Asystem — Introducing Rhythm to Your Self Care

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Asystem appeared as daunting to me as it did unnecessary. After seeing an ad on Instagram, I investigated more deeply the up and coming wellness company.

Morning and night cleanser. Daily moisturizer. Anti-inflammatory pills. Roll-on pain relief with CBD. And for what?  Better skin? More energy? I used daily moisturizer my whole life, face cleanser every so often, and wore sunscreen when I needed to.  Wasn’t that enough? I was critical. A doubter. A hater. I was judging a book by it’s cover.

I was, however, somewhat intrigued by their mission: “Products combining the best of science with the best of nature — to help you look, feel and perform your best.” I decided to give it a shot, but was hovering somewhere between excited and buyer’s remorse. I questioned whether I’d notice any tangible impact, and, as lazy and pathetic as this sounds, didn’t love the idea of adding something to my life that required discipline and consistency.

Call me lazy. Call it Covid. I was reluctant. But then it arrived.  

I opened the Asystem box and before seeing or touching a single product, I was struck by, of all things, a dewey, fresh scent.  What was initially apprehension was now....curiosity.

The unboxing revealed a brief note from the founders, O​li Walsh​ and J​osh LeVine, printed on the kind of thick stationary you can’t stop rubbing the edges of. Oli had launched MR PORTER (an understated, chic menswear brand) and Josh founded luxury skincare label Davi, and they’d now joined forces, as Forbes wrote, “inspired to conceptualize a community-first men’s wellness brand — equal parts product, content and community — upon realizing a void in the men’s space.”

Informative and thoughtful, this note from Asystem’s founders was the first thing I saw upon unboxing.

And finally, the product itself: cactus and mint colored, packaged with precision, all with that same, refreshingly fragrant scent.

I was disarmed. This didn’t feel like I was opening men’s wellness products. It felt like I was part of an elaborate unboxing you’d find on  Complex’s Youtube channel.

And now, a few weeks into using the products, I can (oh so humbly) share that these products are legit.

Conquering Consistency

Asystem’s simple recommendations and thoughtful design helped me conquer my fear of a lack of consistency.

The skincare products are labeled with a small number to denote the order in which they are to be used. “1” for the cleanser (to be used first in the morning), “2” for the daily moisturizer, which has SPF 30, and lastly a rebuilding night cream (with a note to cleanse the face again at night too). “Don’t underestimate line of sight” the pamphlet read, and sure enough, once I laid these out on my bathroom shelf, they seamlessly worked their way into my routine.

There is something refreshing to having a rhythm to my self care.
I’ve come to love and rely on this three-step performance skincare. Not only does it yield results, it’s refreshing and smells incredible.

Considering I’m confined (condemned) to my apartment right now, this was easy, and there is something refreshing to having a rhythm to my self care. The one, two, three of it all: Cleanser. Moisturizer. Night cream.  

Getting acclimated was made easy by the polished, succinct, and informative pamphlet.  On one side, brief details about the performance skincare paired with close-ups of fit, handsome, shirtless, men. These dudes are striking; it’s half intimidating, and half ‘maybe this will be me in 30 days.” Turn the pamphlet over and you get photos of ethereal landscapes, and abstract angles of everything from a lush, green succulent to what might be LA’s Walt Disney Concert Hall. Go to Asystem’s IG and you’ll get a similarly curated, calming vibe. The core message: systems work (hence the name). Be consistent and see tangible results.

Multifaceted Impact

As soon as I started using the products, a few things stood out. First, and perhaps most importantly, I saw impact.  

Where I’d had light breaking out on my forehead (maybe from working out, maybe late night snacking) was fading away quickly thanks to the cleanser-creams combo.

The radical pain relief gel roll-on (packed with USA-grown hemp and CBD) was effective too, highlighted by the cooling, tingling sensation on my skin post-roll. Surprising at first, then comforting. This was actually perfect timing too because I’ve been experimenting with The Pilates Class (highly recommend for an intense, but doable, in-house quarantine workout) with my girlfriend, and it’s heavy on squats, which has revived an old knee injury. The gel roll-on has been clutch, and is now baked into my post workout routine.

The Radical Relief Gel Roll-on was among the most surprising and impactful products of all.

Second, the product design and packaging is so well done. Picking up the night cream or the gel roll-on reminded me of that feeling when you grip a baseball bat for the first time in years; like it just fits in your hands. Like it was missing and now you’ve found it.

They’re GQ meets Kinfolk meets Goop — but a wellness company. They’re athletes, health gurus, science nerds, and work hard, play hard, train hard, recover hard junkies.

Finally, that scent is intoxicating. I love it, and so did my girlfriend, who complimented it immediately. Props to you, Asystem.

All of these details matter. They’re GQ meets Kinfolk meets Goop — but a wellness company. They’re athletes, health gurus, science nerds, and work hard, play hard, train hard, recover hard junkies.

While there’s a clear-cut emphasis on products made for men, the brand has begun expanding to women as well. And skincare and pain relief is just the start.  They’ve introduced their own line of apparel, designed with shades of Adidas and Travis Scott “Astroworld” merch. They’re creating an array of thoughtful, relevant, educational content through The Betterment Project (“ideas for your mind + body"). Asystem has tapped into that elusive, cultural transcendence that all D2C brands long for, not unlike the Outdoor Voices and Glossier’s of the world.  

The Real Test

If I’m going to invest $100 each month — the three-step performance skin-care regimen is $45 a month, the supplement system of vitamins and nutrients to increase focus, energy and stamina is available for $75 a month, or both collections sell for $99 a month— it’s important to me that I’m buying into more than the product itself. I’m somebody who cares about the brand, and everything that entails. What they stand for. Who they donate to. Where and how the product is produced and sourced.

I know, I know. Classic millennial.

The pamphlet was a vital source of information and instruction, and came alongside a ‘scorecard’ to help maintain consistency.

As one of the co-founders (Walsh) shared, “No one is really building in an aspirational, modern, diverse and inclusive way, which is the way we feel that brands should be built.” Until now.

After nearly a month of immersing myself in Asystem, I’m a believer. They’re a cool, socially conscious, D2C brand, building the future of wellness for men and women. And while nothing is perfect, Asystem has created a product line that gets close with its packaging, design, quality, and corporate commitment to its customers and those in need.

Five More Things To Love About Asystem

  1. Asystem believes when men are at their best, it has a network effect on their lives and the lives of those around them.
  2. Their “Journal” called ‘The Betterment Project’ is a versatile and substantive publication showcasing everything from the science of adaptogens, to spotlighting pioneering, diverse men like Vinh Pham, physical therapist and co-founder of Myodetox (@myodetox)
  3. They believe Black Lives Matter.
  4. They believe in donating to Feed America.
  5. Their product line lives up to the hype: science-backed self care, made easy.

See self-care in a new light and give the system a shot.

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