The Arrivals Moya V Review: This Jacket Is The Wardrobe Splurge You Deserve

Caption: The most perfect shearling moto jacket your closet has ever seen.

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As I’ve gotten older, my mindset around shopping has changed. I’m no longer focused on filling my closet with the latest trends. Instead, I try to focus on buying high-quality pieces that I know will be well-worn over the years. You know the ones – the perfect white t-shirt you wear with everything from jeans to skirts, the cashmere sweater you can’t get enough of, the jeans you wear at least twice a week. Elevated essentials will become the backbone of your wardrobe. And if you live in a cold-weather climate, your wardrobe deserves a really great coat.

I may be a newly-minted West Coaster, but having spent the last 25 years of my life in the Northeast, I have amassed quite the coat collection. And the Moya, an oversized leather shearling moto jacket from the Arrivals, has been on my jacket wishlist for almost five years now.

The Moya and I have history. I first came across the Moya V (at the time I believe it was the Moya III) when I was living in New York City. The oversized moto jacket was everywhere – draping the shoulders of effortlessly chic subway riders on my route to work and celebrities all over my Instagram feed. The supple leather, the plush shearling, the way it was perfectly oversized without being too bulky – I had to have it.

You can imagine my disappointment when my brother (who I trust with all of my fashion questions) told me he didn’t think that it was really “me.” How could I spend over $1,000 on a coat that isn’t even me?!

So, the Moya left my mind. And soon enough, it was out of sight too. I moved to LA where I’m lucky if a shearling jacket like this one gets even a week or two to show off.

But, then the opportunity to try my very own Moya arrived in my inbox. All of that kid-in-a-candy-store excitement came rushing back. If you love to shop, I know you know the feeling. The Arrivals was kind enough to send me one of their delicious jackets to try for myself.

At $1,298, this isn’t the kind of coat most of us can just add to cart without a second thought. But, if you’ve also had your eye on this piece for a while now, I’m here to say it is certainly worth the hype – and the swipe.

The Arrivals Arrives

We call this one, utility chic.

Founded by Jeff Johnson, who was originally an architect, The Arrivals creates outerwear that is equal parts performance and design. If you’ve weathered harsh winters before, you know this balance is surprisingly hard to find. You’re usually given two options: gorgeous pieces that do nothing by way of keeping you warm or performance wares that protect you from the elements but lack any sense of style. The Moya V, with its water-resistant leather and heavy-duty hardware, is a prime example of the Arrivals' mastery.

Even the way the Arrivals packages this jacket exemplifies their commitment to blending performance and design. When you’re buying a luxury item, you want a luxurious unboxing experience too. The Arrivals does just that. The Moya came perfectly protected in a shing silver garment bag. Each piece of hardware was individually wrapped with plastic coverings so the metal doesn’t knick the leather in transit (so I assume). The garment bag is durable (not the single-use plastic kind many of us have on hand), bright and fun to look at, and I certainly will be keeping it to store my jacket or pack it for travel.

Meeting The Moya

I had dreamt about wearing the Moya for five years now, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I slipped it on. Instantly, I felt like an off-duty model or fashion editor or someone who just knows what they’re doing.

And everyone around me saw it too. My mom ogled when she saw me walk down donning the coat. My best friend remarked how gorgeous it was when I showed up to her apartment with my Moya in tow. In my wardrobe, green is a neutral color, so it only felt fitting to get the gorgeous grassy green Turf color. It’s a showstopper for sure. But the Moya is more than just a pretty face. It’s really freaking warm.

The Arrivals has field tested the jacket for 0-30 degrees fahrenheit. That is COLD. I wore it traipsing around New York City on windy days where the temperatures were dropping into the 30s and I was more than warm. At points I actually had to unzip the coat.

It’s all in the details.

While certainly stylish and chic, I don’t feel like I have to be overly precious when I wear this jacket. The smooth Napa leather is coated with a water-resistant treatment so it can withstand drizzles and flurries. The hardware is heavy-duty and durable. There are breast and side pockets to keep your essentials handy. An adjustable hem, cuff, and neck belts give you the opportunity to get a more personal fit. And the high-pile shearling feels like you’re wrapped in a blanket, perfect for those days when it seems like there’s nothing you can do to keep the cold air away.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

When it comes to leather jackets, I usually size up as I like some room for layering sweaters without feeling like I’m squeezing myself into a sausage casing. With the Moya, I’d suggest going with your regular size or even sizing down. The jacket is intentionally oversized and may stretch over time, giving you an even roomier fit. I tried two sizes and went with the smaller, but I honestly could have sized down again and been just as comfortable.

I’m 5’6 and my mom is 5’3, but the jacket fit and looked great on both of us. The intentional oversized fit makes it quite versatile in terms of sizing.

The gorgeous green jacket in all its glory.

The jacket currently is available in six shades: Storm (a cool gray), Turf (a rich green), Pollen (a subtle yellow), Earth (a tan leather with black shearling), Space Black and Navy, which are both self-explanatory. Each of these is a great neutral topper depending on the colors most present in your wardrobe.

There was a point where I thought shearling moto jackets were just a trend. But they’ve been “trending” for years now, and I don’t see them going away any time soon. With fast fashion, you certainly have the opportunity to go for a cheaper option, but if you choose to make the investment in the Moya, you won’t be sorry. From the way it looks to the way it feels I know this piece will last a lifetime in my wardrobe. And, if you so desire, yours too.

Shop the Moya here.

Five More Reasons To Love The Arrivals:

  1. When you spend $100 or more, you’ll get free shipping!
  2. The Geo Shop curates products designed for different climates, so you can find the right accessories and outerwear for your desired location.
  3. The Arrivals stands by the quality of their products, which is why many of them have a lifetime warranty.
  4. Love The Arrivals so much and want the brand to make your brand or business merch? The Arrivals has a corporate apparel arm that can make this happen.
  5. Buying an investment piece online can be intimidating, but free exchanges and returns make that process a little less scary. Note there is a $10 restocking fee, though, for non-exchange returns.

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