Catching Zs Is A Breeze With Buffy’s Eucalyptus Bedding

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There are few things that can top the feeling of slipping into crisp, cool sheets after a long day. It follows that few things feel worse than waking up in a pool of your own sweat in the middle of the night. As a self-proclaimed sweaty girl who loves to get cozy under layers upon layers, I spent years hunting for the perfect bedding to keep me cool and cozy throughout the night. I found it in Buffy’s eucalyptus sheet set

My long-term relationship with Buffy began with the hero Cloud Comforter (from $129). The name speaks for itself; snuggling up with this dream product feels exactly the way you’d imagine a cloud to feel—heavenly soft, cool to the touch, and with the exact right amount of plushness.

Since then, we’ve gone completely exclusive. From the Cloud pillows (from $55) to the Eucalyptus Sheets ($149), Breeze comforter (from $199) and Eucalyptus Duvet Cover (from $99), Buffy lives on my bed all year round – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A Bed To Remember

It’s been a few years, but I can still remember begging my parents to buy the Cloud for me for Christmas, and I’ll never forget what it felt like to sleep with it on my bed for the first time. I reveled in how soft it was and that it always felt like the cold side of the pillow. 

Though I loved the bright white of the outer shell (and still do), I knew I wanted to protect it, so I immediately purchased a duvet cover. I made the mistake of covering the comforter in cotton, completely defeating the point of the eco-friendly, temperature-regulating eucalyptus fabric. I quickly realized that the cotton erased all that was great about the Cloud, so I just as quickly replaced the cover with Buffy’s own Eucalyptus Duvet Cover. Game changer. This update kept my beloved comforter protected – and me from having to wash it too often. 

Its elegant stitching makes the Cloud the perfect duvet–with or without a cover.
Credit: @buffy

Back then, there was only one red flag standing between me and my everlasting Buffy love: the Cloud comforter was not made to be machine-washed due to its stitching. However, Buffy has since updated the stitching patterns to allow it to be washed in the comfort of my own home. Of course, I upgraded, and my sleepytime setup has never been breezier. 

This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Like most bedding, the true magic of Buffy’s cooling comforters lies within the materials they’re composed of — starting with the outer shell. Buffy developed a proprietary TENCEL™ lyocell fabric that is as equally soft as it is powerful. Derived from eucalyptus wood pulp, the fabric is able to absorb moisture, which helps hot sleepers feel cool and dry throughout the night (even in warmer temperatures), while remaining even softer than cotton alternatives. Similarly, producing the eucalyptus lyocell is softer on the planet than traditional bedding options, as it’s cruelty-free and requires less water and fewer pesticides to produce.

The craziest part about the texture of the TENCEL™ is that it actually gets softer with every wash. When I first read this claim, I thought it had to be a myth, but I am always pleasantly surprised to find my Buffy products even softer after every (easy, at-home) load.

Within the TENCEL™ exterior of both the Cloud and the Breeze is a fluffy fill made from GRS-certified recycled fibers that are 3x finer than hair. So while the Cloud is about 3 inches thick and 3.5 pounds in weight, it remains lighter than 90% of other comforters on the market. 

No More Sweating The Bed

Somehow, I ended up with a fiancé that never cranks the AC quite like I want to and doesn’t like a top sheet (or any extra pillows). While this obviously caused some tension in the early days, Buffy matches both of our preferences. By pairing the eucalyptus sheets with the Breeze comforter, we were able to find our perfect sheet-uation: I get the layers I love to curl up in, and he doesn’t get overly sweaty. 

Moral of this story: you can have it all with Buffy’s eucalyptus bedding. Go ahead, get yourself the top sheet you deserve—it’s partner approved!

Eucalyptus sheets add a touch of softness and layers of breathability to your bedding.
Credit: @caitlinmiyako

Sweet, Snuggly Dreams 

At this point, I can confidently say that my fiancé isn’t the only person I’ve convinced that Buffy is sleep-altering (in all of the best ways). During my bachelorette pad years, my friends loved sleeping over at my place, knowing they’d be spending the night in my super-soft bed. Now, many of these frequent sleepover guests have traded in their down alternative duvets for Buffy’s eucalyptus comforters.

5 More Reasons to Love Buffy:

1. You can try Buffy at home free for 7 days.

2. Buffy is a crowd favorite with thousands of 5-star reviews.

3. Buffy is a Good Housekeeping 2022 Bedding Award Winner.

4. Buffy stands behind its products, offering a full refund within the first 100 days.

5. If linen is more your vibe, Buffy’s Hemp Linen is a cut above the rest–and softer too!

Want to upgrade your sleep? Shop Buffy’s eucalyptus Bedding. 

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