The Best Brands in Cannabis (No Narcs Allowed)

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As a long time Cannabis Enthusiast (aka big-time weed smoker), I was pretty thrilled back in April 2022 when the US House of Representatives passed legislation to legalize marijuana nationwide. On top of all that good stuff, just this week President Biden pardoned thousands of Americans convicted of marijuana possession. The pardons clears everyone with federal marijuana charges since it became a crime in the 1970s. Biden also tasked the Attorney General to review how marijuana is legally categorized, the first step toward potentially easing the federal classification that currently places weed  in the same category as heroin and LSD – which, of course, is absolutely insane. In short, these are all great signs that the good ole United States of America is moving closer and closer to eventually decriminalizing marijuana on a national level, and not just in a handful of (the coolest) states. 

So, in preparation for the inevitable American Weedaissance to come, I valiantly ventured to the far corners of the world (aka the internet) to roundup the Best Brands in Cannabis. Now obviously I realize not all Quality Edit readers are Los Angelenos like myself who can walk down the block to their local cannabis dispensary and pick up an 8th of sweet, sweet sticky-icky, so instead of profiling actual weed brands and strains, I’m going to focus more on the best cannabis paraphernalia, gear and accountraments from Weed Vapes to Rolling Papers and everything in between. In other words, BYOW.

Photo: Old Pal


Much like your stoner cousin offering you your first toke at the family reunion, Old Pal’s vision is simple: It’s just weed, man. This elevated cannabis brand sports a groovy, old-school aesthetic and offers a collection of quality, artisan goods built for free spirits who enjoy the higher side of life. I really dig Old Pal’s bold and earthy flower, but the brand’s apparel and paraphernalia is really where it shines – and at a great price point! This sturdy, aluminum Classic” Grinder ($24) is a must-have for any at-home joint roller, and the ceramic-glazed Do Your Part Ashtray ($18) is a perfect place to ash said joints. All of the brand’s apparel is high-quality and has that “I think my dad had that same shirt in the 70’s?”-vibe. Some of my personal favorites include the comfy Peace Offering Crewneck Sweatshirt ($98), the “I’m going to a party and want people to know I get high” Pleasure to Treasure T-shirt ($45). Old Pal is a brand that celebrates the good ole days when weed was just weed and joints were passed around to old pals and new ones. So light one up and pass it my way.



Founded by Tracie Morrissey, the award-winning writer and co-host of the Pot Psychology podcast, Pipe Dreams is a glassware company for potheads who like pretty things. Seriously though, this company offers some of the cutest pipes and bongs I have ever laid my slightly-bloodshot eyes on. The Pink Triangle Pipe ($55) is simple and adorable and the Sunset Bong ($140) is a sophisticated piece of geometric smokeware made from thick and sturdy borosilicate glass that comes in both Amber and Teal. But my favorite Pipe Dreams pipe is B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Literally. This darling and honestly kinda hilarious Banana Pipe ($35) is equal parts funny and functional. In other words, Pipe Dreams is a great brand for anybody who likes to get high and wants to look damn cute while doing it!

Photo: Bespoke Post


Bespoke Post is mostly known for its monthly subscription boxes filled with unique luxury goods tailored to your own personal taste, but the brand also has a standalone online store where you can find some pretty solid 420-friendly gear. Essentially, Bespoke Post acts as a hub for a variety of sophisticated smokeware brands such as Herbal Goods Co. and Marley Natural. The Walnut Grinder & Rolling Tray ($145) is made from sustainable black walnut wood and has an elegant, classy feel for all you weed smokers out there who want to be taken seriously while letting off some after-work steam. The Walnut & Glass Bubbler Pipe ($120) also sports a sleek, sexy style and the Rose Petal Pre-Rolled Smoking Cones ($32) are made from organic, sun-dried rose petals and make for an all-natural smoking experience you won't get with your usual gas station rolling papers. 

Photo: Papers + Ink 


Papers + Ink Studio is an AAPI woman-owned brand bringing style to smoking by challenging stigmas around cannabis usage, with fashion-focused rolling papers and stylish accessories. Its Rolling Paper Kits (starting at $14) come in a variety of styles and incorporate artistic designs and social activism so that smokers can make a statement while enjoying their plant-based medicine. The brand creates designs in-house and in-collaboration with artists to print onto 100% organic hemp paper, and often partners with fashion and cannabis companies for dope brand collabs. I found these Vintage Roses Rolling Papers ($28) to be especially kitschy and cute in a sort-of Cool Stoner Grandma kind-of-way.

Photo: Houseplant


"Houseplant is a passion we've brought to life through drive and dedication," said Houseplant co-founder and wildly successful writer + director + actor + producer, Seth Rogen. (Yup. That Seth Rogen.) I’ve tried Houseplant’s weed & prerolls and they smoke beautifully, made with top-notch flower, but the mid century-inspired “house goods” are next-level chic. For anyone who follows Seth on Instagram, you know my dude has been dipping his toes into the world of ceramics and pottery these last few years. Houseplant has recently debuted a replica of Seth’s signature “gloopy glaze” with the limited-edition Gloopy Ashtray by Seth ($275). The brand’s latest drop is the stylish green marble Ridge Ashtray ($150) which, according to the Houseplant website, is inspired by a marvel of modern engineering: the potato chip. I’ve always been a huge fan of everything Seth and his creative partner/co-founder Evan Goldberg have lent their talents too, and Houseplant is no expectation. 

Photo: G Pen


I’m more of a joint kind-of-guy myself, but I couldn’t possibly do a Cannabis Roundup without shining the spotlight on another increasingly popular mode of cannabis consumption: The Vape! And when it comes to top-notch vape brands, look no further than G Pen. At the forefront of ingenuity and aptitude, G Pen was the first vaporizer to market a tank system specifically designed for essential fluids and personal aromatherapy regimens. In other words, the brand is an O.G. of the Vape World. The G-Pen Dash Vaporizer ($69.95) brings supreme functionality to the palm of your hand in a powerful, ultra-discreet, lightweight and affordable device. Vape on, my babies. 

Photo: Higher Standards 


I know I’ve highlighted a variety of cool, kitchy, hipster cannabis brands that make getting high feel cute, colorful and uber-sophisticated, but I wanted to close out my roundup by showcasing a legit no-frills glassware company for any hardcore stoners out there just looking for a good, clean smoking apparatus. Enter Higher Standards, a one-stop shop for cutting-edge brands and technology, who give cannabis connoisseurs the tools they need for the perfect smoking experience. This Heavy Duty Beaker Bong ($160) is giving stoner boyfriend who knows a little too much about “terpenes and rosins,” but I was especially drawn to The K.Haring Glass Collection and the K. Haring Water Pipe ($160) which is emboldened with the powerful, iconic imagery of legendary artist Keith Haring. 

Alright, folks. That’s all he wrote. A complete-and-total breakdown of The Best Brands in Cannabis. I take great comfort in knowing we’re moving closer and closer to a time where you don’t have to feel ashamed or stigmatized for wanting to have a ‘lil toke in the privacy of your own home. The world is a weird, wild place and we all deserve a little something-something to take the edge off.  So, get out there and grab yourself some sweet plant-medicine relief. You deserve it.  <3 

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