A Vet and An Engineer Invented a New Type of Dog Food — and My Dog Went Crazy For it. So Did I.

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My History with Dog Food

As a busy mom with two kids under three, I’ve always lived by this trifecta of a mantra: fast, convenient, and healthy. This trio has been my philosophy when taking care of myself, my kids, and our dogs. As is often the case, our dogs got the short-end of the stick once our children entered the picture. That was until I found Sundays, a direct-to-consumer human-grade dog food brand made for the modern dog. Prior to Sundays, I bought a middle-of-the road kibble option on subscription through Amazon. I was not throwing my pups any bones when it came to spoiling them with their food.

I’m the type of person that inspects the back of labels and looks under the hood of what I put in and on my body, but never did I stop to consider what was in the food that we were feeding our beloved pup family members that bring us so much joy every day. Over the years, that led me to me deviating from Amazon to try a couple of premium dog food brands, including ones where the food had to be refrigerated, only lasted our dogs a couple of days, and, on top of that, incurred costs of over $300/week. With the expenses of a growing family and time an in-demand commodity, I always ended up going back to our Amazon kibble--essentially a junk dog food manufactured the same way Cheetos are.

Introducing Sundays

Deep down, I was never satisfied with what we were feeding our dogs. I take my parent-status pretty seriously, and that includes my four-legged friends. I discovered Sundays for Dogs after seeing a video of the founder where the publication dubbed them the ‘Sweetgreen of Dog Food’. As a Sweetgreen fanatic myself, I liked the idea that my dog could enjoy higher quality food at a more affordable price with the same convenience I was getting from Amazon. Using Sundays dog food comparison tool (they created an algorithm that compares more than 3,000 different types of dog food and uncovers hidden and dangerous ingredients, none of which are in their proprietary formula), I learned even the “natural” kibble I was feeding our pups had 30 questionable synthetics. By comparison, Sundays dog food starts with all-natural, human-grade ingredients, which are gently air-dried in a USDA-monitored kitchen in Ohio to preserve nutrients and flavor.

Sundays' Story: Founded by a Vet and an Engineer

Founded in 2020 by husband-wife duo, Dr. Tory Waxman and Michael Waxman, a veterinarian and serial software entrepreneur respectively, Sundays is the culmination of years of research initiated due to their own dog’s health struggles. After their dog got sick they became obsessed with finding the best dog food: something healthier than kibble, but easier than home-cooked foods. With the help of a team of experts including world-leading veterinary nutritionists and human food scientists, they created Sundays to be the new standard of food for the modern dog family: human-grade, synthetic-free, and gently air-dried for maximum nutrition, flavor, and ease.

Sundays offers a fresh, but not refrigerated, “clean kibble” dog food that’s made from 90% fresh meat and comes in an easy-to-pour cereal box and has a  treat-like taste — beating out the “best-tasting" super-premium kibble in a blind taste-test 40-to-0.

Sundays offers a fresh, but not refrigerated, “clean kibble” dog food that’s made from 90% fresh meat and comes in an easy-to-pour cereal box and has a  treat-like taste — beating out the “best-tasting" super-premium kibble in a blind taste-test 40-to-0.

Unboxing Sundays

When I first received Sundays, my unboxing experience felt like a premium unboxing experience, similar to Magic Spoon or Ritual: magical collateral, flawless branding, and added functionality through their easy food transitioning calendar. The end-to-end customer experience felt like they meticulously pored over every detail to get it right.

I also love the subscription program which I relied on with Amazon, and frankly, would be a non-starter if they didn’t offer as an option. They have three sizes based on the weight of your dog and when you land on the site, you take a little quiz for them to personalize their offering for you and your dogs. You can purchase individually to try, but when you subscribe, you save 20%--a welcome benefit.

I actually felt somewhat guilty the first time I served Sundays to the dogs. Their happiness and excitement was tangible as they thanked me with their puppy eyes. After seeing their reaction and how happy that made me, I can’t imagine going back to our old dog food any time soon.

The Sundays Difference

You’ll notice that everything on the ingredient list is safe for humans to eat too (I’m salivating reading this list myself!). Sundays is made from natural sources, whereas a “natural” kibble has 30 synthetics.

More important is what the food is made without. Sundays is made without a term called “Anti-Nutrients”: Including gluten, legumes, wheat, soy, rice, corn, potatoes. These ingredients can all interfere with the absorption of essential nutrients. They’ve also removed any ingredients that are commonly allergenic including chicken or dairy products. Lastly, Sundays is more than 90% fresh meat, organs and bones, so dogs *really* love it.

A Sundays Subscriber for Life

I’m so impressed by Sundays; it’s a brand that I’ll be feeding my dogs for the long-run. It’s been a month since we switched Rocky and Apollo over, and they salivate like I’m feeding them bacon every time. It’s my way to show how much I love and care for them, even when my hands are otherwise full taking care of my other babies. If you’re ready to spoil your pet and treat them how they treat you, I highly recommend making the investment in your dog’s health and trying Sundays. They’ll thank you later.

5 Reasons to Love Sundays: 

  • Healthier: Sundays is 100% All-Natural and Synthetic-Free, deriving over 50 nutrients from whole food sources. It’s made in a USDA-monitored human-grade kitchen alongside products designed for human consumption. The food safety and quality standards for human food are much higher than for pet food, so you can trust that your pup is getting the best! 
  • Easier: Unlike most human grade dog foods, Sundays comes ready-to-eat: no refrigeration, preparation, or clean-up required. It's hassle free! Just pour it into a bowl and you're done. Since Sundays is 2x as nutritionally dense as kibble and 4x as dense as refrigerated human grade dog foods, Sundays comes in a fun, nostalgic cereal box that looks good on your counter — instead of having to be stuffed in the fridge or in a bin in the garage. Set it on subscription, and get a new box as often as your pup needs.
  • Tastier: Sundays unique air-drying method produces a jerky-like texture that looks and tastes like a treat for your dog. Sundays did a blind taste test where dogs could choose between the "best-tasting" premium kibble and Sundays, and Sundays won 40-to-0. Just like dessert for dinner!
  • Created by a Vet:  Sundays was developed by Dr. Tory Waxman, a practicing veterinarian with an Animal Science degree from Cornell and a Vet degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Waxman teamed up with world-renowned experts to bring Sundays to reality, including a board-certified veterinary nutritionist, a PhD animal nutritionist, and a human food scientist. 
  • Food for Dog Kids: A generation ago, dogs slept outside in the backyard and ate kibble. Today, 67% of US dog parents let their dogs sleep in their bed with them, but 95% still feed heavily processed kibble or canned food. What's the disconnect? Sundays is trying to fix that with a new approach to food for the modern dog family.

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