Taurus Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For This Month, According To The Stars

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Taurus season is (in my expert opinion) one of the best months for gift-giving and pampering. Known for their affinity for the little luxuries in life, Taureans are not just fond of indulgence – they’re also stubborn about the things they love. Ace the assignment with gifts they’ll truly find pleasure and comfort in, and you’ll earn their steadfast loyalty for good. Read on to find the perfect gift for the notoriously bullish Taurus you love.

Get Them High Off Their Own Supply

Credit: Laundry Day and Dad Grass

It’s no secret that Taureans are often crowned the stoners of the zodiac – and for good reason. Merge their love for material luxury with their adoration for the mellowing effect of “plants” by gifting them a litany of CBD, THC, and even CBG delights. 

For the new parent who could use an evening relaxant: Dad Grass CBD and Mom Grass CBG Joints (from $10), made of 100% Certified Organic Hemp Flower at low doses that will legally ship to any Taurus doorstep.

For the mixologist: Gift AMASS’s AFTERDREAM ($59.50), a cannabis-infused non-alcoholic spirit made with bright and herbaceous California botanicals to make the mind-mellowing cocktail of their far-out dreams.

For the aspirational herbalist: Low-dose botanical pre-rolls from Drew Martin, which blend cannabis and botanics like Chamomile and Rose Petal for a ritual that’s nuanced in flavor and experience. 

For the accessorizer: Some beautiful glassware from Laundry Day (from $30), and hard-edge lighters from Tsubota Pearl (from $24) to light up in style. 

For The Master At-Home Chef (Or Expert Snacker)

Credit: Papier and Material Kitchen

Tauruses often love to get creative in the kitchen, whether they’re whipping up weird but snackable creations or indulgent pasta dinners from scratch. Gift them a journal of foodie dreams from Papier, for those recipe testing on the regular, or searching for a better system of meal planning each week (from $30). 

Credit: west~bourne

Every home chef needs some high-quality basics. Elevate their kitchen arsenal with the Fundamentals Set from Material Kitchen ($195), or the Trio Of Knives for a small package that packs a serious slicing and dicing punch ($155). Upgrade their raw materials with west~bourne’s new Avocado Oil Set ($80), grown and pressed in Mexico and bottled in Southern California. For a Taurus who loves delicious food but doesn’t have the time to chef it from scratch, send the Super Snackable Set ($75), featuring zero-waste, totally addictive provisions that’ll disappear in days.

From The Earth: Nourish Their Green Thumb

Credit: @gardyntech

As grounded earth signs, Taureans are associated with plant life (and might find themselves most recharged after getting their hands in some soil, or relaxing in a field of grass). Infuse their space with earthy energy by sending them a gift they can grow – like a Microgreen Kit from Hamama ($49) or a Gardyn Home Kit ($699) for a splurge-worthy friend who deserves a regenerative supply of leafy greens and herbs.

Renovate Their Skincare Ritual With One Set To Replace The Rest

Credit: Vintner’s Daughter

Tauruses love indulgence and luxury, but they also crave simplicity. Nothing says Taurus like a high-quality two-step skincare routine designed to replace extraneous products, formulated with the world’s best-quality, active whole botanicals. Send them Vintner’s Daughter’s Signature Set ($420) to infuse their skincare ritual with whole plant nutrition – and the undeniable luxury of a facial oil and essence that smell like a very expensive spa. 

For The Professional Lounger: Sets And Robes For WFH, Unwinding, And Everything In Between

Credit: Tekla

I cannot overemphasize a Taurus’s love for relaxing and grounding in their home space. Gift them the perfect at-home uniform for their personality and taste, and they’ll think of you as they slip into their chic pajama or loungewear set:

A crisp sleepwear set from Tekla (I’m privy to the classic Stripe Poplin, but you’ll know what your Taurus likes best). Add on the brand’s cult-favorite Bathrobe (made of 100% Organic Cotton, from $100) for the Taurus you’d really like to pamper.  

Credit: @daily_sleeper and @blackandolive

For the Taurus who embodies all things flirty and fabulous, the Party Pajamas Set (with double feathers, of course) from Sleeper ($320).

In on a classic: the Cotton Cloud Robe ($109) from Parachute is a crowd-favorite – you really can’t go wrong, promise. 

Get to gifting – and we’ll meet you back here next month to coach you through the process of pleasing a Gemini.

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