PSA: If You’re A Member Of The IBTC (You Know Who You Are), You NEED This Bra

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I’ve been a member of the IBTC (the itty bitty titty committee) since, well, forever. I became a proud member of the IBTC a bit more recently than that. Growing up, I would have done anything for a reason to go to Victoria’s Secret but the truth is: after my very first training bra, there wasn’t much point in going back for seconds. My chest growth spurt ended the moment it started, leaving me to settle for a sports-bra-only kind of life.

With time (and a little learned self-confidence), I’ve come to love my body just the way it is—IBTs and all. Plus, small boobs have their fair share of benefits. #1 on that list of benefits is, of course, not having to wear a bra. But like most things, that benefit comes with a bit of a price, too. I can never wear white shirts because while I support #FreeTheNipple, I’m not always looking to do so. Going home after a date becomes a bit black and white—it’s either a kiss goodnight or full-on nudity. And of course, I can never spontaneously jump into a swimming pool in my bra and underwear a la Natalie Portman in Garden State.

As much as I longed for my Garden State moment, I knew I couldn’t go back to bras. The discomfort, the huge gap between chest and cup—they’re just not meant for IBTs… until now. A few months ago, I saw an ad on Instagram for Pepper, a bra company that promised to make exceptionally fitting bras for the small-chested community (specifically, those with AA, A, or B cups). While I was definitely intrigued, I didn’t bite. Frankly, I didn’t believe the hype. But as time went on, I started seeing more and more testimonials from the IBTC and decided to take them for a spin.

Trying Them Out For Size

The worst part of shopping for new bras is figuring out your bra size. It’s such a hassle with annoying measuring tapes, and I never know exactly where I’m supposed to be measuring in the first place. Luckily, Pepper’s website had both a Fit Guide and a handy and intuitive Size Quiz to help me find my perfect size. Like their bras, the quiz is specifically designed for small boobs—they interviewed thousands of women from cup sizes AA to B and use all of that information to help you find your perfect fit.

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In the end, I found out my size was 34AA, and while teenage me would be throwing a tantrum, Pepper’s calming website copy helped me feel better: “We empower women to feel extra special, supremebly confident, and proud of their small boobs.” And if their bras were really all they were chalked up to be, who cared what size I was? My boobs would be looking great in no time…

Pepper sells a mix of underwire and wirefree bras, mostly in chic, understated colors. I decided to go with their Mesh All You Bra in Tuscan and their Laidback Lace Bra in Sienna Rose—if I wanted to wear white t-shirts after all this time, I had to make sure I had some nude shades to work with. Then, to spice things up, I snagged some of their more bralette styles too: a Limitless Wirefree Bra in Black and for a little extra fun, their limited edition Cherry Bomb Bra. I was tempted by their merch, too; they have laundry bags for your bras, scrunchie sets, even cute socks…but I decided against it this go around. Maybe next time.

Wearing A Bra For The First Time In A Long Time

Pepper’s unboxing experience is enough to have you yelling from the rooftops. Whoever their Graphic Designer is deserves a round of applause, and honestly, someone give their Copywriter a Nobel Prize already—they’re doing god’s work. Even though I was definitely smitten with the brand at this point, I admittedly was still a bit skeptical about if I’d like the bras or not. Twenty plus years of feeling disillusioned with bras will leave you a bit jaded.

I tried on the wireless ones first, as I consider these to be like a gateway bra: somewhere between #FreeTheNipple and push-up bra territory. The shape of both were incredibly flattering and the material was mega-soft to the touch. The straps were easily adjustable (I remember this not being the case with other bras…) and it felt true to size. The mesh detailing added a flirty touch to the otherwise muted look of the black bra. The only thing I didn’t love was that the bras were padded, but no biggie—they’re easily removable if that’s not your thing either.

So yes, I loved the wireless bras but honestly—if I’m going to put in the effort of wearing a bra, I want it to be a bra bra. An adult, lacy, underwire bra. For years, even when the person at the store assured me I had been sized correctly, bras would simply never fit. There would be a huge gap between my chest and the cup, which made the point of a bra entirely futile—I was flashing people left and right whenever I leaned over. Plus, they just made my boobs look even smaller than they already were; even the “least coverage” bras covered my entire breast (and then some). There was really nothing sexy about them.

So when I tried on the Mesh All You Bra for the first time, I was truly, without exaggeration, shocked. My first thought was: “Woah, this is what bras are supposed to look like.” It felt kind of like I had boobs for the first time ever, not because it was a mega push up bra, but because it actually fit and supported me with an authentic lift, the way they always should have.

The detailing of the lace bra is a perfect, more feminine counterpart to the more understated All You bra. It’s not too over the top, but definitely adds some of the lingerie sexiness I’ve been missing out on. Neither digs into my side or leaves a mark and they both feature Pepper’s Authentic Life design, which is built to hug and lift your curves like “the perfect pair of stretchy yoga pants.” And boy, hug and life they do.

This probably goes without saying, but: I’m beyond sold on Pepper. I’ve sent them to every IBTC friend I have and have officially bought three new white shirts that I can finally wear with my new nude bras. Above all else, a body-positive brand on a mission to make small-boobed people feel sexy and confident is a brand I can get behind. Bravo, Pepper. Bravo.

5 More Reasons To Love Pepper:

  • Co-founders Jaclyn Fu and Lia Winograd initially launched Pepper as a Kickstarter campaign. Now they’re in Forbes 30 Under 30. Obsessed.
  • The bras are manufactured in Colombia, which is known for its expertise in lingerie manufacturing. Plus, Pepper’s facility gives single and “head of household” mothers preference during the job screening process.
  • Their Instagram account (@wearpepper) is everything you could ask for and more from a boob brand.
  • They value sustainability (and transparency). They have a full page on their site dedicated to showing their sustainability practices. Our favorite? They’ll send you a discount code if you send them a photo of you recycling your old bras!
  • If you’re still not quite sure what to order after their Fit Quiz, you can actually schedule a 1 on 1 Virtual Fitting with a member of the team to find the ultimate Pepper bra for you!

Try Pepper for yourself today.

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