Luxury Beauty at Drugstore Prices? The Beauty Pie Skincare Review

In partnership with Beauty Pie. 

For longer than I’d like to admit, I didn’t really care about my skincare routine, largely banking on being young and having plump, wrinkle-free skin forever. It wasn’t until the last few years that I realized just how naïve I had been. Spurred into action by an unfortunate combination of stress, age, and seeing nonstop flawless complexion on Instagram, I knew I had to do something

Once I decided to change my youthful ways, I found myself totally overwhelmed by the world of skincare. Everyone, it seemed, had a recommendation. Not only that – everything was also expensive, and I didn’t know who to trust, which left me in the land of indecision. 

When I discovered Beauty Pie, a beauty brand that has slashed skincare prices while creating top-notch products, I was thrilled. It’s like the brand had my specific needs in mind with each and every product.

Sweet As (Beauty) Pie

Founded by beauty titan Marcia Kilgore (she’s also the founder of Bliss and Soap & Glory), Beauty Pie is a beauty brand that offers best-in-class products without the luxury price tag. How, you might ask, can Beauty Pie do this without compromising quality? Beauty Pie works directly with the same labs as the major luxury brands, but unlike traditional brands, Beauty Pie formulates its products and ships them right to your door, eliminating unnecessary middlemen and expensive storefronts that drive up traditional retail markups by 10x. As a result, Beauty Pie passes these savings directly to its members ushering in a new era of access to luxury beauty products, essentially democratizing access to luxury products along the way. 

Membership is easy – and is offered as a free 30-day test run – so you can see if the grass is truly greener.

The key to unlocking these unparalleled prices is a Beauty Pie membership. The annual membership allows members to purchase high quality beauty products at up to 70% off the typical retail price. And at just $59 for the year (less than $5 a month) - the brand touts that 90% of Beauty Pie annual members break even on the cost of membership in their very first order. 

A Thing of Beauty

Ordering from Beauty Pie is a little bit like being a kid in a candy shop; I was so excited and wanted to try everything! Thankfully, the website is organized to help you focus on what you want and need. From dry and sensitive skin to acne-prone and anti-aging remedies, it is easy to find the right products that will suit your needs. And that’s only scratching the surface – the brand also features products in other beauty and wellness categories including makeup, hair, bodycare, fragrance, dietary supplements and more. 

With Beauty Pie’s insider prices, I was able to get a full supply of skincare items – at the cost of one or two of my regular products. The unboxing experience is pretty chic, too: products came in luxurious bottles and sleek packaging, wrapped in the brand’s signature pink tissue paper. Unwrapping each adorable, individually wrapped product felt like a little gift to myself. 

Time Capsules For Your Skin

My favorite product is the Superactive Capsules with Essential Ceramides+ ($65, members $18) – and frankly, I didn’t know what I was going to think of this one. 

I’ve tried several anti-aging products to reverse the damage from carefree days without SPF, but none seem to deliver on their promises. These capsules, however, have been a game-changer. They help increase moisture retention and fight aging by boosting the natural production of Fatty Acids and Ceramides that can be lost over time. 

These will definitely make my carry-on on my next trip.

Not only do they actually work, I also really enjoy the application process. In order to access the product, you simply  twist off the little neck of the capsule,and then squeeze the serum out onto your fingertips to apply to your face and neck. I’ve never been good at judging how much of a product to use, so this pre-dosed capsule is perfect for me. You can also easily travel with these, popping a handful into a to-go bag. After application, you can compost the capsule, as it is made of all seaweed to ensure minimal environmental impact. 

Serum Spray, All Day

My family has a history of skin cancer and I have had several moles of concern removed (this is your reminder to get your skin checked annually!). Admittedly, I didn’t take sun safety seriously until it was too late and damage was already done. Now, I’m fighting an unfortunate battle of fixing my mistakes and preventing future problems. One of my new favorite sun spot fighters is the Über Youth Neck & Chest Super Life Serum-Spray ($75, members $22). 

Self-care that’s as easy as spray and go.

This serum is creatively delivered in a spray form, making application quick and easy. I love this for the (many) days I’m exhausted and tempted to skip my skincare routine. This serum has Niacinamide (Vitamin PP), Idealife Peptides, and Oligogeline, which together create a powerful combination to fight age and sun spots, while lifting the skin. 

The spray doesn’t feel greasy and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Not only that, but I could start to see a difference in my skin’s spots within just a few days of use. The reviews on Beauty Pie’s site tell a similar story across age brackets and skin types, which in my opinion, is a true marker of an outstanding product. 

Some Other Faves

With Beauty Pie’s impressive array of products across categories (and hundreds more launching each year), it’s hard to pick favorites. But if I must, here are some of my honorable mentions:

My skin feels silky smooth after using the body crème.

Super Healthy Skin Deluxe Body Moisture Crème ($55, members $18)

You know that feeling when you apply a rich but not too heavy cream to your just-shaved legs and feel like you could conquer the world? Beauty Pie’s Super Healthy Skin Deluxe Body Moisture Crème gives me that feeling after every shower. It’s unlike any other I’ve tried; it is deeply moisturizing, without the excess oil. The scent of orange, tangerine, geranium, and tonka bean also leaves you smelling great, but not overpoweringly so. 

JapanFusion Pure Transforming Cleanser ($35, members $11)

As my skin needs have changed in the last few years, I’ve found myself constantly searching for cleansers that work for its current state. So many have been drying or are ineffective against my persistent 3-5 pimples that love to keep popping up. Beauty Pie’s JapanFusion Pure Transforming Cleanser has struck the right balance for my skin, right when I needed it most. In the evenings, I’ve found the gel-to-oil formula does an excellent job removing any makeup and leaving my skin feeling fresh for bed.

Enjoying some morning self-care.

YouthBomb 360° Radiance Concentrate ($185, members $48)

Beauty Pie’s YouthBomb 360 Radiance Concentrate might be the brand’s best bang for your buck (you could pay for almost two annual memberships with the savings from this concentrate alone). It focuses on restoring your skin’s natural, youthful radiance with a mixture of 15 powerful active ingredients. Applying it feels luxurious, which elevates my self-care to a whole new level. My favorite part? This product was Beauty Pie’s first collab with a consultant dermatologist, Dr. Andrew Markey – so you know this stuff is good. 

Super Retinol + Vitamin C Night Renewal Moisturizer ($80, members $21)

Retinols are a train I’ve been slower to get on, but now that I’m on, I’m not getting off anytime soon. Beauty Pie’s Super Retinol + Vitamin C Night Renewal Moisturizer goes to work while you’re asleep, helping reduce the look of fine lines and brighten your skin–and zero redness or flaking. I know they say multitasking isn’t a real thing, but this Super Retinol has proven otherwise.

No Matter How You Slice It…

In this day and age of nearly double-digit inflation, it’s been a gift to find something that still feels like a good deal, without any sacrifice in quality. I’m grateful I’m able to continue to take care of my skin with prestige quality products that drive results thanks to Beauty Pie, at a price that won’t break the bank. 

A Few More Reasons to Love Beauty Pie:

-Don’t know where to start? Beauty Pie offers curated kits of best sellers and products tailored to your skin’s needs and goals.

-The products are cruelty free and use clean ingredients, so you can feel good about what you’re putting in and around your body.

-The perks of being a member don’t end at great prices. Members also enjoy special “Insider” products, free shipping on orders with 7+ items, and bonus days

-Transparency is a priority for Beauty Pie. The brand intentionally keeps members in the loop on new products and on details of the development process. Members can even provide feedback via polls to share what they want next!

Get your slice of Beauty Pie today. Use code TQEGWP for a free gift.

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