Year In Review: 20 Of Our Favorite Brands That Launched In 2020

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We started The Quality Edit in the middle of 2020, when everyone was shopping online and no one knew which DTC brands were worth their self-proclaimed hype. Launching in the middle of the pandemic has been a unique and rewarding experience (fun fact: most of our team members have never actually met in person), something several recently-launched brands certainly know to be true. As the year draws to a close, we’d like to give a special shoutout to 20 of our favorite new brands who, despite every obstacle, wowed us with their successful launches during this crazy year. On top of that, we’d like to offer a hearty thank you to each of you for supporting The Quality Edit in our first year. We’re just getting started and can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store. Cheers!



Launched January 1, 2020, Lupii is everything this year hasn’t been: simple, healthy, and convenient. Lupii offers a range of minimally-processed, vegan, gluten free, added-sweetener free bars powered by the protein-and-fiber-packed Lupini bean.

Credit: @peacefuldumpling

Crown Affair

Founded to add calm and ritual to the haircare experience, Crown Affair launched their line of clean hair formulations and beautiful tools at the start of the year. After Covid struck, they also launched Seeding, a mentorship program to connect women in the beginning of their careers to female leaders across industries.


With incredible foresight and perhaps a drop of business luck, JUDY’s founders launched their line of emergency preparedness kits at the start of the year. JUDY now offers a range of kits designed to keep families safe for up to 72 hours with safety, warmth, tools, food, and water supplies.


Hilma’s founders launched their line of natural, science-backed remedies earlier this year to bring the medicine cabinet up to date with new clean standards. Each of Hilma’s formulas is clinically researched and formulated by doctors and herbalists using clinically studied ingredients.

Credit: @claggie



On a mission to revolutionize the lunch experience, Inka offers a line of on-the-go cutlery and kitchenware in addition to their prized Lunch Kit, which doubles as a purse. One of Inka’s biggest goals is to bring sustainability to America’s most wasteful meal -- and they have an incredibly impressive and comprehensive 3 year plan to accomplish that.


Jot Coffee

This coffee brand has seemingly exploded since its April launch. Jot’s Ultra Coffee is made using a progressive enrichment process to produce a strong taste and smooth flavor while using fewer resources. To make the perfect cup, simply add a tablespoon of Jot and a splash of milk or water!

Credit: @luckeyalex



Sisters Vanessa and Kim Pham launched Omsom’s Asian starter kits to give real, loud Asian flavors a spot in every home pantry. The brand currently offers Southeast Asian and Asian flavor packets meant to jazz up everything from chicken to pork and veggies. In just 7 months, they’ve made a huge splash in the cooking world, earning praise from Food & Wine and Food Network.



Glossier alum Melanie Masarin launched non-alc beverage Ghia (which features notes of orange peel, elderflower, yuzu, ginger, and lemon balm) to bring the same intentionality and beauty to the non-alc drinking experience as traditional cocktails. While the brand’s launch was delayed several times due to the pandemic, Ghia was met with praise when it finally launched this past June.

Ordinary Habit

A crop of new DTC puzzle brands has emerged during Covid, and Ordinary Habit is a TQE favorite. Intent on ‘help[ing] people access habitual moments of calm and connectedness,’ Ordinary Habit offers limited-edition jigsaw puzzles that are as beautiful as they are fun and portable. On top of that, the brand donates to organizations supporting the mental and emotional wellness of Black and marginalized communities each month.



Proper combines natural, clinically-backed supplements (containing ingredients like Ashwagandha, GABA, and L-theanine) and sleep coaching for a custom and holistic approach to improved sleep. The brand’s launch couldn’t have come at the perfect time.


Acid League

Vinegar is having a moment, and Acid League is one of the brands proving why. With flavors like Strawberry Rosé, Mango Jalapeno, and Cabernet Port, Acid League’s vinegars give a complex, exciting spin on a pantry classic. And, if launching their vinegars wasn’t enough to impress you, Acid League also introduced a line of non-alcoholic Wine Proxies in early December.

Credit: @thewildstand


Behave partnered with chefs (not food scientists) to craft a healthier, more natural spin on the gummies of your childhood. The brand sells boxes of their sweet and sour real-ingredient gummies as one-time purchases and monthly subscriptions. If you’re interested, join their waitlist now -- they’re, like, always sold out.


Robin Williams’ son Zak launched PYM (‘Prepare Your Mind’) to create conversation around mental health and introduce ingredients that have helped him feel more centered. PYM’s mood chews are made of adaptogens and amino acids like GABA, L-Theanine, and Rhodiola, which have shown to support relaxation, stress-management, and mood elevation.

Credit: @youcanpym

Sundays For Dogs

Created by a vet and an engineer, Sundays is every health-conscious dog owner’s dream. Sundays features an all-natural, human grade, air dried formula that’s as convenient as traditional kibble, only much healthier. Don’t believe us? Use the site’s Compare tool and see how your current kibble stacks up!



It turns out that you aren’t the only one in your household who needs supplements… your dog does, too! Reggie is the first-of-its-kind dog supplement brand that focuses on elements of your dog's wellness that traditional dog foods exclude. Reggie’s Morning Multivitamin, Hip + Joint Chew, and Skin + Coat Supplements are TQE pup favorites!


Dirty Labs

Determined to bring ‘clean cleaning’ to the laundry sector, Dirty Labs uses bioenzymes and green chemistry in its laundry formulation instead of traditional harmful cleaning ingredients. The brand’s Signature and Free & Clear scents are effective and wildly soothing. We’re excited to watch this brand grow!

Mezcal Rosaluna

During a year of new-drink exploration, Rosaluna’s all-natural, handmade agave spirit has stolen our hearts. Made with ‘agave, water, and (lots of) love,’ Rosaluna is simple, plant-based, gluten-free, and non-GMO. From the rolling hills of Santiago, Matatlán to your doorstep, Rosaluna delivers on all fronts.

Credit: @lennynuness


Cookie dough that’s… good for you? Sign us up! Deux’s doughs incorporate functional ingredients like vegan collagen, chaga, cordyceps, and vitamin D into their winning gluten-free, vegan flavors. Each jar can be eaten plain or baked and rivals the taste of your childhood cheat.

Credit: @eatdeux


The fragrance industry was turned on its head this year by Snif, the direct to consumer fragrance company that lets shoppers try each scent for 7 days (for free) before buying it. Snif’s first three scents Way With Woods, Salty Stares, and Ex On The Beach were a viral hit, earning praise from just about every influencer you definitely follow.


Canopy launched their beautiful, minimal air humidifier with a focus on improved skin at the end of this year. Clean and simple, Canopy utilizes filtered, hydrated air, anti-mold technology, and dishwasher safe parts. Oh, and did we mention that it fits on a nightstand?

Credit: @barefacedfemme

To say we’re impressed would be a huge understatement. Not just by these amazing products and teams, but also by their commitment to creating a brighter future for humans and the planet. We can’t wait to be wowed by more amazing brands next year… and we look forward to sending more reviews your way in 2021!

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