The Bra Edit: The 5 Best Places To Buy Bras Online

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The year is 2010. I’ve finally outgrown the triple-A training bra I insisted my mom buy me at our local boutique. It’s time for the big leagues. A real bra. I strut into Victoria’s Secret, walking through rows of big cups, small cups, and lots of push-ups. What I thought would feel like my first foray into womanhood got really awkward really quickly. I’m pretty sure I left with a zebra print push-up bra that didn’t even fit me. 

If you have ever been fitted for a bra at Victoria’s Secret, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Okay, I’m just kidding and can’t promise you that, but what I’m getting at is the traditional bra shopping experience sucks. So many people are given the wrong size when getting fitted for a bra. For a piece of clothing that’s supposed to make your body feel its best, it’s disappointing. 

Luckily, there’s a place where you can shop for bras with peace, quiet, and a whole lot of information to help you make your decision. If you guessed the internet, you’re right. Bra shopping from the comfort of your own home is easy and, in my humble opinion, a lot more enjoyable. With so many great brands making innovative, modern options, it’s easy for everyone to find their perfect bra online. Keep reading to find our picks for the best places to buy bras online right now and get ready to make some swipes. 

For Comfortable Essentials

Harper Wilde 

High-quality, fairly priced bras. Who could say no to that? Great bras at great prices are the foundation of Harper Wilde’s mission to lift ladies up...pun intended. The brand’s bras are simple: functional silhouettes, great fabrics, and the thoughtful details you’ve always wished your bras had. With only six options, your shopping experience is simple too. All of the pieces come in just a few neutral colors that work for a variety of skin-tones. While the selection is small, Harper Wilde has a bra for just about everything, from lounging on the couch to dancing the night away in a strapless dress. 

I’m a huge fan of The Move. It’s the goldilocks of sports bras for me. It keeps my girls supported while working out, but it’s just as comfy for hours spent sitting at my desk. If you’re looking for simple styles that look, feel, and are priced just right, Harper Wilde is a brand to get excited about. 

Standout Style: The Base, $40

For The Itty Bitty Titty Committee 


Designed specifically for sizes AA, A, and B, Pepper promises the IBTC great-fitting, super-flattering bras that make you feel amazing in your skin (there’s nothing like digging bands and awkward gaps to make you feel out of your element). When it comes to the bras themselves, it’s clear co-founders Jaclyn Fu and Lia Winograd thought of everything. The cups have a shallower shape than most bras and the cups are just lightly padded. All of the thoughtful details look great on our small-chested friends, and empower you to embrace what you’re given instead of trying to look bigger -- no shade to push-up bras though.

Among Pepper’s thousands of supporters is TQE Editor Tatiana: “It felt kind of like I had boobs for the first time ever, not because it was a mega push up bra, but because it actually fit and supported me with an authentic lift, the way they always should have,” she says. Safe to say she is beyond sold on Pepper, and we think you will be too. 

Standout Style: Mesh All You Bra, $50

For When You Don’t Want To Wear A Bra At All

Negative Underwear

While this piece is dedicated to helping you find the best bras, I’ll be the first to admit that bras can suck. So much so, that I actually opt to go sans bra most of the time. Still, bras have a time and place, and even a bra-hater needs a great one in their repertoire. 

Negative Underwear is a bra-hater’s dream. The aptly-named brand is all about pared down, minimalist basics that don’t even feel like they’re there. Founded by women, for women, the brand puts fit, function, and comfort first and foremost. Every undergarment from Negative is really just the essentials; don’t expect frills, bows, lace, or extra padding. You can expect underwire and wireless options, buttery-soft and breathable fabrics, and a range of colors from neutrals to bright, fun tones. There’s even a nursing bra made for new mamas. With cup sizes from A-G and band sizes from 30-42, there’s something for everyone. If you have a large chest and prefer something very supportive, Negative is probably not the brand for you. If you do want something simple, sexy, and free-the-nipple-movement-approved, we think you’ll love Negative. 

Standout Style: Sieve Non-Wire Bra, $60

For When You Want Style And Support


When it comes to undergarments, I’ve always stuck to more practical pieces. So many of the typical “sexy” bras out there are just that and don’t offer much in terms of support. Then, I met Cuup. Boy, oh BOY do I love these bras. I could wax poetic on Cuup, but I’ll keep it short and sweet: supportive, sleek, sexy. All Cuup bras are unlined, so they feel super lightweight, breathable, and honestly, freeing. Still, it actually feels like you’re wearing a real bra. With just five silhouettes and relatively minimal colorways, Cuup is a go-to for undergarment essentials that feel chic and modern. 

I’m partial to The Scoop, a curved silhouette in a silky-smooth microfiber fabric. It’s so comfortable and so flatting; it’s not like it’s lingerie, but it’s the kind of bra you want people to see. If you’re looking for something a little more on the sexy side, try The Balconette. If you want an upgrade from your favorite t-shirt bra without sacrificing on comfort, you won’t regret getting a Cuup bra.

Standout Style: The Scoop, $68

For Big Busts


Big busts are often relegated to boring colorways, thick materials, and rather clunky looking bras. But everyone deserves to feel amazing in their intimates, and Lively is a brand making that happen. Founder Michelle Cordeiro Grant spent years in the industry (she oversaw merchandising and strategy at Victoria’s Secret for five years) and noticed that women just weren’t comfortable in what they were wearing. Lively was her attempt at helping everyone find their perfect bra...and it’s going very well. 

The brand coined the term leisurée, blending the best elements of lingerie and athleisure. Think comfort-first pieces that don’t sacrifice on style either, like the Busty Bralette. This bralette sold out in 24 hours when it first launched and subsequently garnered a 3,000-person waitlist to boot. Made just for sizes D-DDD, the bralette has no-slip adjustable straps, breathable mesh lining, and a supportive inner sling that together give you comfortable coverage for days. Beyond this internet-famous bralette, Lively has a wide range of styles for larger busts (sizes 32D to 40G). 

Standout Style: The Comfort Minimizer Bra, $35

Bottom line: your boobs probably deserve better and these five brands are here to help. Check out their sites for more styles, sizing tips, and fit guides. Here’s to having better bra shopping experiences than I did in middle school!

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