Almond Cow Has Made Me a Modern-Day Milkmaid

Credit: Almond Cow

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When I was a freelance in digital media back in the 2010s in New York, I recall bringing Ziploc bags to the office, filling them up with office almonds, and quietly placing my stolen bounty in my very large City backpack. My plans for these almonds? Homemade nut milk. With a love for “process over product,” I would spend arduous days soaking said almonds, blending said almonds, and then straining said almonds in a nut milk bag that would leave me covered with said almond residue as if I had just lived through a nut massacre. The drama!

Cut to basically 10 years later. I’m now a wellness queen, looking to simplify my life (even though an astrologer said my rising sign in Gemini makes me a “hummingbird on crack”). If I’m always going to be buzzing around, I at least need my nut milk game to be on point, super seamless, and quick-n’-not-dirty.

Enter: Almond Cow.

I had heard about this wizard-like contraption back in 2017, promising to convert whatever mix of nuts and bits and bobs you wanted into gorgeous, creamy plant-based milk in 60 seconds or less—all you had to do was push a button. I instead opted to make my life overly manual for seven more years until recently, on a “field trip” to my naturopathic doctor’s office, she scoffed at the $6.49 I was paying for my clean, organic, three-ingredient almond milk at my local Whole Foods and reminded me to “Just get Almond Cow. It’ll change your life.” Since she hasn’t steered me wrong yet, I complied.

We like

  • With 3-ingredient, organic almond milk costing $7 at the grocery store, Almond Cow saves beaucoup bucks over time
  • Highly efficient, high-quality “mylks” in 60 seconds or less
  • Interrupts the supply chain of plant-based milk, which has a largely negative impact on the environment
  • 0 plastic bottles. 0 waste
  • Incredible versatility! You can make sauces, dips, creamer, tonic elixirs—basically anything.

We don't like

  • The cleanability can be somewhat challenging in moments, but is still not a deterrent.
Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Milking It For All It’s Worth

Within 10 seconds of receiving Almond Cow’s Starter Set, I was already formulating my next “mylk.” The instructions were incredibly simple, given that there are very few ways to go wrong with this bad boy. Let me break it down for you.

Step 1 | Fill the internal filter basket up to the MAX point with whatever concoction you so desire. The canister takes about a cup’s-worth of whatever ingredients you choose, but a pro-tip is to soak your nuts the night before because then you only need half as much. They also make the milk a lot creamier, but this is totally not a requirement if you’re on the go.

Step 2 | Fill the base up to the MAX point (which yields about five cups of liquid). You could add vanilla, cinnamon, or any other flavorings if you want to spice things up (think: raw cacao for chocolate nut milk omg). 

Step 3 | Lock your nut-filled filter basket into place, close the lid, and press the top button, which will make a whirring noise for about 60 seconds. At that point, voilà! Your plant-based milk has been made, baby.

Step 4 | Pour your nut milk into the very cute, non-toxic glass jar, squeeze out any additional liquid from your nut pulp, and store your nut pulp in the fridge or freezer for later. Tip: You can use the pulp in baked goods, smoothies, porridges—the options are endless.

I’m no sycophant, but let me tell you, Almond Cow has made me feel the Wellness Witch I know that I am and deserve to be. Not only do I get to make my milk my way, but I get to do so knowing that I’m not constantly throwing away plastic bottles (that are likely leeching into the liquid I’m drinking on the daily). I also noticed that I felt different after drinking my homemade version because there were absolutely no preservatives, chemicals, oils, or sneaky sugars hidden in the nutrition facts. Can’t wait to tell my naturopath!

My ready-made nut stash. (I know how this sounds.)

Save More. Waste Less. Taste Better.

The minute plant-based milk became a “thing,” environmentalists everywhere started screaming, “But what about the water!!!”

For a long time, I didn’t fully understand the gravity of what everyone was so upset about as it related to nut-milk production, however, preference for plant-based milk over cow’s milk has exploded over recent years, it’s hard not to wonder what the overall impact of “doing good” for our health has on the environment.

CEO and Co-Founder Brett Goodson created Almond Cow with the deep understanding that the production process for plant-based milk is anything but sustainable. “The environmental impact of conventional nut milk includes the inefficiency of shipping water on trucks and the accumulation of endless packaging waste. It’s evident in the sheer space a milk carton purchase occupies in your trash or recycling bin. Eliminating the need for this cycle is a clear stride towards a more sustainable future.”

Beyond the ultimate convenience of being able to make your own milk at home, Almond Cow is one of those special pay-it-forward brands that—as a company—reduces carbon footprint while also giving the everyday consumer the chance to take part in waste-reduction without having to lift a finger (or at least nine of them).

Reasons to Go Nuts

With over 600 recipes and counting, Almond Cow is so much more than a Milkmaid. From salad dressings to hummus to bbq sauce to curry bases to cocktails or even wellness shots, Almond Cow is setting itself up to be a real kitchen companion for anyone who wants control over their ingredient-list without compromising on time or quality. 

They are also pushing milk-makers beyond their comfort zones with compostable, single-serving Milk Medleys that combine nourishing, flavorful ingredients like coconut, cashews, and dates (depending on the mix!) for the consumer who just wants a more curated “grab-and-go” experience. While they only have two (extremely delicious) options—Almonds ‘n’ Dates and CocoCash—at the moment, expect many more ingredient explorations to come, “including a Limited Edition mix this holiday season,” Goodson let on.

Listen, there’s a real chance I will never fulfill my Millennial dream of ditching city life for quieter farm-living, so if the best I can do is push a button and make my own milk in under a minute, I’ll take what I can get. 

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