I Wish I Knew I Needed Compression Socks Sooner

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Not Your Grandmother’s Compression

Growing up with two parents in healthcare, I was no stranger to the ‘concept’ of compression socks: supportive hosiery you’d usually find at a podiatrist’s office that wouldn’t win you any style points. And I always assumed that you had to be a card carrying AARP member to wear them on your own feet! 

Which is why I was surprised to see Comrad Socks marketing them on my instagram feed last year.

Compression Benefits are Universal

A bit more research on the brand it dawned on me: the benefits of compression are in fact universal -- young and old can wear and reap the rewards of these socks. Reduced swelling and pain, improved muscle recovery (I’m not Lance Armstrong but I do ride my Peloton 3 days a week and my calves could use some TLC), and all-day comfort and support were just some of the trends I noticed after wearing my Comrads for a few days straight. 

Taking my Comrads for a Spin

After trying them out -- for urban trekking around the city, workout recovery and honestly just for additional support and circulation sitting at my desk all day, I’m now a true believer. These self described “socks with benefits” are the real deal. Comrad socks massage muscles to stimulate blood flow + boost energy levels while sitting or standing, making them a go-to for my new WFH uniform.

Every time I throw these bad boys on it’s as if a tiny army of massage therapists showed up to treat my calves to a day at the spa. Every day. 

They are equally great for additional use-cases such as expecting mothers during pregnancy, and helping to avoid blood clots during travel on airplanes. I’m also a fan of their fashion-forward colorways and design aesthetic; you won’t mistake these for your grandmother’s socks anytime soon.

Karlie Kloss would agree: 

The Verdict - I’m just really annoyed I didn't have Comrad in my life earlier on.

I’ve even shared them with my retired parents (great Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts, ya’ll!) and they too were impressed. And if knee-high isn't your thing (hello summer -- I see you), the ankle length Allies are perfect. Treat your feet, but make it fashion, right? Grab a pair and give them a try -- and let us know what you think! 

Allies: the magic of compression in an ankle sock

The Edit: 5 more reasons we love Comrad 

  • They donate a pair to healthcare workers for every purchase.
  • You can wear these babies three to five times before washing them. They’re made with an anti-microbial fabric that prevents odor-causing bacteria.
  • Buzzfeed agrees that their compression socks are “life-changing.”
  • They have over 2000 5 star reviews.
  • They have a 30 day money-back guarantee.
Update: the kind folks at Comrad have extended our readers 20% off sitewide with code TQE20.

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