The nutribullet Pro 900 Makes Blending a Breeze: Here’s Why It’s Earned a Spot on Our Countertops

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We can all agree that some food and beverages just taste better when a restaurant makes them. For me, that certainly applies to smoothies. For years, no matter what I did, my smoothies and protein shakes would never taste as good as the ones I dropped $15 on from expensive chain spots or fancy gym cafés. 

I soon realized a big reason for that was texture. I wasn’t using a good enough blender to properly blend my ice, fruit, and protein powder into the smooth, creamy consistency I was looking for. That changed once I got a chance to test the nutribullet Pro 900. I quickly discovered an easy and speedy way to make my favorite protein shakes, smoothie bowls, and even marinades that tasted on par with – or dare I say better than – my restaurant favorites. 

A well-known countertop staple in many people’s kitchens, nutribullet has prided itself on simplifying the smoothie, dip, and cold drink-making process. When it comes to innovative blenders, nutribullet’s products are designed to help people live active, healthy lifestyles while also recognizing that busy people want to save time, money, and counter space. 

Soon after trying out the nutribullet Pro 900, I realized that I could make my smoothies at home without that grainy texture (usually from spinach and blueberries) that I dreaded taking sips of. I’m impressed by how smooth this blender makes my smoothies without compromising on temperature or consistency every single time. As it turns out, a simple product swap goes a long way in the blender world.

Helpful attachments and accessories are included with your purchase
 Image: Maria Azua

Unboxing My nutribullet Pro 900

When unboxing the nutribullet Pro 900, I was pleasantly surprised by how many useful attachments and accessories come with the blender. In addition to the 900-watt motor base, you’ll find the extractor blade and two 32 oz cups. This is all you really need to get started, but there are also 2 cup rings that you can use to smoothly take sips directly from the blender cup, 2 handled lip rings that are handy for carrying your drink with one hand, 2 to-go lids, and a recipe book containing fun ideas for smoothies, dips, and shakes. nutribullet is the original maker of the single-serving blender, and it’s apparent: instead of blending up a creation, transferring it to another smaller vessel, and then having double the mess to clean up, nutribullet allows you to create a concoction and then carry it on-the-go with you in the blender itself. 

A finished mango smoothie – look at that consistency! 
Image: Maria Azua

Blending Things Right 

The nutribullet is one of those multifunctional kitchen gadgets that will actually get a ton of use in your kitchen (I can’t say the same for my juicer and waffle maker). Here are a few things the nutribullet Pro 900 is great for: 

  • Making homemade dressings or marinades by blending citrus juice, herbs, olive oil, and vinegar to your desired consistency. Best of all, the cups are easy to clean so you won’t taste remnants of your savory dressing the next time you make your favorite peanut butter protein shake. 
  • The blender can also be used to whip up ice cream and popsicle mixtures as well as bases for cocktails and mocktails. 
  • The blender’s powerful blade is also great for creating a thicker consistency perfect for smoothie bowls. Tip: Use frozen fruit instead of ice for a more flavorful smoothie bowl. 
  • If you’re tired of salsa and dips from the jar, you can throw in tomatoes, lime juice, pepper, onion, and seasonings and blend until you get your desired consistency. 
  • Not a fan of chunky guacamole? Toss your guac ingredients into the blender to make a smooth avocado dip instead. 

It’s A Lifestyle Thing 

nutribullet’s single-serve blenders and to-go lids are designed for traveling so you can avoid spills in your car, on the train, or on your way to the office. The handled lip rings are great for carrying your protein shake to the gym or sipping on your morning beverage while you walk to work. I personally enjoy using the handled lip ring to carry my afternoon protein shake to the gym or my co-working space.

It used to take me several minutes to put together the old blender that I kept hidden on the top shelf of my kitchen. It took me even longer if I had to fumble around looking for the removable blade, jar base, and cap covers that were always inevitably hidden in different drawers. The nutribullet makes it quick and easy to blend your everyday smoothies and shakes to perfection without having to spend minutes putting together a blender. Just fill your cup, push and twist to blend. The boutique smoothie shop around the corner will surely miss you. 

5 more things to love about Nutribullet:

1. Standing the test of time, nutribullet is one of the leading innovators of countertop blenders since first launching in 2003. 

2. The nutribullet Pro 900 includes a complimentary recipe book that includes fun recipes for smoothies, dips, dressings, cocktails, popsicles, and more. 

3. You’ll save time on cleaning: Not only are the blades easy to wash, but the to-go cups are dishwasher-safe. 

4.  The nutribullet Pro 900 is available in 9 metallic colors and 7 matte colors — so you can pick out one that fits well with your other appliances or kitchen decor.

5. Upgrade options: Depending on your needs and lifestyle, you can also purchase additions like the 24 oz tall cup or the 32 oz colossal cup

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