Stellar Eats Review: These Feel Good Eats Are Seriously Out of This World

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Growing up, my favorite part of spending the weekend at grandma’s was the scent of fresh chocolate chip cookies as soon as I opened the front door. Cooking with grandma was a bragging right. Her only rule? There were no rules, which obviously translated to cookies for breakfast. She taught me it’s good to indulge in the sweet and simple pleasures of life. 

But, as my interest in nutrition has grown, I’ve found recreating a healthier version of those cookies to be a tedious process. I struggled to achieve the perfect crisp on the outside, chewiness on the inside, and balance of sweet, salty, and bliss… until I tried Stellar Eats

The Secret Ingredients To Stellar Eats 

Female founders eating homemade pizza.
Credit: Stellar Eats

Stella Vanstone, the founder, says her two business partners are the key components to success in the world of business, not only because they are dependable and creative, but because they make work fun. “It’s not always easy, and sometimes we don’t know what we’re doing, but at least we can laugh about it together.” 

As a business that started inside of a shipping container in a parking lot in Toronto, Canada, Stellar Eats has made its way across the US, onto the shelves of the popular Erewhon markets, with more grocery stores in the pipeline. But until it's in your local store, get free shipping anywhere in Canada or the US if you buy two mixes– and trust me: you’ll want them all.

Unboxing Stellar Eats. 

A Full (Chocolate Chip Cookie) Circle 

Like many of us, Stella developed a passion for cooking at a young age. As much as the kitchen was a place to assert independence as a child, it was also a place to share experiences with friends and family. Growing older, her relationship with food was morphed by the way society and social media portrayed healthy eating – focusing on juice cleanses, 100 calorie snacks, and oil-free salads. 

Stella and her dream team launched a brand with a desire to change the food industry from within, bringing back the joy of cooking that so many of us know and love. If you’re baking Stellar Eats, whoever walks in your door is bound to ask, “What smells so good?!” These reactions make me so happy and are part of the reason I keep the cookies coming.

The best responses all around.

To Do Or Not To Do

This brand truly emanates authentic wellness – the kind of wellness that is sustainable, nurturing, and not induced by guilt. Stellar Eats is not about fad diets or misleading labels that create confusion around health and balance, nor does the brand use fillers, additives, preservatives, artificial flavors or chemicals. What is emphasized? Flavor, texture, transparency, simplicity (including 8 or fewer recognizable ingredients per packet), and that classic grandma’s-kitchen smell. 

Some popular Stellar Eats ingredients include: 

1. Almonds (almond flour): rich in protein, fiber, and calcium.

2. Arrowroot: rich in Vitamin Bs and magnesium which improves sleep onset, also promotes healthy digestion.

3. Flax: rich in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids. 

4. Cocoa: rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, magnesium. 

5. Organic Coconut: rich in minerals and inulin fiber – plus naturally sweet with a low glycemic index.

6. Organic Psyllium Husk: mimics prebiotic effects, lower blood sugar levels, and boost satiety.

7. Tapioca: contains minerals like calcium and iron.

My Favorite Stellar Eats Mixes, including chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, brownies, and pizza dough. 

Simple, Satisfying, and Supremely Delicious

Thanks to Stellar Eats, I not only have reliable, tasty, go-to treats that I am confident will wow the guests. Simplicity is key, from the sleek package design to at home add-ins.

The mixes only contain shelf stable ingredients, so they can stay in your pantry for at least a year. Depending on which mix you plan to make, you will need a few kitchen staples like eggs, oil, muffin trays or baking sheets to get going. Everything you need to know is explained on the back of the packaging. All in all, it’s an easy, tasty and foolproof option for healthy meals. 

Online recipes and recommendations from Stellar Eats.

Let’s Chat! Q&A the founder Stella Vanstone

Who particularly inspired your passion for food? 

SV: "From the kitchen to the business, I have a strong female support system. My mother and grandmother were a big part of my joyful memories cooking as a child. Now I have two female cofounders to lean on and laugh with throughout the entrepreneurial process of not always knowing what I’m doing. To me, family, friends, food and fun go hand in hand."

Top 3 values to you and your brand? 

SV: "Promoting a different wellness and using positive language to inspire young bakers, believing healthy food can and should taste delicious (don’t settle for less!), and uniting a community for female-founders to be open, vulnerable, and supportive with each other. United we can do anything!"

Stella and the class chocolate chip cookie.
Credit: Stellar Eats

If you could have one cooking appliance, what would it be? 

SV: "Air fryer, no question. Who doesn’t love a good crisp?!"

What’s your personal favorite treat? Or the best cookie you’ve ever had- when, where, what? 

SV: "The best thing I ever ate was a healthy twix using Stellar Eat’s cookie for a crust, filled with peanut butter and covered in dark chocolate made by Emma, my coworker, who is truly the secret sauce of Stellar Eats. "

With Healthy Eats that Taste Like Treats, Stellar Eats is inciting change in the food industry for the better. Ready to take a bite? Shop Stellar Eats here.

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