The Bouqs Co. Is The Perfect Gift For the Person Who Has Everything

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Do you remember the first time you received flowers? I do. They were from my (now) husband when we were dating. Having never really received flowers before, I absolutely treasured each bouquet. There’s something so powerful about flowers; maybe this is why we mark all of life’s big moments with them. From congratulatory gifts to tokens of sympathy, flowers help us communicate powerful emotions, even when we don’t know quite what to say.

What I didn’t know when my husband got me my first bouquet is that his options to source them were pretty limited: either go for the cheap grocery store flowers or go for the pricey, old-school flowers from a local shop. Both have their pros and cons, but The Bouqs Co. has taken all of the combined pros – and none of the cons – to make sending gorgeous flowers right to your door a breeze. If only my hubby had known….

All About That Bouq

The Bouqs Co. is all about simplicity, which feels like an appropriate contrast to the intricacies of flower arrangements. With a philosophy to “care about people, the planet, and the process of growing flowers,” the brand puts its focus on the things that really matter, without the added fluff. Founded in 2012, Bouqs is going on over 10 years of “delivering better, responsibly-sourced, farm-fresh flowers to you and the people you love the most.”

An easy way to elevate any space

The brand offers all types of flowers, from seasonal bouquets to wreaths. Beyond these, Bouqs sells everything from bundled gifts to small plants and vases, so it’s a one-stop shop for all things floral and greenery.

Bouqs' flexible subscription model regularly delivers flowers straight to your door. One of the sweetest parts is that you can change the delivery date and recipient as desired – you can treat yourself, sure, but you can also keep it in your back pocket as a standby gift to anyone you have in mind. Additionally, Bouqs also offers a one-time order model for you to send flowers to a loved one or to test out the subscription.

In case all of that hasn’t yet wowed you, The Bouqs Co. also does weddings – choose the exact floral pieces to match your wedding aesthetic and have them sent to you 2-3 days before your event. Take it from someone who DIY-ed her wedding flowers, this sounds like a literal dream!

From Farm to (Your) Table

In classic DTC fashion, The Bouqs takes the middleman out of the equation, which normally just means cheaper prices. In the case of The Bouqs, it also means that your flowers stay fresh for much longer than they would’ve had they been in transit for a few extra days.

Up close and personal with the Firecracker arrangement

Thankfully, I got to see this magic up close and personal with two bouquets: Whisper ($74) and Firecracker (from $54). When each arrived, it was in a box that was clearly marked as a box from The Bouqs Co., as well as a big note reminding me to open it right away and to place it in water as soon as I could. Upon opening the box, I learned the secret behind ensuring the flowers aren’t damaged along the way: they’re packaged with reusable paper padding, as well as a zip tie to keep everything secured to the box.

Taking Root in Our House

Each bouquet is so tastefully curated. I especially love the vibrancy and pop-of-color the Firecrackers hot pink, orange and red roses offer my mostly-neutral space. Whisper’s white pampas, roses and delicate Limonium, on the other hand, lend a stunning-yet-calming vibe. 

Perhaps one of the things I was most nervous about when my delivery arrived was having to arrange it. My grandmother was a florist, but let me tell you… I got absolutely none of her talent. Luckily, the heavy lifting was already done for me; all I had to do was trim the stems a bit and fluff things up; no difficult arranging and moving-around-of-stems required.

My guests are always impressed with the Whisper arrangement

My mother-in-law has been going through a couple of hard life events recently, and I actually got the opportunity to share a Bouq with her, too. The call I got when she opened the box was something I wish I could receive every day. She was so excited and amazed by the intricacy of the arrangement and the way the flowers all held together through transit. We kept talking about it for a few days after, too, as the buds that were closed upon arrival began to reach their full bloom.

A New Way to Bloom

A Bouq is a perfect celebratory gift for any occasion: from an apology to congratulations or a sign of sympathy. Our most-frequent occasion? Birthdays, of course. After finding floral arrangements that are cheaper, more convenient, and truly tippy-top quality, I’ll never look at those grocery store flowers the same.

5 More Reasons to Love Bouqs:

  1. The brand is truly “rooted in kindness,” supporting only farms that align with The Bouqs Co.’s values to protect workers’ well-being.
  2. Most of the farmers the brand works with are certified by third parties such as Rainforest Alliance, BloomCheck, or Florverde Sustainable Flowers to ensure all flowers are truly responsibly grown. You’ll get to know the people who labored over your bouquet on the brand’s thoughtfully curated website with farmer bios.
  3. The Bouqs flowers are cut to bloom at the farm, so they last longer. You can watch them blossom right before your eyes.
  4. Many of The Bouqs’ plants and arrangements can be planted (and are marked as such), making them an even better option for the planet.
  5. The Bouqs’ website is full of tips and tricks for how to best care for your flowers, with tips like how much water and light to give it, as well as whether it’s pet-safe.

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