Reviews Say These Diapers Help Babies Sleep Through The Night – I Tried Them To Find Out For Myself

In partnership with Coterie. 

As I prepared to become a first time mom last year, my newsfeed was suddenly full of ads trying to sell me…everything. From the latest bassinet to the newest baby food brand, I was inundated with you-can’t-live-without-this products. When the diaper brands started pitching me a "premium diaper," I was initially skeptical. How different could diapers actually be?

Once I had my baby, I very quickly learned two things: all diapers are not, in fact, created equal, and TQE editor Jenni Stein has the best baby product recs. Her review convinced me to try Coterie for the first time, and I’ve never looked back. If you’re a premium diaper skeptic, welcome. I doubt you’ll stay one for long… 

Safe Materials Meet Functional Design

It's rare to come across non-toxic and functional products. It typically feels like you have to sacrifice one for the other, especially when it comes to baby products. This is truly where Coterie truly shines. I was thrilled (and, if I’m being honest, a bit shocked) to learn that Coterie diapers are free of chemicals, fragrances, dyes, parabens, chlorine, VOCs, and brighteners. Oh, and they absorb everything, too (they have up to 70% more liquid capacity than other brands)! It’s such a relief not having to sacrifice functionality for safe and transparent ingredients.

I realized just how good I have things with Coterie after using the brand’s diapers for a few months without any leaks or blowouts. I was traveling with my baby and had to use a different diaper brand in a pinch. The diaper very quickly leaked through the outfit, reminding me (viscerally!) just how absorbent Coterie diapers are. You can spot the difference in the quality of a Coterie diaper compared to other brands, even down to the touch. If there were such a thing as cashmere diapers, Coterie would be the brand. 

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Better Performance Means Better Sleep

Ultimately, my baby sleeps much better in premium diapers because they stay drier overnight. I used to have to change my baby’s diaper in the middle of the night because I could tell it was making him uncomfortable. Coterie diapers boast up to 4x faster absorbent, though, so they don’t just prevent leaks – they also keep my baby dry, which means no more middle of the night diaper changes aka more sleep for me. That alone makes the diapers worth every penny. 

Now, whenever I’m trying to convince my friends to switch to Coterie (a common occurrence), I challenge them to at least try these premium diapers out for a few nights. It’s the fastest – and, in my opinion, most impactful – way to see the difference between Coterie and literally every other brand I’ve tried. Making the switch is a no-brainer after you realize how dry and comfy these diapers keep littles for hours at a time!

Convenience Is Everything

To make things even better (yes, it gets even better), Coterie has an unbeatable subscription service. Once, after a long day, I was feeding my son dinner while my husband was cleaning the kitchen, and one of us suddenly remembered: “We're running low on diapers." Instead of panicking and running to the store, or even having to pull up my laptop and log into an account to place an order, I literally grabbed my phone and texted "SHIP NOW" to Coterie (yes, Coterie is a contact in my phone now – that's how much I love the brand). Within 30 seconds, a new diaper shipment was on the way. 

Coterie really removes the mental load of simple parenting tasks (freeing my mind to focus on other important things!). There's absolutely no friction in the re-order process – a huge relief. Now my new diaper and wipe shipments are automated, and if I ever need a future order sped up or delayed (or I even need to change diaper sizes), I can do it all via text. 

It's like having my own personal diaper assistant. 

Not All Wipes Are Created Equal

I have to take an extra moment to wax poetic about the brand’s wipes because they’re that good, too. You just need to feel a Coterie wipe, and you'll notice the difference. Coterie's wipes are like soft, plush blankets – and they absorb everything! I’ve even noticed that I use fewer wipes because of how much more durable and practical these wipes are.

They're gentle on my baby's skin, so I can use them when I'm in a pinch and need to wipe his hands or face. These wipes are hypoallergenic and have even received the National Eczema Association's Seal of Acceptance, so I don’t have to worry about rashes or redness if I wipe his face with them. Oh, and they're made of biodegradable, 100% plant-based, plastic-free fibers! Magic, honestly. 

It’s The Little Things

Being a new parent isn’t easy, but something I’m learning is that little things can make a big difference. Something as little as a better diaper can make an errand run smoother because there wasn’t a blowout in the car seat or mornings feel sweeter because everyone slept through the night. It’s about so much more than just the diapers.