Launch Digest: Spritzes And Syrups For Summer Soirées – Mosquitos Not Invited

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Welcome to another edition of Launch Digest, where we bring you the latest and greatest product launches to hit the market across the DTC universe. This week is packed with mouth-watering new launches, from good-for-you Speculoos you can drizzle to the perfect spritz for this summer heat, and limited-edition collabs from our favorite brands – all vying for a spot in your kitchen. Let’s get to digesting, before anything sells out.

Brightland And Year & Day Are Planning Your Next Summer Soirée, $112

Credit: Brightland

Brightland, the brand responsible for all delicious and high-quality pantry essentials that are never not on my kitchen counter, just teamed up with Year & Day for a match made in entertaining heaven. Starting today, any purchase of Brightland’s best-selling Essential Capsule ($112) will come with a Year & Day Dip Dish in Daybreak, a beautiful blush colorway that makes the perfect addition to the dinner party tablescape of your dreams. Pour some of Brightland’s ALIVE and RAPTURE into your Dip Dish, add a fresh baguette, and let your ideal evening unfold. Simple math.

C. Cassis Is Invited To The Party Too, $20

Credit: C. Cassis

C. Cassis, known for its delicious, low ABV blackcurrant liqueur, just launched the CC Spritz, a canned delight that will be your new mandatory staple at every picnic, beach day, and party from now until the end of spritz season (a day that hopefully never comes). Made with just the original C. Cassis – lightly fermented fresh Hudson Valley blackcurrants and bright botanicals – and a touch of seltzer and honey, it’s light, fun, and flavorful. And at just 5.4% ABV, you can sip it all evening. Or afternoon. Because it’s summer.

Sugar, Spice, And Everything Nice From Fly By Jing And Ghetto Gastro, $25

Credit: Fly By Jing

Fly By Jing, which needs no introduction and has been churning out some fire (pun intended) collabs this year, just partnered with Ghetto Gastro to launch the Spicy Sovereign Syrup, a.k.a. the new thing you’ll be putting on everything, from pizza to waffles. Made with FBJ’s Sichuan Chili Crisp and Ghetto Gastro’s custom blend of sustainably and locally harvested dark maple syrup, apple cider syrup, and sorghum syrup, the Spicy Sovereign Syrup will light your sweet tooth on fire. Grab it now, because I promise you this will sell out fast.

DEUX Drips Too Hard – And Launches Two New Drizzle-able Flavors, $15

Credit: Deux

We are big DEUX fans here at TQE. Good-for-you cookie dough you can eat straight from the jar? Call us crazy for loving that. Following the debut of its beloved Chocolate Hazelnut Drip – the brand’s first foray outside of cookie dough, and the first ever functional version of Nutella made with just six clean ingredients – DEUX launched two new Drip flavors this week, made with whole ingredients like macadamias and oats, and enhanced with aloe vera and Vitamin C. Whether you lean towards the Speculoos Cookie Butter or Birthday Cake or both, the jar probably won’t last more than two days. It’s the type of thing you might want to order in bulk

Arrae Introduces The Capsules Of Your Dreams, $48

Credit: Arrae

Arrae, known for making every influencer’s favorite Calm and Bloat supplements, just launched Sleep, designed to help you get the deep, quality sleep you deserve (with none of the grogginess you might experience with other natural sleep aids, like melatonin). Made with potent natural and non-habit forming ingredients like GABA, Chamomile, Valerian Root, and Holy Basil, these little capsules are engineered to encourage restful and uninterrupted sleep, restoring your body’s circadian rhythms and regulating your evening cycle over time. Sweet dreams, and thank Arrae later. 

For All Those Dinner Parties With Brightland And Sunsets With C. Cassis – Kinfield’s Got You Covered, $20

Credit: Kinfield

Kinfield just launched the Golden Hour Wipes, a travel-friendly version of its best-selling DEET-free mosquito repelling elixir. Made with a unique strain of Indonesian citronella that has a natural vanilla and citrus aroma, the wipes make the perfect addition to your beach bag, camping backpack, or purse. Because there’s nothing better than waking up from a late summer evening with not a single bite in sight. 

I’ll be back next week with a new set of launches in the DTC universe. Email me directly – – with any launches you’d like to see in the spotlight, or DM us over @thequalityedit.

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