Launch Digest: Whiskey Ice Cream, More Adaptogenic Mushrooms (Really), And Olive Pulp For Glowing Skin

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Welcome to another edition of Launch Digest, where we bring you the latest and greatest product launches to hit the market across the DTC universe. This week is all over the map: Whiskey Ice Cream, prebiotic soda, another adaptogenic mushroom product you maybe don’t need, and rare olive pulp for your most radiant skin yet. Read on to try them all. 

Complement The Florals And Sunsets Of The Season: Girlfriend Collective Introduces Limited Spring Colorways, price varies

Credit: Girlfriend Collective

In perfect alignment with some weather that truly feels like spring, Girlfriend Collective just dropped light and bright colorways you’ll want in your closet ASAP. Inspired by powdery pastels and late-day sunset colorscapes, the Spring Limited Collection debuted yesterday, with all the earthy greens, soft blues, and light violets you need to blend in with your natural surroundings (whether you’re actually hiking or just enjoying a sunny day of running errands).

VINA Shakes Up The Alternative Beverage Sector – And Helps Your Gut Talk To Your Brain, Too, from $28

Credit: @drinkvina

While we don’t have an entire subsection of beverage launches this week, I do have my eye on VINA. The brand isn’t necessarily new, but a rebrand has made the prebiotic soda feel entirely new – and intriguing. Made with apple cider vinegar and flavorful, organic ingredients, VINA differentiates itself by including trace minerals (think: magnesium, chloride, boron, and lithium) and plant fibers that are essential for brain-gut communication. Like its other prebiotic soda counterparts, VINA is low on sugar and calories. I’m popping over to Erewhon to try the Ginger Fizz and Grapefruit flavors – and you can order a variety pack directly from the brand’s site to sample the full range. 

Chocolate Chip Beer, Meet Your Match: McConnell’s New Collab Brings You Whiskey Pecan & Pralines, $12

Credit: McConnell’s Ice Cream

Is it just my feed, or does it seem like strange alcohol and dessert collaborations are on the rise? Last week we saw Chocolate Chip Cookie-Infused Beer from TALEA and Levain – today, it’s a Whiskey Pecan & Pralines launch from McConnell’s and Garrison Brothers. For this limited launch, smooth, smoky, and spicy Texas Straight Bourbon melds with Central Coast milk and cream, with buttery, salt-roasted and caramel-coated pecans speckled throughout. As of this morning, you can grab a limited edition pint –and quickly, before it sells out. 

If You Can Believe It There Is Yet Another Adaptogen Mushroom Product For Purchase, from $27

Credit: SuperMush

SuperMush, a brand that harnesses the power (and cultural trend) of adaptogenic mushrooms, officially launched a few weeks ago. Featuring three distinct functional mushroom supplements designed for energy, immunity, and chill, SuperMush packs the adaptogenic punch via “high potency” sprays. I’m not yet sold on why or how this is all that different from the myriad medicinal mushroom products that already exist (the formulas are not so new), but the branding is fun – and the spray might be a convenient choice for biohackers and health-optimizers who don’t have time for a tonic or the taste for a tincture. 

Kencko Makes Freeze-Dried Food Look…Actually Good, from $4.90

kencko, the brand known for their freeze-dried smoothies, just took its first step into the savory space. Make some room, Daily Harvest…

Credit: kencko

Designed by chefs, entirely organic and plant-based, and fully shelf-stable, kencko’s new savory bowls are ready in mere minutes – just add hot water. Freeze-dried food might not sound too appetizing, but with varieties like Lentil Dhal, Golden Curry, and Wild Mushroom Cousotto, these bowls are seemingly subverting all expectations (and diverting food waste at the same time). Try an assorted box for yourself, and let us know what you think – our editors will be reporting back soon, too. 

Wonder Valley Says: Why Not Add Some Olive Pulp To Your Skincare Routine?, $68

Credit: Wonder Valley

Last week, Wonder Valley launched a very limited edition Olive Mud Mask. Made with rare olive pulp from the brand’s extra virgin olive oil, the mask is blended with mineral clays to create a detoxifying face mask that extracts impurities while simultaneously hydrating the skin. Because the hero ingredient is extracted directly from the less than 5 gallons of olive pulp available from Wonder Valley’s 2021 harvest, this mask will definitely sell out – and it’s only available once this year. Add to cart, and prepare to have the skin of a Grecian goddess.

I’ll be back next week with a new set of launches in the DTC universe. Email me directly -- -- with any launches you’d like to see in the spotlight, or DM us over @thequalityedit.

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