Make Magic With These Toddler-Approved Halloween Ideas

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To be honest, I’ve never loved Halloween as an adult. It started losing its magic somewhere around middle school, and basically became a glorified stepping stone to get to the “real” holiday season. Last year, though, something changed – I was the proud mom of a two year old who became obsessed with Halloween. She made me buy those giant fake spiders and a bunch of glow in the dark skeletons to decorate the house. And then we went trick or treating in the fancy neighborhood (you know, the ones that give out king size candy bars). 

Halloween as a parent is the best. Not only is it fun to watch your children light up with joy running around eating candy with their friends, but it’s a party for the parents too. Our neighborhood had tables set up with kegs, bottles of wine, and canned cocktails. Needless to say, we’re really leaning into Halloween this year – and here are a few things I have planned.

Hanna Andersson’s simple and playful costume lineup

Playing Dress Up – Our Favorite Costume Shops

Hanna Andersson: If you’re a parent, you’ve probably heard of Hanna Andersson. Best known for its iconic matching family pajamas, this brand has the best lineup of playful and stylish clothes for kids. And this year’s Halloween lineup is no exception. From spooky play dresses ($24) to fall-inspired pajamas ($24) to fairy wings ($30) that toddler dreams are made of, Hanna Andersson is your one stop shop to get into the holiday spirit.

If your little loves playing dress up, you need these adorable play shoes from Super Smalls

Super Smalls: One of my favorite kid brands of all time, Super Smalls is crushing the glam game. My three year old lives for the nail kit ($36) and jewelry, so obviously it was our first stop when looking for Halloween inspiration. We immediately fell in love with the Opening Night Play Shoes ($36) which are the perfect addition to this year’s “princess” costume and will be a daily dress up favorite for years to come. For something a bit more subtle, we’re obsessed with these reusable witch-themed face stickers ($11), or “makeup” if you will.

Meri Meri: I originally discovered Meri Meri when looking for party goods (these are practically famous), but was happy to discover that the brand is so much more. This superhero costume ($68) is a big hit for imaginative little ones, these pumpkin patch tattoos ($16) are perfect for getting in the spirit, and of course you can never go wrong with a hanging spider ($26), particularly when it’s not actually scary.

Slumberkins are the perfect trick-or-treating companion

Getting In The Spirit – Toys, Pajamas, Oh My

Slumberkins: Here at TQE, we’re big believers in Slumberkins (see here), so I was really excited to see the brand launch a whole Halloween line to support kids throughout the chaos of selecting a costume, braving crowds for trick or treating, and more. The brand’s book, “The Costume Comeback at the Monster Ball,” ($17.99) encourages children to be their authentic self and take pride in their choices. And of course, we couldn’t shop Slumberkins without grabbing a few adorable minis – the confidence-building bat ($15), bravery spider ($15) and boo basket ($10) are our current favorites.

1212: There’s nothing sweeter than a themed pajama, and this Halloween we’re crushing on 1212’s organic prints (from $46). I grabbed one of these sets for each of my daughters (matching, obviously) – the print is appropriately themed without being too kitschy. I’m also tempted to buy this sweatshirt ($64) which has my three year old written all over it and will keep her warm through a late night of trick or treating.

We love YumEarth’s healthier candy - free of artificial sugars and dyes

Trick or Treat – The Best Sweets For Littles

Unreal Chocolate: Chances are high that no matter how you feel about kids and sweets, you’re not making it through Halloween completely sugar free. While I’m fine with a little bit of traditional candy here and there, I’d prefer if my kids eat something a little bit more wholesome and love these limited-edition chocolate peanut butter cups (2 boxes for $29.98) from Unreal. They have 36% less sugar and don’t use any artificial flavors or preservatives. Just don’t tell my kids I’m swapping out their Reese’s!

Yum Earth: For those who prefer fruitier flavors, let me introduce you to YumEarth. We’re longtime fans of the gummies ($8.29) and lollipops ($8.29) but I can’t wait to get my hands on this year’s Halloween variety pack ($27.49) – all organic and gluten-free, plus free from allergens, corn syrup and artificial dyes. I may or may not be stealing some of these from our candy stash from now until Halloween…

Even if you’re not a “Halloween person,” we hope these tips and tricks will help get your family into the spirit and make for a magical, tear-free night of trick or treating.

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