Launch Digest: Evan Mock Cracks A Juneshine, Crown Affair Loves Your Winter Locks, And Vacation Takes On Lip Smackers

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Welcome to another edition of Launch Digest, where we bring you the latest and greatest product launches to hit the market across the DTC universe. This week delivers a refreshing collaboration from Juneshine and Evan Mock, the leave-in conditioner you’ve been looking for (even if you didn't know you were looking for it), and a modern twist on early aughts Lip Smackers domination. Read on to shop them all. 

Juneshine And Evan Mock Drop The Hottest Beverage Collab Of 2022, $36

Credit: Juneshine

Earlier this week, my hands-down favorite hard kombucha brand Juneshine launched a new signature flavor in collaboration with model, actor, skateboarder, and Gossip Girl revival superstar (talk about a multi-hyphenate) Evan Mock. A fresh take on Hawaiian staple P.O.G. (Passion Orange Guava), the new flavor celebrates Evan’s roots in Oahu, and is brewed with real, organic passionfruit, orange, and guava. I’ve already had a chance to try, and can confirm – as Evan himself says – “Every sip hits different.”

Everything Old Is New Again: Vacation Debuts Lip Desserts, from $5

Credit: Vacation

Vacation, the sunscreen brand that continues to thrill the DTC world with its nostalgic branding and products that make our childhood favorites feel modern, has done it again. A few days ago, Vacation launched “Lip Desserts,” five SPF-30 lip balms “inspired by legendary desserts from across the globe.” Featuring Strawberry Jello Salad, Bananas Foster, Bombe Alaska, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, and After Dinner Mint, this new launch is wrapped in the brand’s signature cheeky tone and impeccable creative design. Missing your go-to Lip Smacker from middle school? Try these on for size. 

For Mastering The Art Of The Air Dry: Crown Affair’s New Leave-In Conditioner, $48

Credit: Crown Affair

DTC darling Crown Affair launched its new Leave-In Conditioner this week – a.k.a. your hair’s new best friend (which will also, of course, photograph well in your bathroom cabinet). Designed for all hair types, The Leave-In Conditioner is lightweight but layerable, meant to hydrate your hair post-shower for maximum shine, strength, and moisture – and minimum frizz and breakage. Scented with Crown Affair’s signature blend of yuzu, bergamot, and lemongrass, it’s a trip to the spa in just a few post-shower seconds. Adding to cart and folding into my haircare routine ASAP.

SIMULATE Delivers Your Favorite Chicken Wings – Minus The Chicken, $20


We’ve reviewed SIMULATE here on TQE before – way back when they first launched with their plant-based NUGGS, what was then deemed the “Tesla of Chicken.” This week, the brand launched WINGS, its plant-based “simulation” of boneless wings with a crispy buffalo batter. They’re already sold out, but you can sign up here to try a box as soon as they’re available again.

Parents, Rejoice: Mockingbird Innovates With Its New Riding Board, $95

Credit: Mockingbird

Mockingbird just launched its new Riding Board, which transforms its Single Stroller into a double (and can even adapt its Single-to-Double Stroller for a third child). By attaching to the back of the stroller, the Board is an ideal solution for older siblings who might be bored of the traditional stroller seat, and busy parents who don’t have the time to consider alternate logistics. Everyone wins with this new design.

DADA Invents Another Tchotchke We Don’t Need…Unless…, $75

Credit: DADA Daily

When this landed in my inbox…strike, I was out. The “Baby Won’t You Light Me Up?” ceramic match-striker is the perfect seductive accessory for your bedside or coffee table (yes, I just called a piece of home decor seductive). Her knee holds your matches, her thigh strikes them. It’s yet another delightful item from DADA that I definitely do not need – and still it will bravely sit in my will-they-won’t-they online cart purgatory.

I’ll be back next week with a new set of launches in the DTC universe. Email me directly -- -- with any launches you’d like to see in the spotlight, or DM us over @thequalityedit. 

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