6 Bedding And Nightstand Essentials To Complete Your Spring Cleaning

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According to WebMD, sleeping on a pillowcase that hasn’t been washed for over a week is worse than rubbing your face against a toilet. Dirty sheets can harbor 17,000 more colonies of bacteria than a regular home toilet. Old, dingy, spit-stained sheets can attract mites, bed bugs and other pests. Bacterial build-up can also cause facial and body acne. Plus, it’s pretty difficult to catch relaxing z’s or get naughty with your partner when your sheets look grimy. 

Your bedding deserves an upgrade as much as the rest of your home during spring cleaning, and we’re here to help. We gathered four great products to help you upgrade and refresh your bedding, plus two nightstand essentials that promote healthy sleep hygiene.

Linen Sheet Set From Parachute

Credit: @wesleytaylor

Push your morning meetings back a bit. Parachute’s Linen Sheet Set is so comfortable that you’ll wanna hit snooze and stay in bed a little bit longer. Made of the softest European flax linen, Parachute’s bedding comes in 10 homey colorways to help you spruce up your bedroom’s energy.

Down Alternative Pillow From Italic

Credit: @italic

In the same way old sheets can trap germs and grime, old pillows are even worse. Treat yourself to Italic’s Down Alternative Pillows, made by the same manufacturer that makes pillows for name brands like Buffy, Four Seasons and Shangri-La. 

Thermoregulated Mattress Topper from Eight Sleep

Credit: @juliandevine

While you’re shopping for new sheets and pillows, go ahead and splurge on Eight Sleep’s high-tech Thermoregulated Mattress Protector. Sweaty sleepers rejoice: this mattress topper comes with a bedside contraption that blows hot or cold air into the mattress so you can reach your optimal sleep temperature. Change your mattress’s temperature anywhere from 55-110 degrees Celsius with a quick and easy app synced to the mattress topper.

Lightweight Cooling Comforter from Slumber Cloud

Credit: Slumber Cloud

With temperatures rising again in the spring and summer, it’s time to switch to a lighter comforter that still makes you feel super cozy at night. Slumber Cloud uses a hypoallergenic, patented ClimaDry fiberfill that regulates heat and moisture while you’re sleeping.

Canopy Humidifier 

Credit: @collinathens for @get.canopy

Now that you’ve got all your bedding lined up, let’s take care of your bedroom air quality. Wake up with refreshed, hydrated skin by keeping your Canopy Humidifier at your nightstand. Canopy’s design includes built-in UV lights that kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and mold in the water -- plus you can add a variety of essential oils to amplify the vibes. Read our Canopy x Open Spaces Aroma Kit review here.

Restore Smart Sleep Assistant from Hatch

Credit: @goldalamode

A night light, alarm clock, sound machine and meditation app all in one beautifully-designed machine, Hatch’s Restore Sleep Assistant is the ultimate nightstand accessory. You can program your Sleep Assistant to help you develop healthier sleep patterns and to give you a gentle wake-up call in the morning, instead of that blaring traditional alarm clock noise.

You deserve to sleep like a baby every single night — a clean baby who never has to worry about mites, bed bugs, bacteria, and acne with fresh sheets and nightstand essentials.

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