JUNOCO is Shaking Up The Industry, One Clean Ingredient At A Time

Is it just me or is everyone on TikTok obsessed with JUNOCO? The brand is everywhere, so naturally, I had to try it out. A few months in and it’s safe to say, I’m sold. Between clean ingredients, sustainable packaging, a killer mission, and products that actually work, JUNOCO’s line of beauty products are my new favorite toiletry bag staple.

Rather than alter it, JUNOCO encourages people to embrace and enhance their skin - after all, it’s okay to be human! (photo credit: JUNOCO)

Celebrating The Skin You’re In

Most beauty brands’ goal is to help you cover up imperfections and make your skin look “better,” with promises like wrinkle reduction, color correction, or a smoother texture. JUNOCO is exactly the opposite. Without sacrificing product efficacy, the brand wants to dismantle preconceived notions and showcase that true beauty is boundless. In normalizing real skin and real bodies with its #ToBeHuman campaign, JUNOCO hopes to highlight – and celebrate – people’s uniqueness.

According to co-founder Mira Torres, “Beauty has always been an avenue for me to be creative and express myself…it’s fun and artistic. I am a firm believer that…there is no one way of what beauty is supposed to be. Everyday is an opportunity to discover something beautiful within you or with something or someone else.” I love this refreshing take on beauty and the idea of using products to express creativity and enhance the skin I’m in instead of trying to be more like someone else.

JUNOCO’s Clean 10 Cleansing Balm is viral for a reason - it’s practically a miracle worker (photo credit: JUNOCO)

Goodbye Buzzwords, Hello Simple And Effective Ingredients

The beauty world is full of marketing gimmicks and buzzwords, and I’ll admit I’m usually one to fall prey to a great marketing campaign. But the truth is, most of it is B.S. Nobody has time to research and read long lists of ingredients, so appreciate that JUNOCO does the heavy lifting here…without the gimmicks.

The brand’s formulas are intentionally “simple, intentional, and effective,” full of good-for-you ingredients that just make sense. Take the best selling Clean 10 Cleansing Balm ($14.95) for example. With only ten ingredients, including JUNOCO’s infamous Japanese Barley Magic, it works to regulate the skin’s melanin production, brighten the complexion, and deeply cleanse without stripping natural oils. It’s one of Mira’s favorite products too – she even uses it to clean and moisturize her toddler’s chapped, dry lips (sign me up!). I also love the Moonshine Priming Moisturizer ($35). Formulated with 3% avocado oil and hyaluronic acid, it’s basically a big hug for your face, providing breathable moisture for over 12 hours.

Good For People, Good For The Environment

JUNOCO does not mess around when it comes to sustainability. The California-based company creates exclusively vegan and cruelty-free products, meaning they’re better for you, and for the planet. All of JUNOCO’s packaging is 100% recyclable and fuss-free, which means less waste overall. Plus, most products come in glass jars, making them easy to refill or repurpose once you run out. We’re also obsessed with the Cleansing Cookie ($8), a fully reusable makeup remover pad that gets an even deeper clean than using your hands or a reusable wipe.

Co-founder Mira’s on-the-go essentials include sunscreen, basic makeup, and staples from JUNOCO

Co-founder Mira Torres Is Our Spirit Animal

After trying the full line of products, we caught up with Mira Torres to hear more about her story and what’s in her coveted makeup bag. Torres started her career in the beauty industry as a blogger and beauty editor before spending time at Ulta and IPSY. With years of experience and a lot of lessons under her belt, she started JUNOCO with CEO Kyle Jiang in 2017. Today, she lives in the Bay Area with her family and is better known as the “plant lady with the makeup biz” (check out her Insta: thebeautybohemian).

So what’s in her makeup bag? For starters, she carries a “huge Dagne Dover bag that basically has everything I need at all times.” From JUNOCO, she always has Clean 10 and the Bamboo Sponge ($6.99) on hand for reapplying sunblock (her favorite is Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen) or concealer. Her “secret weapon” is the 2% Caffeine Energizing Serum ($23.90) which helps to depuff eyes and brighten the complexion, particularly after a night with no sleep. Finally, a multi-tasking pigment that works as a lip or cheek stain, plus a finishing powder for quick touch ups. Low maintenance…we love it!

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