These Rapid Hydration Packets Taste As Great As They Make You Feel

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Earlier this year, I wrote about my effort to pay more attention to how exactly I’m fueling my body. A few weeks into my resolution, I realized that while my focus on eliminating processed foods is certainly helpful for my overall wellbeing, I’ve been missing a giant (!) factor from the treat-your-body-well equation -- one that no whole food or sprouted grain or adaptogenic blend could replace: proper hydration. 

While I recognize this “discovery” won’t exactly land me a spot next to Isaac Newton in the history books, in the context of Covid life, it was actually a bit surprising to me. The pre-2020 me used to walk to and from work, run on the beach each morning, and attend yoga classes most evenings. She needed to focus on hydration. But with a four-step commute and very limited “doing” at all these days, I haven’t considered the post-2020 me worthy or in need of drinking half my bodyweight in water each day like some nutritionists recommend. 

However, when I saw an ad for Hydrant and read some of the downfalls of dehydration (headaches, low energy, mental dullness to name a few), I conducted a little experiment to see if some of the “meh”-ness that had found its way into my new year could be solved with proper hydration. Spoiler alert: while Hydrant hasn’t singlehandedly cured my Covid blues, it’s certainly elevated my mood and increased my mental acuity since incorporating it into my daily routine. Thousands of other Hydrant customers have reported similar success

Class Is In Session 

You may have noticed a crop of hydration brands popping up in the market to expose the sugary evils of your childhood’s favorite sports drinks. Of the bunch, Hydrant stands out to me for its roots in science. While Hydrant is a product (single-use hydration packets, which I’ll discuss at length below), it’s also an information source by scientists for everyday folks. The brand launched a “Hydration Institute” on its website that covers a range of topics: alcohol and dehydration, beauty and skin, body, energy, fitness, immunity and wellness, and many more. Whether you’re curious about hydration as it relates to wellness, weight loss, or pregnancy, the Hydration Institute has science-backed, yet easily-digestible articles for free. Hydrant is far more than just the next drink fad. 

Some topics the Hydration Institute covers

What’s In The Mix?

As you’ve probably surmised by now, I’m no scientist. However, I find the science behind Hydrant fascinating -- and important! Packed with electrolytes and free of synthetic colors, artificial sweeteners, or stevia, each Hydrant hydration packet contains a mix of sodium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc in order to execute the brand’s three-pronged approach to hydration: 

  • High and balanced electrolyte content: Hydrant follows the World Health Organization’s oral rehydration guidelines, which means its product contains more electrolytes and potassium than traditional sports drinks. 
  • Rapid absorption: Hydrant includes a small amount of cane sugar (7g or less), which activates the sodium-glucose transport mechanism, introducing water into the bloodstream quickly.
  • Low osmolality: Hydrant has fewer particles per unit volume in the liquid, moving it down the body’s osmotic gradient rapidly and facilitating quicker absorption. 

Essentially, Hydrant’s scientists explain that water alone isn’t the best tool to stay hydrated -- which may be why 75% of Americans are dehydrated. The proper balance of electrolytes and a bit of sugar in water hydrates you faster and lasts longer. 

Hydrant offers 3 types of electrolyte-rich hydration packets that incorporate their three-pronged approach: “Hydrate” packs (which come in a variety of flavors including Lime, Iced Tea Lemonade, and Blood Orange), Hydrant has “Energy” packets that contain an added 100mg of caffeine and 200 mg of L-theanine (in Lemon, Orange, and Raspberry Lemonade flavors) and “Immunity” packets with 1000mg of added Vitamin C, as well as Vitamins A, B6, B12, and D (offered in Lemon Ginger and Hot Apple Cider flavors). 

A Light And Delicious Flavor

The science and functionality of Hydrant is amazing, but let’s be real: taste is the most important factor in determining whether I’ll actually use the product everyday. I sampled variety packs of Hydrate and Energy which include each line’s best-selling flavors. Unlike other competitors that I quickly discarded after failing the taste test, Hydrant has earned a permanent spot on my kitchen counter after passing with flying colors.

Hydrant packets taste closer to flavored water than sugary sports drinks, a welcomed surprise after my first sip. The brand’s site describes the packets as being “lightly flavored,” which is completely true -- even when mixed with only 8 oz. of water (Hydrant recommends mixing packets with 8-16 oz. depending on your preference). The flavor profile isn’t overly sweet or salty or tart, but a refreshing, mild mix of the three -- and the cherry on top is that each packet contains no stevia, so there’s no artificially sweet finish. 

Lemon Energy, Blood Orange Hydrate, and Grapefruit Hydrate are my favorite flavors of the set I sampled. I read through a decent number of Hydrant’s 5,000+ reviews trying to find consensus on the brand’s overall flavor favorite, but it really seems to be up to personal preference. That’s the beauty of Hydrant’s variety packs: a chance to sample a number of packs before settling on a favorite. When you find a clear winner, you can subscribe and save 20% each month. 

The Cure For Mornings? 

To be perfectly honest, part of me was hoping that all of my life’s worries and concerns would be solved by drinking Hydrant. Of course this didn’t happen, but I’ve been elated by the added boost Hydrant has offered me each morning. Hydrant has set off an everyday feel-better cycle: I kick off my day with a burst of energy, which gets me excited to work efficiently and get moving, and from there, I can replenish and refuel with an afternoon pick-me-up. Hydrant is a small morning habit with exponential effects throughout each day. 

I’ve been elated by the added boost Hydrant has offered me each morning. Hydrant has set off an everyday feel-better cycle: I kick off my day with a burst of energy, which gets me excited to work efficiently and get moving, and from there, I can replenish and refuel with an afternoon pick-me-up.

As life hopefully returns to some semblance of normal in the coming months, I’m grateful to have discovered a secret little weapon that I’ll be able to easily transport with me wherever I go -- to the beach, the gym, or an office out of reach of my sleeping space -- and I’m excited to bring Hydrant along for the ride! 

5 More Reasons To Love Hydrant: 

  1. Hydrant has over 5,000 rave reviews.
  2. Its co-founder is an Oxford scientist (the real deal), and the formula follows WHO guidelines. 
  3. It tastes great and comes in a variety of flavors, so there’s something for everyone. 
  4. Hydrant’s 3 varieties help with hydration, energy, and immunity. 
  5. The Hydration Institute has a wealth of information -- and it’s all free! 

Get hydrated with Hydrant!

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