The Ultimate Baby Registry Guide: Part I

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If you’re reading this, it may be because you recently saw those two bright pink lines on that pee stick. Emotions are likely running wild: excitement, happiness, fear, worry. You may even feel a bit overwhelmed, thinking about everything needed for this next chapter. You’re seeing recommendation after recommendation. But how do you decide what you need to actually add to a baby registry?   

 Eight years ago, I was you. 26 years old, pregnant with my first daughter, over the moon excited, with absolutely no clue as to what I should add to a baby registery. I spent hours googling what others put on their registries and bought multiple books (I even brought one of the books with me in my purse to the stores). 

Even with all the planning, I was lost. Nothing is certain, except for the following: a newborn basically eats, poops, sleeps, and repeats. And here’s what you need for just that in Part 1 (of 2) of our TQE Baby Registry.  


Bobbie's organic, FDA approved, European style formula

Whether you’re going to breastfeed or bottle feed, you will need bottles. Dr. Brown's bottles, which start at $7.99, are what both my daughters used. But if I was going to get bottles today, I’d register for Comotomo bottles ($12.99 and up), because they are made with medical grade silicon and are soft to touch. I’d also recommend registering for baby formula, even if you are planning to breastfeed. You never know what feeding is going to look like after the baby arrives. Bobbie is an awesome option; the first ever FDA approved, European Style formula offers a monthly subscription beginning at $48 a month, delivered right to your doorstep. Just pop the formula into your new $229 Baby Brezza (think Keurig or Nespresso, but for formula) and you’ll get warm formula at the press of a button.  

If you are wanting to breastfeed, you will need a pump. And I was tethered to mine. But those days are gone, thanks to Willow’s Wearable Breast Pump ($499.99). Just stick the hands-free pump in your bra and you can pump milk while getting ready for the day, doing laundry, or making dinner. 

Need something a little more compact for on-the-go pumping sessions? The Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump ($13.99) is easy to use and eco-friendly. Pair it with the Haakaa Silicone Milk Collector ($19.99), which collects milk as it leaks during the day and Junobie’s ($19.99 and up) eco-friendly, reusable breast milk storage bags and you’ve got yourself the perfect package. 

Credit: @itsbodily

As for mom, you’re going to need high-quality postpartum nursing bras and clothes, so don’t forget to register for yourself. Bodily ($14 and up), JJWinks ($49 and up), Larken ($42 and up), and Sweat & Milk ($39 and up) are all comfy and cute. 

The position of breastfeeding and bottle feeding is incredibly important. The Boppy nursing pillow, which starts at $29, really helped me when my kids were infants and is a must-have. My Brest Friend, which starts at $39.99, is another option; I’m told it’s a little stiffer than the Boppie if you need more support.

Credit: @thebabysbrew

Baby’s Brew portable bottle warmer, from $75, is key. I used a bottle warmer every time I gave my daughters pumped milk,but I needed to heat it up before I left the house. This portable bottle warmer eliminates the anxiety that goes along with having a cold bottle. 

Finally, when your baby turns six months, you’ll start introducing solids. Why not add Yumi’s organic, fresh baby food with subscriptions starting at $28 a week, and Lalo’s ($10 and up) feeding starter kit to your registry, too? One less thing to think about as you get into the day-to-day throws of parenthood. 

Who knew baby food could be so gorgeous? A beautiful Yumi haul after unboxing


There is nothing sexy about this part of new parenthood, but gearing up with the right products can make it a little less crappy. Let’s start with diapers. These days, there are so many different types of diapers on the market, many of which have a give-back component. Like Believe diapers (starting at $14.99), which donates a premium Believe diaper to a family in need with every purchase you make.  

Or Millie Moon ($24.99), an eco-friendly disposable diaper brand that donates a portion of each sale to Reach Out and Read, a national early-literacy non-profit.

Coterie is a luxe brand that delivers diapers right to your doorstep for $81, so you won’t have to take that unpleasant middle of the night trip to Target because you’re out of diapers!

Diapers made so luxe with Coterie

One thing to keep in mind: it’s good to test out diapers before committing to a brand because you don’t know how baby’s skin will react. So, this is a great gift option for the friend or family member who wants to buy you a present after the baby arrives. 

And you can’t have diapers without wipes. Wild & Pure ($12.99 and up) doesn’t sell  your average baby wipe; these are completely plastic free (did you know most wipes are made with plastic?!), reusable and made with thick, luxurious cotton soft enough for your baby’s bottom. But, on the off chance there is some diaper rash, you’re covered with Tubby Todd Diaper Cream (starting at $17).  


This is one of the rarest commodities for new parents. Anything to help with catching a few ZZZ’s is a gift worth giving. Swaddles are necessary for solid sleep because they make the baby feel cozy (like they are back inside the womb). But not all swaddles are created equal; you’ve got to find the kind baby can’t Houdini their way out of. Consider Swaddlou ($74), a new to market, velcro free (this is key because that loud Velcro during middle of the night changes is like nails on a chalkboard), double swaddle, which is said to be a gamechanger for baby’s sleep. 

And once you transition the baby out of the swaddle, you’ll want these lightly weighted Swaddle Sleeves (starting at $29.99). Add Coco Beans ($98 and up) silk crib bedding and I’d confuse your baby’s crib set up with my bed (considering I have both a weighted blanket and silk pillowcase)! 

Credit: @hatchforsleep

Now that you have the swaddle, creating a soothing sleep environment is the next step. You can do that with the right sound machine. The $34.99 Baby Shusher (an Eva Chen favorite) and Hatch’s ($39.99 and up) smart nightlight and sound machine are two moms say they can’t live without. 


It’s imperative you are registering for the items you need to make your life easier when the new baby arrives. And with these products, will you be armed with the best of the best so you can successfully tackle the cycle of eating, pooping, and sleeping. 

What about all the other stuff you may need? Part two of the ultimate baby registry guide will help you decide what bigger ticket items, like strollers and furniture, you should have your friends and family purchase. After all, they say it takes a village to raise children—so tap into yours! 

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