6 Superfood Powders That Will Keep Your Wellness Goals On Track

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Let’s get real: Were you really going to keep up that intense juicing regimen you started in January? Are you really going to keep up with weekly market trips for fresh organic produce, clean it and drop it in the juicer? And then clean all your juicer parts!? No thanks.

When it comes to wellness, convenience is key. Building healthy habits starts with small, achievable steps that are easy to integrate into a daily routine. Thankfully, Golde, Sakara, Sunwink, Ora Organic, Clevr and Kola Goodies have made it insanely easy to get your nutrients with these six superfood powders. And they only take minutes, if not seconds, to prepare.

For A Complete Detox: Golde Green Detox Kit

Credit: @patrice.elyse

Innovative wellness and beauty brand Golde put their Matcha Turmeric Latte Superfood Latte Blend and Clean Greens Detoxifying Face Mask in one sweet package. Matcha is rich in antioxidants, detoxifying chlorophyll and natural caffeine, while turmeric is excellent at managing skin and gut health. The face mask is a sweet bonus, unclogging pores of everyday pollutants. Name a more iconic duo. We’ll wait.

Best Protein Powder: Sakara Organic Protein + Greens Super Powder

Credit: @sakaralife

The nutrition magicians at Sakara created the nutrition-packed Organic Protein + Greens Super Powder with 12g of complete, whole-food, bioavailable protein derived from plants. Too lazy to chop kale to put into your smoothie? No prob. This protein powder also boasts alkalizing grasses and detoxifying algaes, sweetened with 1g of organic coconut sugar, making it naturally sweet without the sugar rush.

Caffeine-Free Focus: Sunwink Cacao Clarity Powder

Credit: @withcarrington

Sunwink’s Cacao Clarity powder has been my personal favorite because of its earthy chocolate-y flavor that actually gives you extra brain power and focus. Cacao is packed with flavinoids — nutrients that improve blood flow to the brain and heart to keep you alert. Ingredients like lion’s mane, maca and reishi amplify the healing effects of cacao for a potent and nutritious superfood powder.

Inflammation Zapper: Ora Organic Golden Milk Powder

Credit: @hawthorncoffee

What makes Ora Organic’s turmeric-based powder different from the others? They added organic black pepper to this signature blend. Black pepper increases the bioavailability of turmeric’s active ingredient curcumin, making it more potent and effective at reducing inflammation and chronic pain. This powder is also packed with adaptogens that help the body regulate hormones during stressful situations.

Midday Energy Boost: Clevr Matcha SuperLatte

Besides the uber-healthy matcha, turmeric, adaptogens and probiotics packed in Clevr’s Matcha Superlatte, Clevr prioritizes relationships with small-scale suppliers that value transparency. Just add water and milk, and you’re only a sip away from insanely good non-GMO ingredients combined to jumpstart your mornings or afternoons with a mild, natural kick of caffeine from the matcha.

Miracle Mellow Mushrooms: Kola Goodies Ashwa WOW. Powder

Credit: @steadycatalog

Kola Goodies is riding the miracle mushroom wave, using Ashwagandha to power their stress-busing and focus-boosting powder. Ashwagandha is the star of all adaptogens, helping the body reduce stress and adapt to chaotic situations. Just add water, or to coffee, smoothies or your choice of milk to keep mentally, emotionally and physically calm throughout the day.

You shouldn’t have to break a sweat to stay healthy. These six superfood powders make it ridiculously easy to stay on top of your wellness routines, fueling your body and mind to seize the day.

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