms.
  5. Jinx is on the cutting edge of food science: They have their own nutritional council and have conducted extensive feeding trials. They have a five star rating on Dog Food Advisor.

Show your pup some love and get Jinx today.

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