Launch Digest: Take It From Diplo, JuneShine, Plink, And Couture Towel Jackets – It’s Summer.

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Welcome to another edition of Launch Digest, where we bring you the latest and greatest product launches to hit the market across the DTC universe. This week, we’ve got a little bit of everything, from hard kombucha that will take you to Malibu with Diplo (yeah) to the sustainable future of alternative beverages that “make life worth living.” Read on, I’ll catch you up to speed. 

Set Your OOO Message: JuneShine And Diplo Usher In The Start Of Summer, $33

This image says it all…
Credit: JuneShine

Earlier this week, JuneShine launched Permanent Vacation ($33 per 12-pack), its newest flavor in collaboration with artist, songwriter, DJ, investor (and multi-hyphenate savant) Diplo. It’s inspired by Diplo’s real life. In his own words, this means: “never-ending planes, trains, buses, clubs, festivals, parties, and concerts with as much time spent with my kids and taking care of myself in between. I wanted a flavor that tasted like the times when I’m best able to unwind – on a beach with my family drinking out of a fresh coconut.” 

The new flavor features toasted coconut and coconut cream, blended with orange and lime – and a touch of cherry on top. Like all of JuneShine’s other flavors, it’s wonderfully refreshing, made of 100% organic ingredients, and low sugar.

Plink! The New Alt Beverage That’s Minimizing Waste And Maximizing Taste, $22

Credit: Plink!

If you’ve read any of my Launch Digests, you’re probably aware of my passion for beverages. Plink! is the latest to splash (literally) onto the scene, and the brand is doing things a little differently. Think of it as an alternative to alternative beverages: it’ll replace your favorite bottled drink, launching with just-add-water sachets designed to transform into three delicious flavors without the packaging waste or excess carbon footprint (at $22 for a pack of 18). With flavors like Pomegranate Berry, Pineapple Grapefruit, and Watermelon, I think Plink! is poised to electrify the beverage scene.

Simplify Your Summer Wardrobe Refresh With Who What Wear’s New Collection, from $78

Credit: @alyssainthecity and Who What Wear

Who What Wear, despite sounding like a series of questions, actually has all of the answers to your wardrobe refresh needs. The brand’s newest collection dropped earlier this week, and features sleek sets and timeless dresses that are chic and polished, whether worn together or paired separately with your favorite denim or old leather jacket. Minimize your outfit decision paralysis and refresh your closet with just a few pieces, why don’t you? 

Okay, Everyone’s Ready For Summer: Disco’s Got Your Skin Covered (Literally), from $14

Credit: Disco

If this week’s launches are any indication, everyone is ready for hotter weather and long days spent outside. And what better reason to be sure you're taking good care of your skin? Men's skincare brand disco launched an Overnight Pimple Sticker ($18) a few weeks ago. While it might not seem wildly exciting compared to existing pimple stickers on the market, it's supposedly formulated specifically for men's skin -- and who can turn down an overnight skin-saver with some convincing 5-star reviews? And while I’ve lately been enamored with sunscreen oils, like Vacation’s intoxicating Chardonnay Oil ($22) and Supergoop’s ultra-hydrating Glow Oil (from $15), disco has an alternate option: Mineral Sun Block ($24) formulated with Zinc Oxide, Tripeptide, and Niacinamide that protects from harsh UV rays while also beautifying your skin (Niacinamide reduces fine lines, and Tripeptides rebuild the dermal structure). Why settle for a sunburn when you can have a natural glow and skin health with that hot tan? 

Eyes On LilyEve: Take Your Beach Towel And Make It Couture, from $125

Credit: LilyEve

In this week’s “new to me” category: LilyEve, a sustainable brand making gorgeous jackets from upcycled designer towels. Each jacket is literally one-of-a-kind, crafted to showcase the unique pattern of each towel. Shop the dangerously perfect existing collection of jackets (most of which currently feature Hermes towels that look more like works of art than beachside textiles), or go for a bucket hat if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly buy-in to the brand. 

I’ll be back next week with a new set of launches in the DTC universe. Email me directly – – with any launches you’d like to see in the spotlight, or DM us over @thequalityedit.

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