Quality Reads August: Genres Upon Genres

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Welcome to Quality Reads, a monthly rundown of our editors’ most loved reads.

It’s hot outside, and we’re all curled up in the sweet, glorious AC this month. A breezy afternoon on the couch with a paperback is exactly what the doctor ordered. Our tastes vary, meaning you’re practically guaranteed to find your next read from one of us. Discover the books we’re loving in August in this month’s Quality Reads roundup.

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Three Women by Lisa Taddeo

“I've been very into stories of womens' rich, complex, layered interior lives/thoughts lately. This is the story of three different women (identities altered) who share their personal stories of love, loss, and internal thought processing around those events. Definitely a trigger warning for this one, but if you can compartmentalize, the writing is truly brilliant and the stories are a rare glimpse into womens' inner dialogue around personality-defining events.” – Kayleigh

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Salad Freak: Recipes To Feed A Healthy Obsession by Jess Damuck

“I’m always looking for new cookbooks that incorporate fresh, seasonal ingredients (and minimal work). If you're looking for a way to punch up flavor in your meals, this book is a must. Creative recipes and seasonal ingredients offer plenty of inspiration all year long (and don't always revolve around lettuce). One thing I especially love about Salad Freak is the idea of combining flavors and textures I hadn't thought about. Definitely turns the idea of salad on its head (and I'm here for it!). Fans of Alison Roman and Molly Baz will love this book, too.” – Laura

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The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter And How To Make The Most Of Them Now by Meg Jay, Ph.D.

“While I don't pick up books as often as I should, I like to learn and grow from what I read. I had several people telling me about this and finally decided to pick it up. It’s definitely a game changer for anyone in their twenties, with kids in their twenties, or who will be in their twenties (yes, it's for everyone). It’s a very motivational self-growth read, written by a credible clinical psychologist who has a lot of stories to share.” – Hannah

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My Sister, The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite

“I've been trying to get myself out of a reading rut, so lately I've been gravitating towards more fun & quick reads. This is a darkly funny little novella about a woman named Korede who is tasked with cleaning up the many messes caused by her impulsive younger sister, the magnetic Ayoola. In this case the 'messes' are the bodies of men, particularly Ayoola's various boyfriends, who are drawn in by her beauty and charm before they meet their unfortunate fate. What happens, then, when Ayoola's latest suitor is Korede's longtime crush? It's a fun play on a classic older sibling-younger sibling dynamic, wherein the elder–capable, responsible, and caring at her own expense–both lovingly and begrudgingly covers for the younger, at any and all costs. Each chapter is about 1-2 pages, so it's perfect to pick up when you have little moments throughout the week, if you want to ease your way into a reading habit.” – Jordan

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The Better Sister by Alafair Burke

“I love nothing more than a thriller for a summer escape read.The Better Sister is a fantastic domestic thriller that has you unsure of whodunit — until the end. And while the murder mystery had me hooked, the intense sibling rivalry (one of whom is a perfectionist, which hits a little close to home) and the Hamptons backdrop made this uber-relatable and a stay-up-all-night page turner.” – Christine

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Heartless by Marissa Meyer

“Marissa Meyer is my golden standard for fractured fairy tales. She takes them a beat too far in a good way, warping  familiar structures to make them innovative and cinematic and adding new depth with her creativity. Her storytelling is satisfyingly circular and thorough. In this Alice in Wonderland-inspired novel, we really see how characters’ (unintended) consequences shape each other for better or worse, and it’s thematically strong. I still feel like I got a peek into a richly developed conflict. I could pick up one of her books and be absorbed for hours.” – Grace

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