These Energy Bars Had The Best Bonus Side Effect

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Although I try to live a pretty healthy lifestyle, there’s no question that coffee—and heaps of it throughout the day—is a major vice of mine. And it’s not because I just love the coffee flavor itself. I don’t. At all. Instead, I put in a copious amount of some kind of creamer to disguise coffee’s acidity and naturally bitter taste. But I need the caffeine to get through my long days, which include working full time and most importantly, being a mom to twin toddler boys whose energy knows no bounds. And with the pandemic requiring both of these roles to literally cohabitate within the same square footage, energy is of paramount importance—and thereby my caffeine consumption is as well.

Enter Verb Energy Caffeinated Energy Bars. These little guys pack an espresso shot’s worth of caffeine in a pint-sized, single-serve package that’s now an essential stashed in both my desk drawers and my double-sized diaper bag.

The Backstory

To keep my energy levels high—and focus on one of my beats as a writer and editor—I’m constantly looking for new, natural, and/or novel supplements. Which is how I came across Verb Energy. The brand, which has been around for a few years, only has one product, its Caffeinated Energy Bars. With 90 calories per bar, the bite-sized snack offers as much caffeine as a cup of coffee along with a dose of L-theanine, a compound that’s been scientifically proven to help improve cognitive performance and function when paired with caffeine.

Plus, I’ve found that drinking all the coffee has unsurprisingly been tearing my stomach up, and if I don’t have a family-coined “sopper,” or piece of toast alongside said several cups of coffee, I’ll end up with some heartburn or worse, have to run to the bathroom to puke. All that for a beverage I don’t even like anyway seems like a lot, right? Now double down with the fact that every time I’m drinking coffee I’m not only missing an opportunity to drink much-needed water but actively dehydrating myself as well. It’s been quite the conflict, I’ve found—at least in working mom land.

The Verb Energy Bar Experience

In testing Verb, I actually kept forgetting to replace my coffee ritual with a bar. I blame the aforementioned WFH setup + mom of twins scatterbrained combo. Once I finally remembered to eat a bar during an appropriate caffeine window, though, the game had been changed. For one, the caffeine/L-theanine combo kept my energy from peaking too soon, the level from being too high, and my hands from having the shakes. Think of it like Mama Invincibility Mode, but on Lite Touch so that I can still be gentle if one of my toddlers has a tantrum.

The caffeine/L-theanine combo kept my energy from peaking too soon and my hands from having the shakes. Think of it like Mama Invincibility Mode, but on Lite Touch so that I can still be gentle if one of my toddlers has a tantrum.

The Bonus Health Benefit

Almost ironically, I found the biggest health boost of the Verb Energy Bars to be the fact that they caused me to largely increase my water intake. Because the Verb Energy Bars were taking the spots in my “diet” usually reserved for cups of hot or iced coffee, I found myself drinking a LOT more water. And given that there are approximately one billion evidence-backed scientific studies confirming the primary importance of proper hydration, I found this to be one of the biggest wins from adding Verb to my routine. (That, and the delicious Cookie Butter flavor, naturally).

The Word On The Street

I probably should have mentioned earlier that what sold me on giving the Verb Energy Bars a shot in the first place was the almost obscene amount of five-star reviews on site. Although I know to take all reviews with a grain of salt, the evidence is undeniable: Verb Energy Bars are game-changers for all kinds of people, not just new moms like me.

“I feel a big difference in my energy for workouts in just a few days!” one reviewer raved, for example. Another said, “because they actually give me that afternoon pick me up that I need without making me jittery.” And a fellow mama comrade agrees that they’re perfect for us everyday superheroes. “ They’re so small it’s easy to throw a few in the bag for the week when on the go with work and kids.”

Plus, Verb Energy has over 113,000 followers on Instagram, with the likes of actors, influencers, medical professionals, and legions of other fans tagging them daily in their caffeination endeavors.

The Bottom Line

Thanks to mood-enhancing L-theanine, sopper-like abilities courtesy of 90 calories worth of whole food ingredients, and 65 mg of caffeine, Verb Energy Caffeinated Energy Bars are a cure-all panacea for working moms. Or anyone else. In other words: Snag your daily caf fix with Verb Energy today.

5 More Reasons To Love Verb Energy Caffeinated Energy Bars:

  • The caffeine is extracted from green tea, which provides a smooth, long-lasting energy boost without the jitters or crash typically associated with other caffeinated goods.
  • Individual wrapping means they’re far more portable than a hot cup of coffee—and hella safer for new moms to have around their babies or toddlers.
  • Their customer service is beloved: Not only will they right any wrong, but they’re also reachable by mere text message for personalized and immediate attention.
  • The flavors are delicious and enticing to those who love coffee and those who aren’t fans alike: I was able to try Vanilla Latte, Peppermint Mocha, and Blueberry Crisp in addition to my favorite, Cookie Butter.
  • There are multiple ways to shop: You can try a starter kit to experience the cross-section of flavors, which auto-refills every three weeks, or choose a bundle package to hone in on two of your personal favorites. (Salted Peanut Butter and Double Chocolate, anyone?)

Try getting your caffeine fix this fresh new way and order Verb Energy Verb Caffeinated Energy Bars now. You’ll thank me later.

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