A Brand That Cares About Clean Ingredients? Truly Beauty is More Than Your Typical Skincare Brand

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Skincare brands don’t always offer products for the entire body. That’s where Truly Beauty caught our eye. The brand amassed a cult following on social media thanks to its colorful products that are packed with powerful and effective ingredients that claim to treat stretch marks, ingrown hairs, body acne, and more.

With collections featuring CBD, shea butter, salicylic acid, and plant-derived ingredients, Truly Beauty addresses the skin and body concerns that matter to you most. And products like a unicorn body scrub make taking care a fun and whimsical experience. After trying it, I now understand why the brand’s following has remained so loyal since its 2019 launch: diversity, inclusion, sustainability, and accessibility are at the heart of Truly Beauty’s undeniably-fun collaborations and collections.

Bodycare Essentials

Sure, you probably have a holy grail body lotion you love or a body wash you can’t live without, but do you have all of your bases covered? Truly Beauty offers options specifically formulated for your underarms, breasts, booty, and inner thighs as well as your face.

Take a look at Truly Beauty’s social media pages and you’ll see a brand that focuses on inclusivity and diversity. The beauty brand is all about putting a spotlight on things many people aren’t always comfortable with, like body hair, uneven skin tone, ingrown hairs, and stretch marks. Instead of offering solutions to these so-called flaws, Truly Beauty offers products that help extend self-care to the entire body. You’ll find products with nourishing and active ingredients that can help soothe things like acne, razor bumps, ingrown hair, discoloration, and more. I tried a few of the brand’s favorites. Here’s what I thought…

Our Stars Prevent Scars Blemish Patches

Image credit: Maria Azua

As a pimple-patch fan, I always enjoy a product that works to lessen the appearance of unwanted zits while I go about my day. Bonus points if I can take fun selfies and pull them off as rave-inspired face stickers.

Unlike most harsh acne creams available, the Our Stars Prevent Scars Blemish Patches ($13.90) work to reduce inflammation and the appearance of acne in a gentle way. Hydrocolloid (think protective wound dressings) protects inflamed acne from further damage (as well as environmental factors like harsh sunlight, bacteria, and sweat) while tea tree oil and glycolic acid work to reduce the size of a breakout while preventing scarring and blemishes.

Image credit: Maria Azua

To use these patches effectively, cleanse and tone your skin before carefully applying them directly to breakouts or scars. The patches work best if used overnight and won’t fall off when you’re tossing and turning about that stressful Zoom meeting you have the next day. These patches are also available in heart, hemp leaf, and party varieties. 

Starface Jelly Sleep Mask

Image credit: Maria Azua

Dull skin happens. But when it does, you may notice your makeup appears flakier on your skin or that your beauty products aren’t sinking in as well as they usually do. The Starface Jelly Sleep Mask ($22.90) maintains skin exfoliation without irritation while also keeping your skin hydrated and plumped.

Formulated in a stunning purple shade, this soothing jelly mask contains retinyl (which helps treat fine lines, clogged pores, and discoloration) and glycolic acid (which gently exfoliates dead skin). This duo of ingredients means you wake up with rejuvenated and refreshed skin. 

CBD Jelly Facial Serum

Image credit: Maria Azua

I’ve always enjoyed a good skincare product containing salicylic acid. It’s a classic skincare ingredient that has helped me keep breakouts away since my teen years. And I’m not alone. According to Spate NYC (a search platform that reports on consumer beauty trends), there was an increase in searches related to salicylic acid in skincare products in the past couple of years. 

So if you’re looking for an elevated and luxurious way to incorporate this powerful ingredient into your everyday routine, the CBD Jelly Facial Serum ($39.90) goes on super smoothly over tired skin and combats inflammation and clogged pores to prevent blemishes in acne-prone areas like around your nose, chin, and cheeks.

Since this serum has a lightweight formula that dries down nicely without becoming irritated, I often layer it under sunscreen, concealer, and my usual makeup routine. If using it during my night-time routine, I usually layer between moisturizers and eye cream since it’s gentle enough to use with everyday products. 

My Final Thoughts

Truly Beauty products will probably always be a staple in my skincare collection thanks to their fun packaging (did I mention this Powerpuff Girls collection?) and strong ingredients that actually address some of my skin concerns. I love that I don’t have to compromise effective ingredients for the fun packaging, scents, and cute collections I like to display on my beauty shelves. I also trust that the brand will be on the pulse of the latest skincare ingredients when it comes to future collections and launches.

5 More Reasons to Love Truly Beauty

1. All of Truly Beauty’s products are vegan and cruelty-free.

2. You can take the Truly Skincare Matchmaker quiz to discover products suited to your needs.

3. The P.S Yours Truly offers fun guides on how to use popular products and spotlights important topics on health, sexuality, wellness, and lifestyle.

4. The brand hosts weekly live streams where you can win prizes and listen to conversations around wellness, skincare, body care, and more. 

5. You can save some cash by shopping bundle sets in useful and fun combos like the Unicorn Bundle or Butne (butt acne!) Routine

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