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I took a break from vodka after college. Vodka and I… we had some good times, but after several nights of not-so-great decisions and rough mornings, I was convinced there was nothing redemptive about the drink. Thankfully for everyone, those crazy nights are behind me. Until recently, I’ve still been a little wary of vodka, even in cocktails. A few months ago, however, I was introduced to BODY, a new vodka brand that is reinventing the way we drink vodka and our perception of it.

If We’re Talking BODY…

BODY is a new way to drink vodka, as the brand’s liquor is 25% less alcohol than the standard offerings you’re used to. In proof terms, that’s 60 versus 80 proof. BODY also prides itself on being tasty and smooth, meaning it’ll go down easy however you want to drink it. The focus of the brand is on you owning your night, not the other way around – we love a controlled chaotic night around here.

Founder Jilly at Wild Air NYC, which features 2 BODY cocktails.
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Jilly Hendrix, the woman behind the brand and meme-queen extraordinaire, has a founding vision far beyond vodka. She aspires to redefine the drinking experience as a whole by allowing people to enjoy their favorite spirit without it “hitting too quickly.” From the looks of it, she and her team are well on their way to doing just that.

From humble beginnings of sending samples across the U.S. and daily apartment check-ins with its now-COO, BODY has evolved into a full-on movement. Today, the brand boasts a growing community of followers focused on moderation and enjoyment of spirits. In the future, Hendrix hopes that the brand will “grow across the US and make lower proof alcohol accessible across on-premise accounts, such as bars, restaurants, and venues.”

Happy Hour at Home

I genuinely do not like going to the liquor store. There, I said it! I always feel undereducated and extremely pressured, but BODY takes all of that away (the brand will literally ship it right to your door!). Shipping costs $10, which is decently expensive – although it does keep me from purchasing extra items that catch my eye in an in-person store, so perhaps it’s a win.

Some serving suggestions….
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When BODY got to my door, I was a little nervous to open it. I’ve had other bottles bust open in transit, causing a huge mess that my dogs run after. Not BODY, though. The vodka came perfectly bundled in bubble wrap that kept it safe, plus some other recyclable paper to keep the bottle in its place in the box. Included was a cute little card from the founder expressing her excitement to share it with us – the little things make a big difference!

Smooth Sippin’

After first learning about BODY, to be totally honest, I questioned who the brand’s ideal audience is. Then it hit me: BODY is perfect for anyone who wants to craft a quality cocktail and be able to enjoy more than they would’ve with standard-ABV vodka. I tried BODY in a Moscow Mule, as well as Espresso Martini – and both were delicious despite my mediocre bartending skills. Though both were good, BODY is especially perfect for Espresso Martinis.

Picture this: you’re having a cozy get together, the food is digesting, the dishes are done, and everyone hits that “post dinner” slump. Enter the BODY Espresso Martinis – wave goodbye to the slump and hello to the perfect level of party.

More coffee, less booze, please!
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I know I told you my wild days are behind me (and I swear they really are!), but in order to do a true review of BODY, I had to take one for the team – “one” meaning a shot, of course. So, in my sweats at home on a Tuesday night, I took a solo shot of vodka. It tasted like vodka, no doubt, but it was smoother than the vodkas of my all too faded memories. What is the ultimate test of vodka smoothness in my mind? Probably the fact I didn’t make the “shot face” (c’mon, you know that face) after taking it.

I’ll Drink to That

With today’s growing sober and lower ABV-movement, BODY offers a perfect way to drink on trend. But more importantly, it offers a way to drink that’s fun beyond the moment – and that’s something I most certainly can raise my glass to!

5 More Reasons to Love BODY:

  1. The brand offers membership into “BODY Social Club,” which is a low-proof lifestyle club with special events, merch, and more.
  2. BODY is a female-formulated, owned, and operated business, so you’ll be supporting a women-owned business by buying!
  3. With a little bit of 100% organic pure bee-pollinated agave nectar, this is not your cheapo bottle from the corner store.
  4. BODY’s producers operate as a zero-loss agricultural refiner and utilizes locally sourced plants to make the drink.
  5. For every tree they consume, BODY works to plant 20 more trees with its global environmental partners.

Enjoy longer-lasting nights and better-feeling days with  BODY.

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