These $595 Sneakers Might Be Worth the Money

Photo: Courser

There are plenty of sneaker brands. And there are plenty of luxury fashion brands around. But, thoughtful luxury sneakers—not just another shoe that a designer label slapped their logo onto—don’t seem to pop up every day. Now, I don’t consider myself a luxury connoisseur, but… I’ve gone through my fair share of sneakers: Many, many pairs of New Balance 574s, a few VEJAs, some On Clouds, etc. You get the point.

I enjoy a good pair of casual sneakers, especially when you first get into them and you feel like you’re walking on bouncy balls! However, in my experience (maybe I’m not as careful as I should be), after a month or two my shoes get dirty, the outsole starts to wear down, and they’re not as comfortable as they originally were.

Unless you’re making steel-toe boots, footwear is a hard product to design for durability and lifespan, understandably so. But, I’d still like to feel like I’m wearing something made to last, not the next trendy prized possession of  sneakerheads. These $595 “Uno” shoes from Courser, the first model from the brand, are doing the trick so far by marrying fine materials with top-tier craftsmanship.

Unboxing Experience

Like most quality fashion products, Courser took the time to craft a really great unboxing experience. (The brand was started by fashion industry veterans.) The packaging was incredible; I felt like I was flying first class. It shipped in a cardbox box, and the shoebox was wrapped in paper to protect it from scuffs. Definitely the nicest shoebox I’ve ever owned and I still use it for random storage today.

In addition to the box, there’s an extra set of laces and a nice bag that can carry shoes or other personal items.

Made in Italy

The shoes themselves are beautifully crafted by experts in Courser’s Italian factory, and they’re way heavier than any athletic shoes I’ve ever owned. The upper is fairly thin, made out of soft nubuck leather with perforation for breathability. The sole is made with a carbon fiber plate and the midsole is made with a foam that is 2-3 times more durable than the material used in typical running shoes.

My only complaint is that the taping over the stitching that covers my pinky toes has creased and ripped a little bit, but it doesn’t diminish the overall appearance of the shoe in my opinion. My favorite feature has to be the midsole-outsole structure, these just feel like they’ll last a long time. Even after wearing them around quite a bit, I don’t really see any wear and tear on the bottom and I think it’s a good sign that they’re built for a lot of use.

Initial Fit vs. Two Months Later

When I first tried on the Uno, I felt like it was a dress shoe, so not the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. However, once I researched a little more I discovered that’s how it was supposed to be: “Due to the nature of the construction, your Coursers will begin to mold to your feet after the first few wearings and become a custom fitted shoe just for you.”

That is definitely the case. After doing a few errands in them they began to feel a bit more personal. However, it didn’t feel like I was bouncing up and down in them… and that’s a good thing! Today they still feel the same way they did when I first got them; there wasn’t an initial “super comfy” sensation then drop off.

My girlfriend (who I believe to be very stylish if I do say so myself) pictured above wearing the women’s version in Courser’s white colorway also commented on the durability of her pair. She doesn’t usually wear sneakers other than for running, so she enjoys wearing shoes that are “comfortable, but also cute” (her words not mine). She even wore them for pilates a few times!

Final Thoughts

Is $595 for a pair of sneakers worth it? I’ll leave that up to you. But personally, although it sounds crazy,  it might be… depending on how long they last. When I get new sneakers, I’ll usually spend $100 give or take. However, it seems like after a few months they’re absolutely trashed and the bottom has already worn down a lot. Not to mention that the upper is scuffed up or a completely different tint, stained by the elements.

If my Coursers last months or years while still maintaining their style and functionality, then it could be a worthwhile investment. And so far, they’re passing the test. From here out, only time will tell if Courser is the world’s first truly luxury sneaker.

Shop Courser here.

Five More Reasons to Consider Courser

  1. One-of-a-kind: Part of the beauty of Courser is that the shoe is designed to mold to your foot after a few wears, so once you’ve had them for a while they’ll feel “like a glove.”
  2. “No Rules” Returns: If after 60 days you don’t love your sneakers, Courser will take them back no questions asked, worn or not.
  3. Made by Italy: What other sneakers can honestly say they’re made in Italy? How cool!
  4. Design-first approach: The creators of Courser have worked for some of the best brands on earth—they understand how fashion works. You probably won’t find a more unique sneaker out there.
  5. A great gift: A pair of Courser Uno’s make a great gift for the person who has it all in your life: they’re unique, quality, and fashionable.

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