25ish Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $25(ish)

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Shopping for dad can be a special sort of tricky. Sometimes, dad has literally purchased every toy and trinket you could imagine. And others, nailing down his “style” is a project of its own. Whatever the case, we’re here to help. Below, shop 25 gifts dad hasn’t yet discovered – and is also bound to love. The cherry on top? They’re all under $25. 

For The Grillmaster  

Porter Road Meats (from $8) provides that good ol’ mom and pop butcher shop quality with its hand cut, dry aged meats. The Porter Roads team regularly visits its farmers to ensure each animal gets ample attention, nutrition, and space to roam. I’m inclined to suggest the NY Strip Steak, as my dad has given it his stamp of approval. 

The spice blend that made my dad love cooking again.

Formulated by a Michelin Star chef, All Day’s alluring spice blends ($6.99) are a shortcut that turn any meal into a 5 star experience. With sweet-and-spicy, umami, and citrus-y options, All Day’s flavors are both bold and versatiles – ensuring your dad will be the talk of the neighborhood.

If dad prefers to craft his own seasoning, might I suggest a special sea salt? Osmo’s Premium Sea Salt (from $16.99) was founded by Nick DiGiovanni of Masterchef fame. Osmo offers something for everyone, like strong Roasted Garlic, decadent White Truffle, and earthy Smoked Applewood flavors. 

If Your Dad’s A Chiller

Pre-rolled CBD joints made with 100% hemp flower.
Credit: @dad.grass

Ease dad into a relaxing state of mind with Dad Grass pre-rolled joints ($14), made with the same hemp flower he used to smoke way back when. Created without nicotine, tobacco, additives or filler, Dad Grass offers a just-right recipe for a CBD-enhanced relaxation.

Pair dad’s pre-rolls with JuneShine, the hard kombucha brand whose better-for-you bevs are made with real ingredients. Thanks to nationwide shipping, dad can enjoy a taste of SoCal’s finest hard kombuchas and canned spirits anywhere. 

Take your drinks anywhere.
Credit: Puffin

Round things out with The Beverage Vest ($12.95). Puffin Drinkwear creates double layered thermal insulation to keep dad’s hands dry and drink cold. From swimming life vests and sleeping bags to down jackets and flannels, you name it, Puffin has it– and we’re obsessed. 

For The (Likely Self-Proclaimed) Funny Guy

Fuel his already-too-hot fire with The Good, The Bad, And The Terrible Dad Jokes. I made the mistake of giving my dad this book last year, and he’s still running with it. (Yes, pretending to laugh is part of the gift.) 

This one’s for the jokester who has to answer to everyone in the household. The No! Button ($11.99) was made by a parent himself to make life easier when faced with questions like  “do I look fat?” and “can I have money?” Warning: you may regret this purchase, but dad will love it…and isn’t that what matters? 

Upgrade his bathroom experience.
Credit: @sascha_lewis_ via @squattypotty

Next up is the ultimate bathroom duo. Equip dad with everything he needs to “read the daily paper” courtesy of Squatty Potty’s Toilet Stool ($24.99). Then, wrap things up with Who Gives a Crap’s soft and strong Bamboo toilet paper

For The Ultimate Foodie 

A winner every damn time.
Credit: @eatsbyandie via @levainbakery

Levain Bakery sells NYC's most famous cookie (from $29), packaged with a bow and shipped nationwide. My suggestion? Order twice as many cookies as you think – these babies go quickly!

Flamingo Estate’s Heritage Red Raspberry Jam ($25) offers a divine blend of sweet raspberry and tart ruby hibiscus to enrich just about anything. Once my dad tried this – on toast, pastries, by the spoonful – he never looked back.

On the savory side of things, I have a few bangin’ sauce suggestions. My dad and I first found Bitchin’ Sauce, a family-owned business that creates binge-worthy, tasteful, almond-based, fresh dips, sauces, and spreads, in Little Italy in San Diego. Thankfully it’s available in tons of stores nationwide so that your dad can enjoy flavors like chipotle, pesto, and cilantro chile on crackers, chips, and sandwiches at any time. 

Superior snacking for the superior snacker. 

Or, go the decadent route with Truff. This Hotter Sauce (from $17.98) is so good that our editors have been known to drink it right out of the bottle. Add one to cart for yourself, too – dad will likely learn to hide his from the rest of the fam. 

The Flavor Bomb You Didn’t Know You Needed.

Calling All Tech Pros

If your dad refuses to pay the rough 400% markup on the Apple Watch, surprise him with the Wyze Watch ($29.99), which boasts most of the same features. Wyze also makes a smart Body Weight Scale ($23.99) that connects to your phone and reports over 10 important body metrics, including muscle weight, visceral fat, and basal metabolic rate. 

He’ll never lose the necessities again.
Credit: @tile

Tile Stickers ($24.50 each) are water resistant adhesives with a loud ring, long lasting battery, and large range to paste onto those little items – keys, wallet, phone, his teenager – that dad loses often. 

If your dad goes from work to the carpool line, the golf course, then poker night, consider the Anker portable Power Bank ($21.99). Save the low numbers for his handicap – and keep his battery percentage at an all time high. 

For Dads Who Go Low On The Green

While you’re still working on the dad jeans, tackle dad’s t-shirt drawer with the Flowknit Ultra-Soft Performance Tee ($19.90) by Quince. It’s casual but fitting – whether he’s headed to the range or laying low at the house. Bonus points for a gift whose production method uses low-water, eco-friendly dyes and recycled polyester. 

The most comfortable socks ever. 
Credit: @bombas

Offer upgraded essentials for daily life with these picks from Bombas. The brand’s Boxer Briefs ($28) don’t have any tags or seams, and the Golf Ankle Socks ($16.50) use an innovative Hex Tec design for the right amount of arch support and sole cushioning. Plus, gift a garment to dad and the brand will give the same gift to someone in need!

For The Strategic Gamer

Arboretum ($21.99) is my dad’s favorite game. It might be because it gets my family together laughing late at night – but it’s more likely because he somehow wins everytime. Either way, this fun garden-inspired card game is the perfect pick for family fun.

Gift an ~experience~
Credit: @letspuzz

If puzzles are more his thing, Puzz has you covered. The brand teams up with talented female artists to keep its rotation of modern jigsaw puzzles (from $24.99) fresh and exciting. 

For The Dad Who Loves Cleaning Up

Lumin offers high quality, effective skincare for men. The Charcoal Detox Daily Cleanser ($15.20) comes in sleek, masculine design, and feels especially good after shaving. 

Disco makes men’s skincare a party.
Credit: @letsdisco

If he’s proud of his beard, consider the Scotch Porter Nourishing Beard Mask ($10), which is made with key ingredients to condition the softest, fullest beard. And for smooth, hydrated, youthful skin, shop the Face Moisturizer ($24) by disco. The brand makes premium men’s skincare, backed by world-renowned dermatologists. 

And For The Sentimental Guy

Artifact Uprising makes putting together custom pieces – from photo calendars to photo books – a breeze. I made my dad a Color Series photo book ($22) and filled it in with our travels, family reunions, and more. He shows everyone who comes by. 

Or, lastly, choose a book title that means something to him (or that you know he’s been eyeing) and shop it from Bookshop.org. The site supports local bookstores, so you’ll always feel good about your purchase! 

We hope this guide helps you skip the stress and shop with joy for fathers and father figures alike. Looking for more options or shopping with a bigger budget? Enjoy more guides here.

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