Launch Digest: Outer’s Groundbreaking Bug Shield Blanket

In partnership with Outer.

Outer, the stunning and sustainable outdoor furniture brand creating beautiful pieces owned by Martha Stewart and loved by Amanda Kloots and Beverley Mitchell, just launched a first-of-its-kind blanket that marries form and function -- and I’m not exaggerating when I say it is transforming my time spent outdoors.

For as long as I can remember, summer = bug bites. I’m not someone who’s great at remembering to apply bug spray, and can’t stand the smell of it -- let alone the chemicals or laundry list of unknown ingredients in your average insect repellent. And while citronella candles might seem like the only alternative, I’ve never found them to be that effective (and definitely are not earning points for fragrance or style).

Enter: Outer’s groundbreaking Bug Shield Blanket, innovatively designed with Insect Shield® technology, proven to repel insects of all kinds -- from mosquitos to ticks, and everything in between (yes, even the ones you can’t see).

Credit: Outer

Outer’s Blanket uses permethrin technology, which is based on a natural insect repellent found in plants like chrysanthemums -- a major selling point, as I’m wary of new innovations that come with a host of unnatural ingredients. Translation: this blanket protects the entire family from pesky bugs (including women who are pregnant or nursing, and children of any age).

The Bug Shield Blanket retails at $125. While this is more expensive than a bottle of bug spray, it’ll last much longer -- and of course, doubles as a high-quality, beautiful addition to your outdoor decor. Because Insect Shield® bonds tightly to fabric fibers (as opposed to skin repellents, which evaporate shortly after application), the Bug Shield Blanket’s repellency lasts through the blanket’s lifetime, providing invisible and odorless protection.

And it’s not only functional -- it’s also chic, serving as a beautiful piece of outdoor decor. Thoughtfully designed to be soft, lightweight, and made of 100% recycled materials, the Bug Shield Blanket elevates backyard decor for year-round use. It comes in three classic patterns, and is perfect for breezy summer nights, when insects are most active. I’m planning to take this blanket everywhere, from beach picnics to cozy camping trips.

Credit: Outer

Outer designed its Bug Shield Blanket for maximum use, so you can toss it in the washing machine (or hand wash it) as needed, and it will still retain its bug-repellent properties. Sound too good to be true? You can test and feel the blanket yourself at one of Outer’s 1,000 Neighborhood Showrooms.

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