Launch Digest: Supreme Goes Soup Season, Omega-3s Get A Rebrand, And We’re Thinking About Summer…

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Welcome to Launch Digest, where we bring you the latest and greatest product launches to hit the market across the DTC universe. Last week’s edition went live just before I received the shocking news of Supreme’s latest collaboration with Staub ($398), but that doesn’t mean it didn’t rock me. Why cookware? Why not Le Creuset? Does Supreme’s demographic suddenly know how to cook? Are they making slow-cooked stews in their streetwear? That red dutch oven is plaguing me with many unanswered questions…

Nevertheless, we’ll persist. This week, we’re looking at a tincture that enhances digestion with traditional Chinese medicinal herbs; a candle that’s maybe too beautiful to burn; and the hottest new supplement on the wellness market. Shall we?

Elix Healing Partners With Zoey Gong To Launch Your Body’s New Favorite Digestif, $36

Credit: Elix

Elix Healing, the brand using Chinese herbal medicine to brighten the future of women’s health (and showing thousands of women that terrible PMS is not actually an inevitable part of being a woman), teamed up with Chinese medical food therapist, chef, and dietitian Zoey Gong to launch a pocket-size digestif you’ll want to buy in bulk. Zoey’s Digestif ($36) supports digestion with a beautiful blend of Chinese herbs: Hawthorn Berry, Amomum Fruit, Aged Tangerine Peel, Ginger, and Cinnamon, all of which ease bloating, diarrhea, and nausea by strengthening the digestive system and warming the center. And it just so happens that those five herbs have a naturally sweet and spicy taste, making the digestif a delicious addition to teas, mocktails, desserts, and your morning porridge. Buy one for your pantry, and another for your purse.

Sophie Lou Jacobsen Officially Does It All, From Martini Glasses To Candles, $120

Credit: Maison Balzac

Sophie Lou Jacobsen, designer of gorgeous glasswares for every corner of your blessed home, collaborated with Australian home brand Maison Balzac to create a candle ($120) that is perhaps far too expensive and beautiful to ever burn. Drawing on inspiration from Sophie’s childhood spent in the rainy climates of Seattle and Paris, the team formulated La Pluie: an intoxicating fragrance featuring petitgrain, white musk, and black pepper. The candle is housed in one of SLJ’s instantly recognizable borosilicate Ripple Cups – in an exclusive opaline white shade – which makes passing the 70 hour burn time a little less painful, considering a pristine vessel awaits you (and your favorite beverage, or floral arrangement, or toothbrush) on the other side.

Get Your Summer Body Right With Vacation, from $18

Credit: Vacation

Okay fine, that headline was clickbait! The only thing you need to get your summer body is some great sun protection. As of yesterday, Vacation made its totally perfect sunscreen even better, launching SPF 50 versions of its best-selling Classic Lotion and Classic Spray. Optimize your poolside leisure routine. Even if it’s still winter where you are. What are we without hope for the future?

Örlö Engineers THE Omega-3 Of 2023, from $39

Credit: Örlö Nutrition

The wellness machine seems to generate at least one new supplement that your body “needs” each week – but some launches are more noteworthy than others. The latest of which comes from Örlö Nutrition, a brand that’s harnessing microalgae to get to the source of omega-3 – removing oceans and fish ecosystems from the equation completely, and providing three times the absorption of other algae or fish oils. The brand grows its algae via the world’s first carbon-negative and indoor production process, yielding a product made from 100% renewable resources. So, it’s sustainable, highly absorbable, and provides a shocking 335 mg of DHA with 15 mg of EPA – nutrients that stimulate hair growth, reduce inflammation, and help to promote brain health. This supplement might just be worth a try.

Quick Clicks

Credit: New Balance and Skims

Skims launched its new Swim collection, teeming with shimmery, ruched, and vibrant pieces that are begging for a flight to Miami. It’s very Spring Breakers, which the brand wants us to know it knows, considering Kim tapped Harmony Korine to shoot the collection with a bizarre extra-terrestrial motif.

New Balance and Miu Miu have reprised their collaboration, after the first sold out almost instantly last June. The deconstructed and distressed 574s are cute, but maybe they’re not worth your rent. You decide – I won’t judge. Promise.

Luna Bay Booch reintroduced its wildly refreshing Watermelon Sea Salt flavor in a limited-edition box designed by artist Carly Jo, as a nod to International Women’s Month. Titled “Women in the Wild,” the box honors women pursuing active and nontraditional lifestyles that defy gender norms – just like Luna Bay, a female-founded alcohol brand. Shop it now, available until the box sells out. We’re in a summer state of mind, in February.

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