My Daughter’s First Snack Bar Is Already A Favorite

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As a first time mom, I’m always looking for tasty snacks that aren’t packed with sugar, fillers, or ingredients I don’t recognize. When I saw Julie O’Rourke, the founder of clothing brand Rudy Jude, post about Skout Organic Bars, I knew that I had to try them out. The brand offers Protein Bars for adults, as well as Kids Bars geared toward little ones. Since I was on the hunt for healthy snacks for my 15-month-old daughter, I opted for the Kids Bar Variety Pack. They were an instant hit.

A fresh take on PB+J.
Credit: @skoutorganic

Ingredients I Can Pronounce

Skout Organic Kid Bars use no more than seven organic ingredients in any bar—and I can pronounce every single one. Most of Skout’s flavors are naturally sweetened with organic dates, and contain other ingredients like organic peanuts, organic sunflower seed butter, and organic pumpkin seeds. All of Skout’s ingredients come from non-GMO fruit or plants, not any artificial or scientific formulations, just as naturally as they'd grow in my very own backyard. By using all natural ingredients in these snack bars, Skout Organic is helping me form healthy eating habits for my daughter at a young age.

These ingredients look familiar…
Credit: @skoutorganic

Skout Organic’s Kid Bars are gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free, in case your little one has these sensitivities. They’re also USDA Certified Organic and Vegan, giving me peace of mind that I’m offering my daughter clean ingredients that I can’t find in many other snack foods. And, at just about a dollar each (and even less if you subscribe) sold directly through the brand’s website, they’re priced competitively with other bars and fruit leathers.

Flavors My Kid Loves

The Skout Organic Kid Bar Variety Pack ($39.99 for 36 bars) includes six delicious flavors: Apple Pie, Blueberry Blast, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Raspberry Rush, and French Toast. While they only have seven or less plant-based ingredients, these flavors pack a punch, without any of the added sugars or artificial ingredients found in other snack bars. Each real food bar is 80-90 calories, comparable to pouches and other kid’s snack foods.

A little something for everyone.
Credit: @belu.deltoro via @skoutorganic

The first flavor my daughter tried was Apple Pie, and she loved it immediately. Its texture is somewhere between a fruit leather and granola bar, making it easy for her to take a bite and chew with only her four top teeth and two bottom teeth. Yet, it didn’t break apart, making it safe for her to hold and feed herself. At one point during her snack, I had to take it out of her hand to remove the wrapper, and tears were shed—that’s how much she enjoyed it.

Skout is a family favorite in this house.
Credit: @juliaharter

She’s now tried every flavor, and there are no duds in the variety pack. Now, I have an easy, healthy snack that I can put in her lunchbox each day, without any guilt that I’m giving her something unhealthy.

Skout Organic Kids Bars are also compact in size. I recently packed a few to bring on vacation, and they packed flat in a packing pouch, barely taking up any space in our suitcase. With limited healthy options at the poolside cafe, I was able to offer my daughter a bar to fuel up in the middle of her splashing and floating. They’re also as easy as could be to slip into her lunchbox or diaper bag as a healthy snack at the playground.

5 more reasons to love Skout Organic:

1. Skout Organic has been making organic, plant-based and simple snacks for over 10 years.

2. If you love your kid’s snack bar, Skout Organic also offers Protein Bars for adults—same clean ingredients, with grown-up flavors.

3. Skout Organic offers a 20% discount if you subscribe at a regular delivery cadence of your choosing (ranging between 1 week and 8 weeks).

4. If you have flavor preferences or sensitivities to specific ingredients, you can build your own box. It’s no wonder these kids snack bars have thousands of 5-star customer reviews!

5. Skout Organic boxes are giftable, in either a 35-pack or 60-pack size.

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