TQE Cribs: What’s Cookin’ In Hannah Gilges’ Kitchen?

This is TQE Cribs, a real and raw look into the homes of our contributors and founders we cover. It’s our homage to MTV’s zeitgeist shifting show, only DTC-ified. Discover which products have earned a permanent spot on our shelves and counters below. 

The kitchen is the heart of my home. From big family dinners to creative recipe testing and a constant puppy party, something is always happening in my kitchen. That’s why I keep my essentials stocked up at all times. Read on and discover the products inhabiting my shelves!

The Cupboard

Alchemi Mushrooms: It is a tedious task to reduce my caffeine intake – I love a good latte. However, coming to terms with the fact that I was probably overdoing it guided me into the world of mushrooms.Alchemi Mushrooms blends fermented superfoods and adaptogenic mushrooms grown on solar-powered farms into an easy-to-use powder that is good  for your body,  mind and the planet. While I still enjoy a morning latte, I make one shot less than I used to, then add a spoonful of Alchemi Shroom Boost ($36) to my mug. I’ve noticed longer lasting energy without the jitters, as well as a better focus and memory throughout the day. 

Credit: Hannah Gilges

cbdMD: To compliment my anti-jitters effort, I’m also hooked on the cbdMD ($29.99) that help with muscle relaxation, exercise recovery, and stress management. This CBD MD oil is infused into MCT oil, which your body burns quickly for energy, meaning that the CBD will enter your system quickly as well. I feel the benefits almost immediately. 

Credit: cbdMD

Wedderspoon: If I can’t convince you to reduce your caffeine intake, then you might as well enhance it with some Wedderspoon Manuka Honey (from $28). I love everything about the hive, and could go into detail about the benefits of propolis, pollen, royal jelly, and honeycomb… but I’ll just leave it at this: this stuff is the real deal. It is raw, unpasteurized, full of natural live enzymes, and so flavorful; it’s the purest of pure. 

Manuka honey is only made for a few weeks of the year when the Manuka flowers bloom in New Zealand. Wedderspoon offers a variety of products made from Manuka honey–my favorites are the Immunity and Digestive Gummies ($19.99) and the honey itself. 

Credit: Hannah Gilges

Athletic Greens: You’ve probably seen this brand around… let’s talk Athletic Greens. I mix the AG1 powder ($99) into a glass of water every morning to make sure I get in my “comprehensive and convenient daily nutrition” that not only benefits my gut but also my skin, energy, and overall health. An easy way to look good and feel good? I’m here for it. 

Credit: Athletic Greens

The Countertop

Curtis Stone: Let’s add some spice. The Curtis Stone Gravity Spice Mill ($21.95) has a chic design that looks great on the countertop. It literally shakes your salt & pepper for you, who doesn’t want that?!

Credit: HSN

Earthy Andy: Sitting next to my cute little pepper shaker are my favorite cookbooks. First is Earthy Andy’s Plant Over Processed Cookbook ($23.99). I follow these recipes when I want convenient, nourishing, cheaper meals made using whole produce. I use her breakfast and Coconut Bowls recipes to achieve instagram-worthy smoothie bowls. 

Credit: EarthyAndy

Cornucopia: When I’m feeling creative and adventurous, I reach for Cornucopia: The Green Cookbook ($34). The tastes of this book bring me back to when I first visited Dublin, Ireland. Although these recipes are a bit more challenging, they are truly one-of-a-kind. Besides, I’m a sucker for green staple pieces– I love this on my countertop!

In the Corner

Sunday’s Dog Food: You don’t put baby in the corner, but my 15-year-old pups love to hang out there all day. After trying out many different brands of dog food, I’ve finally found something worth the hype. Sunday’s Food for Dogs ($69 with subscription) is air-dried food that is not only clean and convenient for me, but extra nutritious for my pups. Not to mention, the cereal box packaging is super cute. Read our full review on Sundays.

Petaluma: Last but not least, chew on this. Sweet Potato Jerky ($17.99) dog snacks by Petaluma are sustainably grown, nutrient rich, air-dried, organic, sweet, and mess-free. I depend on these treats when I need a few minutes to distract my pups. They love the taste, and I love that it gives me a few minutes to make a call! Read our full Petaluma Review. 

Credit: Hannah Gilges

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