This Celeb-Loved Bag Keeps Selling Out

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Everyone has at least one friend with a Mary Poppins bag. You know the type -- whether you’re looking for the contents of a toolkit, medicine cabinet, or pantry, they have you covered. Well, unfortunately, that’s simply not me. 

My mother is a minimalist -- nicknacks, tchotchkes, and clutter have absolutely no place under her roof, and growing up under said roof has infused that same commitment to scarcity in me. Don’t get me wrong -- I have plenty of “things,” but I choose them mindfully: practicality and simplicity are important to me.  

So, when I read Lauren’s description of Senreve, a handbag brand built on the “coexistence of dichotomies” for “women who do it all,” I was intrigued. After ordering and wearing its Aria Belt Bag, I’m smitten. A modern spin on the classic fanny pack, Aria is not only functional but also sleek and effortlessly cool -- which is why it’s practically lived on my body for the past few weeks. 

Sincerely Jules wears the Aria as a cross-body in Tangerine, Chiara Ferragni wears the Pebbled-Sand Aria as a belt bag

Redefining The Fanny Pack

I’m acutely aware that the terms “fanny pack” and “stylish” don’t usually live in the same sentence. Dating back almost 5,000 years, the fanny pack (or belt bag, waist pack, bumbag) was first worn by our earliest ancestors like Ötzi the Iceman. Since then, the bag has gone through many iterations (the tourist fanny pack, the skater belt bag), and while most have been extremely handy, few, if any, have focused on style. 

That’s where Senreve saw an opportunity. Women, constantly on-the-go and juggling no fewer than three balls in the air at any given time, are perfectly suited for the functionality of a fanny pack. Women deserve the ease of the fanny pack. But, because doing it all simply isn’t enough, women have traditionally insisted on looking good at the same time. So, Senreve has redefined the traditionally saggy sack into a versatile, stylish statement piece: now women who do it all can also have it all… right at their fingertips. 

Kristen Bell wears the Aria in Noir

Performance and Design

Like most belt bags, the Aria is petite. At 8 inches wide, 5 inches high, and 2 inches deep, it is large enough to hold my everyday needs, like an iPhone, a small wallet (though the bag also has a cardholder built-in), keys, and small beauty products, though not much more. I’ve grown so accustomed to having these necessities literally strapped across my chest that even if I need to carry more (like a pool bag with a towel and change of clothes), I still wear my Aria so my most-needed products don’t get lost in a bigger bag.  

The bag’s handsfree functionality -- whether styled as a crossbody or a belt bag -- means it can be worn without slipping or splaying, which has been a huge relief during COVID when I’ve made an effort to touch as few things as possible. On top of that, Senreve has ensured an extra element of hands-free wearing by designing an elegant yet secure magnetic closure on the front of each Aria -- once you know how to open the bag, it unlatches easily, but the Aria bag runs no risk of accidentally popping open. 

With internal and external loops, Aria can be styled as a belt or shoulder bag
I can think of very few outfits or occasions for which Aria wouldn’t be appropriate, so spending a bit more on this singular bag is an investment in years of wear. 

With scratch-, stain-, and water-resistant leather, a micro-suede interior, rich colors, and simple design, Aria is appropriate for just about any occasion. In addition to the loops on the bag’s back (for belt bag and crossbody styling), Senreve has ingeniously incorporated loops on the inside of the bag so that its belt can be turned into a proper shoulder strap should your look require a more traditionally-styled bag. Wearers can forego the strap altogether and carry Aria as a clutch, or they can swap the bag’s original strap for Senreve’s metal-plated Belt Bag Chain Strap to elevate Aria a notch further. In case you’ve lost count, that makes 9 different ways Aria can be styled. I can think of very few outfits or occasions for which Aria wouldn’t be appropriate, so spending a bit more on this singular bag is an investment in years of wear. 

Crafted To Last

Senreve is committed to more than function and design: well-aware of the issues the fashion industry poses to sustainability (like its responsibility for 20% of water waste and 10% of carbon emissions) the brand is actively working to combat them. Senreve seeks to be as sustainable and transparent as possible through each part of its production process: they source from ethical Italian suppliers, craft for longevity, use biodegradable and compostable packaging, and have a 100% vegan collection, with hopefully more to come.

Senreve’s commitment to its future is listed on the brand’s website

The fact that Senreve is crafting an excellent product atop superior ethics is no small feat -- and it proves how much the brand truly gets the modern woman, who also looks good while doing good. 

Packed And Ready

With the functionality of at least three bags packed into one, my Aria bag has not only saved space in my closet, but it’s also saved me money -- and allowed me to consume fewer resources while looking and feeling effortlessly cool. My Aria is a bag I’ll wear (and wear, and wear) everywhere I go, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. If you’re looking for the perfect bag to don on any occasion or adventure, I can’t recommend Senreve’s Aria Belt Bag enough. 

Five More Reasons To Love Senreve

  • They’ve been covered by everyone from Forbes to InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Travel + Leisure.
  • Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Brie Larson, Anna Kendrick, and Priyanka Chopra have all been spotted wearing Senreve bags.
  • Senreve is designed for professional women by professional women. 
  • The brand is an industry leader in sustainability and ethics across all areas of production, including sourcing, producing, and shipping.
  • Senreve has created bags of all size and functionality for working women -- and each is beautifully designed with versatility in mind.

Click here to upgrade your wardrobe with a Senreve bag. 

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